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Sylphie 23rd May 2007 08:53

Thanks heaps Melisa, that was perfect!

DJCCGuy, I think the uniform is great as it is, but I can understand that as you wear it eveyday it may become old. I'd love to wear it before they change it though. Hehe. The vest idea on the guys sounds real spunky!

Wirgin Blew you always have tons of great information! :ok:

Sylphie 23rd May 2007 09:01

Hostie Honey, I didn't see your post as we posted roughly at the same time. Buuut, I just thought I'd say I think everything you are doing is the way to go. You have an extra likelihood of getting an invitation [and a job] because you have the crew experience. Keep refreshing your application and updating [where/if possible] I'm sure you'll get an invite soon!

PS - I'm in the same hopeful boat, minus the crewing experience :sad:

Grove 24th May 2007 05:09

Questions for Virgin Crew??
Hi All,
Went along to the VBRD in Mel and made it thru the whole day. Was really a lot of fun. Now the waiting begins..
Just had a couple of questions so I know what Im getting myself in for if lucky enough to be offered the position.
1. Do you think it would be possible to commute to Sydney??..If so would BNE or MEL base be better.??
2. Which base if any would have more Sydney overnights??.
3.How long before staff travel is available and what would a staff ticket cost??
4.Roughly what is the salary including allowances?? Feel free to send me a p.m if not wanting to post..
Im just doing the sums to see if its worth my while.
The VB team at the seminar were fantastic, they projected such a positive and exciting enviroment for all the applicants. They did a great job.
Also for anyone thinking Virgin have a certain type of crew they are looking for..Forget it..Out of the 35 who started, 12 made it through, ages from 20 to over 40, male and female, some with airline exp others with none. A really good mix. Im hoping. Fingers crossed.. for some good news soon.

flitegirl 24th May 2007 06:16

Of course there were successful applicants over 40! Virgin just lost their appeal against the ex AN crew who successfully claimed age discrimination in the Virgin recruitment process. They wont be making that mistake again!

wirgin blew 25th May 2007 05:49

It is possible to commute from either base but you probably wont have to wait long for a SYD base. The rumour network has it opening by the end of the year as the SYD flight deck get more numbers. At the moment if you want to become a Capt then SYD is where the offer is. So once they have enough TC the CC possibly wont be far behind. Also one of the bus drivers in SYD has been told that they wont be needed soon as the base is opening up.
As far as salary goes you can get that from www.wagenet.gov.au option 2 then search for virgin blue. Its hard to work it out exactly but at least you can see all the ins and outs for yourself. This EBA is under negotiation but in the mean time the 2002-2005 document is what we are still running on. I myself am averaging about $1800 clear per fortnight for the past financial year. This includes base wage, allowances, overnights, available days, overtime, commission, etc. The base wage is just under $1400 clear per fortnight if you dont get any of the above. My biggest ever is $2300 and in the last 12 months I probably have only gone over $2000 less than 10 times.
Of the current group of trainees the average age would be 30 and they have a mixture of aviation and non aviation backgrounds. Internal transfer is another way to go if you are desperate to work for VB. It seems that they are constantly advertising for transfers.
All the best.

Grove 25th May 2007 11:04

Wirgin Blue
Thankyou so much for your reply...

A Sydney base would fantastic.... I am surprise it hasnt happened before. the cost in overnighting crew must be enormous.. No news today...waiting,waiting,waiting...

I Just Want To Fly 26th May 2007 02:13

Do DJ crew stay in the city or near the airport when they have layovers in SYD. Obviously don't say which hotel, for security reasons...

SKYNEWS 26th May 2007 04:58

Does anyone know when Virgin Blue will be recruiting cabin crew/ground crew(check in counter) for Brisbane base?


wirgin blew 28th May 2007 00:49

Depends on the length of layover. We have either for operations to choose from.

Grove 28th May 2007 10:55

Got email today saying that my application had progressed past the VBRD and they would be in contact in 2 weeks.. Good news I guess!!

maddles 28th May 2007 15:37

VB CC recruitment- Brisbane
They are recruiting at the moment. I have a recruitment day for cabin crew, brisbane based on thursday.

sinala1 29th May 2007 05:29

HostieHoney I have not heard of any such unwritten rule? I do know for a fact we have some ex MAM'ers and ex QF L/H crew too... not to mention the plethora of other airlines crew (Sunstate/Easterns/AN/BA/VS/Alliance/Ozjet/Airnorth etc)... Good luck, hope you get the call soon! :ok:

SocialFlyer 29th May 2007 06:15

Virgin New Aircraft
Hi All,

Would anyone be able to tell me the name of the new aircraft Virgin Blue will be using and which routes they will be used for? I'm trying to find some pics of the aircraft on the net but just need the exact name and make.

Thanks in advance.


wirgin blew 29th May 2007 07:10

Firstly I know for a fact that we have qantas linkers in the current MEL training school. I have spoken to two candidates from there. I know of others online from not only QL but SH and LH. If you have the goods you will be successful. VB employees people from all walks of life and all ages, sex, and sexual orientation. I have heard that there are 16000 candidates at any one time so if persistance isnt one of your virtues then goodluck elsewhere in life.

The new aircraft are Embraers. Plenty of info out on the net on this company. The names havent been decided yet, Sinala or smile may correct me on this. The destinations are even more of a guessing game as I dont think the company even knows how its all going to work. They havent even trained CC on them yet but that wont take long to do, 1-2 days at most. TC are another matter and you would have to ask the fly boys how thats going.
Plenty of marketing yet to come from the company on the brazilians.

737opsguy 29th May 2007 07:14

The new "regional" aircraft that Virgin Blue is getting is the Embraer 170 and Embraer 190. The 170 is coming in September to start flying late in the year and seats about 75 people. The 190 is coming in January to start flying in Feb/Mar and seats about 102 people. The routes that they will fly are unknown, but you'd guess and say it could be Canberra to/from Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide etc and maybe Melbourne to Hobart/Launceston, Brisbane to Rocky/Mackay/Townsvile, Sydney to Ballina/Coffs. These are all guesses because no one knows. I think that both aircraft have to have 3 cabin crew on board.

If you are talking about the new "international" aircraft, that is going to be the Boeing 777-300. I don't think they have decided if it will be a part of Virgin Blue or a separate airline as yet. It will fly from the east coast to Los Angeles or San Fran or something.

sinala1 29th May 2007 08:03

Virgin Blue has 3 new aircraft types coming: Embraer 170, Embraer 190 and Boeing 777-300ER. The B773ER operation is yet to be announced re crewing/routes/name etc. At this stage the Embraers are set to be crewed by existing cabin crew, however routes have not been announced - although its likely they will be used for both new routes, and also capacity management on existing routes.

smile 29th May 2007 08:50

Hi Hostiehoney,

I can understand your frustration. It is my understanding that there are almost another ten training groups between MEL and BNE for the rest of this year- so keep applying.


Grove 29th May 2007 09:54

Hi HostieHoney,
Re the ex QF issue. I am also ex QF and a little older than your average Cabin Crew applicant but made it through the VBRD. Got an email yesterday advising they would be in contact with me in the next two weeks. Not an offer of employement yet but still in there with a chance. Think luck plays such a big part in all this. A friend who applied the same time I did has not been invited to a VBRD yet either. Like you she is getting frustrated as she is very keen for the position. Good Luck, hope you get an invite soon.

SKYNEWS 29th May 2007 10:07

VB recruitment

How do you know that Virgin Blue are recruiting cabin crew at present?

Where are the positions for cabin crew advertised?

maddles 29th May 2007 13:21

VB recruitment
I dont think they are advertising on the recruitment site anymore. I noticed that the advertisment was taken down some weeks ago though. Just keep a look out on the recruitment site. (it can be accessed from the Virgin Blue site.)

smile 29th May 2007 22:18

Don't take any notice if they are recruiting or not- even if they are 'only' taking expressons of interest apply via StaffCV. And update/re-send every couple of days to show that you are still interested.

Sylphie 2nd Jun 2007 06:31

Does Virgin Blue stipulate that as Cabin Crew, you must live within a certain radius from the airport?

smartalec888 2nd Jun 2007 12:07

Sylphie: I heard from a friend who works @ VB that they its ideal if you live within 60mins (ie: if you get called in to fill in) but I don't think that's a rule...

Hardly a prob for me as I'm lapping it up here in Ascot :O

wirgin blew 3rd Jun 2007 00:18

Sylphie: not an issue as far as I can tell. I know people live in Ballarat, Geelong, etc. Even if you live in places like Berwick or Cranbourne you might only be 50kms from the airport but in peak hour you would have to allow 2 hours.
With our available days we have to be given 2 hours notice so if you live futher out you probably just sit around at home all day waiting for the call.

Jelly16 3rd Jun 2007 13:23

Vrd Day
I have been invited to attend a VRD day in MEL mid this month and am flying over the night before and leaving in the evening on the day of the VRD. Does anyone know what time it goes till if selected all the way though? I understand that its an all day event. Id need to catch a taxi about 6 or so to get to the airport to catch my flight home.
Does anyone have any tips on preparing for the interview?

Grove 4th Jun 2007 10:58

Anyone have any news re..ref checks, medicals....hope I get a call soon!!

Grove 4th Jun 2007 12:04

Bluepearl.. Have no idea what you are asking?? Doesnt make any sense??

sinala1 4th Jun 2007 12:56

Short answer - No. Sorry!

Reserves are part of everyone's roster, but currently we have no casual cabin crew (excluding cross trained ground crew in outports).

Sylphie 4th Jun 2007 13:50

Hi Jelly,

The VRD can last up to any time, I've met people who went home after the whole day ended at 4pm for them, and others were still there at dinner time. When I went to my VRD in MEL last year, I was just leaving at almost 6pm. It is wise to book the latest flight possible, last year I met a girl at the interviews who was cutting it so very fine to make her flight back to Adelaide, that she had to change it because she was still waiting to do her 1 hr interview.

Good Luck for your interview! :ok:

Sylphie 6th Jun 2007 12:47

With regards to hairstyles, you mentioned the appropriate length, but are girls allowed to have fringes?

flitegirl 6th Jun 2007 13:59

No, bad 80s fringes are definitely inappropriate. But perms are fine.

Sylphie 6th Jun 2007 14:25

Oh.. I didn't say anything about "bad 80s" fringes, I was just meaning side fringes, or blunt flattering ones.. as long as they didn't get in your face.

I only ask because I've seen people with these hairstyles at interviews, and just wonder if it's something they make them change once hired.

wirgin blew 8th Jun 2007 13:50

Its another way of doing things and adds value to your resume when you transfer internally. However the downside is that you must be a good employee whilst you are ground crew as your record will be looked at when transferring.

Brisvegasboy 9th Jun 2007 07:21

Perms and the like.....
I think somebody might be getting a little confused.....it QANTAS that allows perms, not Virgin....

flitegirl 9th Jun 2007 08:45

I think somebody didn't get that I was taking the mickey

SocialFlyer 13th Jun 2007 08:39

VRD Melbourne
Hi Guys,

Did anyone attend the Virgin Blue Recruitment day for the Melbourne Cabin Crew positions, today at the IBIS?

I just got back home now from it.

Sonique 14th Jun 2007 02:09

Speaking of what's allowed...since when have virgin blue cabin crew been allowed to carry back packs on their backs through the terminal. It come complete with crew tags too ! Almost choked on my latte :O

This chick obviously doesn't like a suitcase on wheels ! Is that allowed ? Just didn't really suit the f/a image in my opinion.

smartalec888 14th Jun 2007 03:04

The suitcase on wheels is a better suited look...

Usually if you see CC without bags that usually means they have people.

roamingwolf 14th Jun 2007 04:10


I used to be CC for Qantas & Actually Qantas prefer a blue rinse to a perm...

Hey your first name wouldn't be lisa would it?

DJCCGuy 14th Jun 2007 06:44

Crew Bags
With regards to the bags, Crew are issued a company Crew Bag, which is a shoulder bag, and they are to be used at all times when in uniform. Personal bags are not allowed.

We are also allowed to carry one additional bag with us, such as a laptop bag, food cooler bag etc.

The overnight bags must be a wheelie style suitcase, being all black or all red, so a backpack style is not allowed under the Grooming & Uniform Regulations.

Do any other DJ crew here dislike the shoulder Crew Bag? I find it is bad for my back and shoulders, and have heard they are trialling a wheelie style crew bag for us also? Can anyone confirm?

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