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tiggerific_69 14th Mar 2007 11:55

Best thing to do is speak to them. The people who came over from BA Connect who are being based in London City but are currently operating out of EDI have been provided with accomodation,because they are away from base, so i would presume this would be the same for training. Point out to them that you were originally told that at least some of the training would be at LCY and that you are too far from LGW to commute & unable to afford hotel accomodation nr LGW because of being on basic wage for the first couple of months. Thats not very fair if they dont provide you accomodation :ouch:

sadiegirl 14th Mar 2007 12:02

Hi, and thanks will give it a go, and let you know what happens. x

marlowe 14th Mar 2007 17:02

BAcityflyer at no point did i say that chippyfryer was a franchise, i just said that i was told never to base a career on a BA franchise and if it makes you feel better i will add or a subsidery!!!!!! wise words that i hope you heed!!

sadiegirl 15th Mar 2007 16:07

Hi, apparently no accomodation, for the training at LGW, which is going to make it very hard going, its a shame, as thought it was going to be at LCY, not sure what to do about job now, as will cost at least approx 400 to stay down at LGW for the duration.

Location 15th Mar 2007 16:45

See that is Naughty but thats how British Airways plays the game as they know so many people want to work for them including myself .

I would still go for the job as there was a big article in the Evening Standard that BA are looking to make LCY a good adventure due to all the Bussiness in the area Banks etc and that they want to purchase/Bid for a take over of VLM (Belgo-Dutch Airline ) . And they have a order of a few new A318 , Which can operate out of city Airport .

Just bite the bullet and go for it !!;)

Oh and dont forget the big Games in 2012 , I take back what I said in my first post I think this adventure might just work out .

tiggerific_69 15th Mar 2007 18:52

Want to buy VLM & have ordered A318's?where did you hear this Location?

Location 15th Mar 2007 19:05

BA and A318 .

British Airways Picks A318 Over Boeing 717 For Narrowbody Purchase

http://www.aeroworldnet.com/images/318bat.jpgAirbus Industrie won the prized 100-seat airliner order from British Airways last week ending a heated battle with rival manufacturer Boeing.
The award surprised many who expected the airline to choose the Boeing 717-200, particularly after Boeing agreed to buy 34 aging 757s from BA for a new cargo conversion program. (See related story)
BA will buy as many as 24 Airbus A318s in the form of 12 firm and 12 options for the aircraft. The firm order at list prices is valued as high as $470 million, although it is highly doubtful BA paid prices that high.
Speculation that Airbus was taking significant losses on the deal for this breakthrough A318 order began immediately after the order was announced on Monday. No parties in the transaction would reveal purchase prices, and despite denials from Airbus, the discount on this particular order is believed to be deep.
Winning a high-profile, blue chip customer like BA is a tremendous endorsement for either aircraft program. Boeing has 115 sales for its 717-200, plus 13 pending from Hawaiian Airlines, but its top customers for the aircraft (AirTran and Trans World Airlines) are not in the best financial situations.
Many expected Boeing's purchase of the BA 757s would sway the airline to award it the 717 business, and that BA would prefer the fact that the 717-200 is already in the market. The A318 will not be available for another 18 months. But in Airbus's favor is that BA most recently ordered single-aisle planes from them.
In fact, BA said their decision in favor of the A318 was based on commonality with its existing A320s, which means the airline would save dramatically on pilot and crew training costs. BA also said the residual values are likely to be better for the A318.
The A318s will be powered by the Pratt & Whitney PW6000 engine, which so far is used only on this aircraft. The engine program is quite dependent on the success of the A318.
Airbus now has 45 sales for its A318, not counting options and other unsigned deals. The total number of orders and commitments for the A318 is 157, Airbus says.
Contrary to some reports last week, Boeing says it is not deciding the fate of the 717 by the end of the year. "Boeing completed its analysis of the 717 and other programs last spring and it passed muster," said Boeing spokesperson Sean Griffin. "That's why Boeing took the 717 to Paris to pronounce and demonstrate its commitment to the 717 program. Boeing is fully committed to the Boeing 717."

And about VLM ..I can always post you a copy of the article in the Newspaper ;)

tiggerific_69 15th Mar 2007 19:50

lol fair do's! it seems very mainliney tho...and doesnt say that they'll be used in LCY ;)

Location 15th Mar 2007 19:56

Lol ..I think they might as it can fly to LCY as
Air france did a test for Airbus or it might just be replacing the 757's


marlowe 15th Mar 2007 20:06

Location so? doesnt say that the 318 will be for Cityflyer and LCY please do not get mainline and Cityflyer confused!!!! would be V interested in reading the VLM article though as i can see the advantage in gaining there slots at LCY, but what people have to remember is that BACF is gonna have to show some profit before Willie invests serious money into it we have seen it all before with BACE/BACON. BACF is just the slightly dodgy phoenix rising from the the funeral pyre of those companies .

Location 15th Mar 2007 20:15

marlowe did you not comment on my wise words in my previous post ?

I do know the difference just if you read the article the headlines where the following :
"BA ready for growth take-off at city hub " and it says Willie Walsh wants his cityflyer operation at docklands airport to achieve profit margins of at least 10% . The number of flights is to be increased by 70% to 250 a week . So me think they might need more Aircraft .

HZ123 15th Mar 2007 20:20

I think this is journalistic license. A318 cannot replace the 757 and the 717 is already out of production. I believe that the 318 although having trialed LCY has not yet been cleared for operations. BA is hardly likely to buy new a/c when there is a glut of RJ's around for hire or sale at knock down prices. Lets hope its a huge sucess. LGW have blocked of April and May for Cityflyer CC training at hangar 6.

Location 15th Mar 2007 20:32

A318 at LCY .
Please read ..

"This new aircraft is expected eventually to replace existing aircraft such as the BAE 146".

And don't forget airlines are going more Green and old aircraft would not help that solution and it's bad press for British Airways if they want to be seen as a industry leader .

gps117 15th Mar 2007 21:30

BA Cityflyer
For those guys that are just starting...wish you all the luck in the world. Its a fab oppurtunity to start at a new airline. yes its a subsidary but your wearing the same uniform as us and, you are classed as a BA employee (for most parts) and should you choose to move to LHR you keep your date of joing for staff travel etc. i was with bacx for 6 months and transfered to LHR. Yes you have to do the course again, but to be honest the customr service side was ident to my traing at bacx..it was even the same slides, just a differnet logo, and as for the interview it was the same criteria!

Middle Seat 15th Mar 2007 22:43

uhm..pedantic, but VLM is Belgian, not Dutch, and I'm sure all Belgium would like to point out that V is not K. :}

marlowe 15th Mar 2007 23:10

Location, the article is almost a year old and the word mainline in it does not refer to mainline BA just the journalist meaning that the aircraft can do longer sectors, the only "new" aircraft that Cityflyer is likely to get is the 85RJ the smaller lighter version of the RJ100, rumour has it that at least two have been earmarked and they will be swapped for two RJ100s. The presentation i sat through actually talked about Embraer195s so go figure, mind you it also said that LCY was building a second runway!!! ( insert howls of laughter!) there is a plan to extend the stands out over the water at stand 1 end of the airport but that is still at the talking stage and it would have to be completed before you could realistically operate 318s into the airport, its not just about the runway you gotta park them as well!! At the moment the only aircraft that can get the most pax out is the RJ100 and that has limited capability on certain days .gps117 i think it should be said that when you transfered from MAN it was because mainline were recruiting and also that BACX were looking to offload crew from the MAN base, the fact still remains that there was and still is no RIGHT of transfer into mainline at the time it was mutually beneficial for all parties involved.The word transfered is a little misleading in your post.

Airbourne-Adamski 16th Mar 2007 18:12

Would love to of seen the A318 coming into LCY.
I was fun enough in my older days going in there on the 146.
Not sure if i would like to be on the A318 going into LCY with cross winds :yuk:

Jam-Man 16th Mar 2007 23:36

VLM not KLM!!
Well done middle seat. A lot of people left the K to join the V and I can tell you all there is a big, big difference between the two! VLM is a great little company to work for, and if there is any truth in the article it would be a real shame for them to be swallowed by a company that couldn't find its backside with both hands on a sunny day! That's assuming BA itself isn't swallowed in the meantime as it has performed so badly over recent years it is becoming a prime candidate for a takeover bid... Staggereing from one disaster to another is a sure way to put yourself on the corporate takeover shopping lists! I'm sure Mr personality at Ryanair is watching with interest!!:eek: :uhoh: :ooh: :{ :ok:

Airbourne-Adamski 17th Mar 2007 16:43

I'm sure Mr personality at Ryanair is watching with interest!!
God forbid,

sadiegirl 18th Mar 2007 12:09

Hi, start training on 26th, and im going to be 50%, can anyone enlighten me as to how week on/week off, hours run, not sure whether to do this or the 11 days a month, would really appreciate any help. cheers:8

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