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Emirates A380 Cabin Services Assistant.... Flying Toilet Cleaner?

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Emirates A380 Cabin Services Assistant.... Flying Toilet Cleaner?

Old 10th Aug 2012, 17:27
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Can anyone give as details about the salary??
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Old 11th Aug 2012, 16:07
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Hey guys,
I'm so glad I made it until the final interview. I must say, the selection process of CSA is as tough as the Cabin Crews. The Assessment day is just as the same as a cabin crew, except on the final interview we were just asked around 5-6 questions regarding work. You have to give your scenario based from your own experience. Then after answering those questions that's about it. No more psychometric tests like other Cabin Crew applicants tell. But all in all its the same banana. Now i'm waiting for the GC.

The salary is not as high as cabin crews. it's 1200 AED plus 20.50 AED/hour .. but you will get the same amount of allowance the cabin crews are getting during layovers. The recruiters even reiterate that if it's the salary that you are after, or if you think it's a stepping stone to becoming a cabin crew they said then we're in the wrong place. But for me that's enough and anyway you'll never know where it could someday lead you right?

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Old 15th Aug 2012, 16:28
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hey dreamer 8687

Hi Dreamer8687 I red all your answer in this comment. just wanted to asked how was the FI? Is it difficult ? And regarding the requirement have you send all the requirements already? Like the casual photos? what are casual photos mean is it full body? Have you passed the FI? What are you waiting still? Sorry what is GC mean? Thank you!
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Old 25th Aug 2012, 20:11
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Hi Sorry for the late reply.
The final interview of CSA is the same as the final interview of the Cabin crew.
You will be asked about 5 to 6 questions regarding your previous experience in your work. You have to give specific answers. It was tough, you have to stay positive with your answers, your words must be positive. Yes, on the final interview they will ask you your requirements, 6 photo of passport size, 1 business attire whole body, 1 casual pic whole body, 1 casual pic can be a portrait. plus you will be asked to submit three forms.. GC = Golden Call.
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Old 27th Aug 2012, 17:36
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Slave Labour?

Fascinating new/old slant on working conditions. The Arabs were the original slave dealers (in cahoots with the British and many other people of course), and this looks suspiciously like a repeat. It does not sound right to have qualified nurses and the like working as toilet cleaners, having passed a gruelling selection procedure designed for a higher level of job.

The gratitude being displayed here is sad to see.
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Old 27th Aug 2012, 18:41
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I agree with you Bloggs. I am happy to say that I have worked for a few organizations that were able to recognize when they hired someone far more capable than their initial job required -- and promoted them reasonably quickly. Given the apparent qualities of some of these CSA applicants, I hope that Emirates is such an organization, and not one of the bottom-feeding ones that simply tries to get gold while only paying for lead.
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Old 28th Aug 2012, 10:17
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Angel Help

Hi all,

Please can anyone tell me how much does the Csa get at the end of every month? Do they get to fly too and what is the colour of their uniform? Thank you
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Old 1st Sep 2012, 11:22
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Bloggs, being a nurse is not a prerequisite for the CSA job so I'm not sure how that comment is relevant? They chose to apply, knowing full well that they may be 'overqualified' on paper (just the same as many cabin crew have far superior education and/or skills than the job requires)

The pay structure reflects the range of duties performed and the fact that CSAs are not required to undertake SEP training and do not perform safety duties in the same way that the cabin crew do. They are part of the same team but perform a different role, just the same as CC compared to flight deck crew.

'Gratitude' perhaps in some cases stems from the fact that for some applicants, the salary and benefits are far more than any opportunity they could qualify for or attain in their own countries. In most cases, many of the CSAs at EK are supporting entire families and send their salary home every month. Something which many of the cabin crew admire in them. Sure they earnt their place but I think having some thankfulness for the good things in your life is not a bad thing... sometimes it's easy to forget that other people are worse off. I often realise in some small way just how blessed I am to have the job I do, even if I don't always love it!

As far as I am aware, there are a few CSA who have gone on to become cabin crew, but the company emphasise to apply for the job you want at the outset, not to be confused with some kind of fast track into cabin crew. The same way they emphasise that becoming CC is in no way a benefit to applying with them as a pilot.
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Old 11th Sep 2012, 22:08
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Originally Posted by mr bloggs
The Arabs were the original slave dealers (in cahoots with the British and many other people of course),
And it was the ENGLISH who abolished slavery!

You must be a tree-hugger Who cares what these good people have in the way of degrees. They won't get employment in their home countries which is where, dear leftie, you miss the point.

Good luck to you CSAs
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Old 26th Sep 2012, 02:23
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Assessment Day for CSA

Hi everyone, what kind of English exam and group activity happens during AD for CSA? i was invited to attend and am wondering if it's the same with QR's AD too.

thanks much for any reply.
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Old 18th Nov 2012, 13:07
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hi,can i asked if how much salary most of the csa get every month,their full salary, can i have some tips what mostly they are asking on preliminary selection process for csa,thank you
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Old 21st Nov 2012, 06:28
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Hi! Can anyone tell me where to apply for CSA? I want to apply for cabin crew but seems like the airline prefers arabic speakers. Would really appreciate if you could help me. Thanks
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Old 27th Nov 2012, 10:16
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representatives from emirates gave us forms with complete details about the salary and benefits we will get if we manage to pass their final interview and the like. for the basic salary equivalent in Peso is 12,000 taxfree, plus you will also get paid for your flying hours i lost the form so I don't exactly how much that will be, all i know is we are required to have 30 to 40 flying hours. so all in all csa salary would range from 30-40k. they also said that they will provide us with lay off money same with the cabin crew, accommodations (2 per room), and food allowance.
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Old 24th Dec 2012, 12:56
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Old 25th Dec 2012, 03:41
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Old 5th Mar 2013, 07:02
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Old 10th Mar 2013, 06:04
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Hi everyone,
I have worked as a CSA for 1.5 years. This is the real deal.
If you have a job, stick to your job because CSA job will not take you anywhere. Don't tie yourself with the 3 years contract of misery. No promotion to crew...never. The sad thing about this job is that the company does not care at all about you if you are "just a CSA" as they call it.

Your basic salary is 1200, flight allowance is 20.5aed per hour. In a month you get between 2800aed to 3500aed remember you need food. You share a very small room and believe me you will go crazy because of the time difference with your roomie. In details>> when u r trying to sleep, she is getting ready for a flight and your beds r super tiny and almost together cause the room is small. No space for anything.
They mix nationalities. Kenyans hate Air Condition and philippinas love air condition. They don't consider this at all so most CSA's end up sick. But they don't change rooms if you ask cause you are "just a CSA" and they can replace you any time so if uncomfortable, resign.

While flying, the crew treat you like you did something wrong to them yet all you do is take care of everything else that they ignore. most CSA's have a soft heart so we end up taking care of little things that passengers ask for eg you walk past economy n a passenger asks for water or blanket, you inform the crew and she totally ignores you or says leave him/her, your heart breaks and you just get the passenger what they need without the crew knowing.

Pursers are so mean to the CSA's but the you can't say anything about it cause they will give you a bad flight review if you fly with them again. So you smile outside but cry inside. A purse tells the crew to inform them if you seat in the galley to eat. While they seat, eat and chat the whole flight.
I don't get the importance of flight review cause you will never be promoted anyway. its 4 years now almost 5years and it's only 2 girls who have been promoted to crew. So if you want to waste your time, take this job.
Pursers are mean in the sense that they only write something on your review when its negative. If you do a positive thing like unblocking all the blocked sinks, and do something slightly wrong like leaning somewhere for a second just to catch your breath, you will find the negative not the positive on your flight review.

Lay over, if its a long flight, you share a room with another CSA. That means no sleep for you cause most of them cook in the hotel. The room is so small, you can't sleep cause the other CSA is cooking and you can't blame her cause she is trying to save the peanut she gets. And don't forget the Air Condition story again in the hotel room
The job is okay but they way they treat you is not okay at all.
It's not worth leaving what you are doing now. Unless you don't have a life any more. Please ask me any questions I will answer according to my experience. I'm still talking to the unhappy girls there and if I can't answer, I will ask them.

Oh are you wondering why they don't leave if they are so unhappy? Everyone I knew there as a CSA tries to apply to other companies immediately after six months. So sooner they get another job, the sooner they leave. Which is difficult cause of the 3 years contact that you will tie yourself in.
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Old 10th Mar 2013, 21:39
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Lovely generalisation about the crew there...

Yes, there are some crew who look down on csa. However I have not seen many. Mean pursers are mean to most people. Never seen csa be told off for sitting in galley- ever. Yes they work hard on busy flights but equally on quiet flights may not have much to do.

Personally, I have seen many examples of crew treating csa very nicely, sometimes even better than their colleagues. E.g. saving them j class meals so they can chooser before economy crew. Giving them their hotel room if visiting family in home town so they don't have to share. I always clean my toilets if I can, get new towels papers etc from storage if I see they are running low. Have maybe 5 times been told by csa that pax wants a drink. Will always get it. If she says she wants to take the item if I am already busy then that is up to her. If they are not telling us that a customer wants something and just take it then crew cannot help that.

Mumangel obviously the job is not for you but please don't make out all the crew to be horrible because we both know that is not the case. It is a small number ruining it for everyone else. Bad reviews cone to all crew and we can all get pursers who act like they are 'out to get us'... part of life, happens in all jobs unfortunately.

Like I said is not for everyone, but try to be balanced when describing the downsides, you make us all sound like monsters and we are not.
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Old 12th Mar 2013, 05:52
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Give me wings. I do apologise for generalising. So sorry for that.
But in my 1.5 years experience, it's most crew.
And to be specific about some of the pursers who ask the FG1 to inform them if the poor CSA are eating in the galley. I have a list cause some of them even made us cry. They want you to stand in the social area during the whole flight. No more generalisation....
I'm writing all this from experience.

Yes the job is not for everyone so I'm giving the real picture to the people who asked so that they make their decision wisely.

You will never be promoted to cabin crew. And you will pull your hair out cause of the stress of sharing a tiny room with someone with different shift. And you will be treated so bad by MOST (NOT ALL) the crew and pursers.
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Old 25th Apr 2013, 03:55
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hi, I used to work with an international airline (from UAE too) for 3yrs+. just wondering if EK hired you as CSA is there a chance that you can be promoted even before completing the initial 3 years CSA contract, or can you apply for CC position if they have an opening while still on a CSA post? especially for those who has CC experience?
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