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BMI Cabin Crew Recruitment

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

BMI Cabin Crew Recruitment

Old 1st Jun 2008, 14:47
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BMI Cabin Crew Recruitment

Hi all,

Can anyone please give me some information about the bmi Mainline interview day? Anyone got the run down of the day?

Thanks in advance,

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Old 28th Jun 2008, 17:03
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BMI - Wannabes & Recruitment

Hi there,

I've searched on here and can't see any recent Bmi references. Can anyone say what the Bmi assessment day is like? I have my assessment at the end of next week, and I have to bring a calculator with me so am presuming there's some kind of numeracy test.

Also, as I did my O'Levels/A'Levels 20-25 years ago and have moved home countless times since then, I no longer have copies of those exam certs. I have a BA (completed a couple of years ago) and so have a Cert as proof for that - but will that suffice? Or will Bmi insist on me trying to produce old school certs? Any light shed on the matter would be brilliant, thanks.

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Old 28th Jun 2008, 18:39
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Hi SleepPixie,

I had my assessment at the start of May, and am now about to finish my course and go on line in about 10 days. The assessment day starts off with you sitting in a crew seat and putting on a life jacket (I guess to exclude the more 'horizontally challenged' applicants), and then you'll be parked in the canteen. It's a good idea to spend this time getting to know the other applicants, as it'll show when you do the group exercises later on. You'll then go into a company presentation, and a video about the life of cabin crew, a maths test (adding up various items using an in flight sales menu, working out change in various currencies etc)and a comprehension test (reading some text and answering questions. You'll then go into groups and do a couple of activities (they vary, but we built a house out of lego (testing how you work as a team) and role played complaining customers / managers).

Then a break while they decide who stays and who goes, and then lunch. You'll come back in the afternoon for a 2 on 1 interview which lasts 45 min to an hour.

You should be fine with the degree certificate, I got the impression that it would remove the need for A/O level certificates. It mght be worth giving the recruitment guys a call or an email to confirm, they're all really friendly in the office.

Best of luck!!
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Old 29th Jun 2008, 13:21
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Many thanks for that Starbag - well done on your selection!

I'll have to do some currency conversion homework in the meantime, to be on the safe side.

Thanks again,

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Old 29th Jun 2008, 20:58
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Best of luck. What day's your assessment (feel free to PM me if you'd like).
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Old 1st Jul 2008, 17:18
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Anyone here attending the bmi Recruitment Day next week 10th July?

Would love to hear from you!

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Old 13th Aug 2008, 21:42
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BMI Cabin Crew take home pay

Does anyone know what the average monthly take home pay is for a new BMI cabin crew member? I have looked at the website and it mentions about flight pay and commission in addition to the annual salary and London waiting allowance. Be grateful to hear from existing or ex employees. Thanks.
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Old 13th Aug 2008, 22:00
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take home pay

bmi flight pay is split between taxable and non taxable. The non taxable part is paid on the 15th of the month and is 65% of your total flight pay. I used to on average get around 500 but i was on longhaul. I would then get around 200 in my salary. Sometimes i would get a lot more than this if i had a good roster. As a new starter you won't be far off this figure because there are now lots of trips because of the bmed takeover last year
Hopes this helps and makes sense
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Old 14th Aug 2008, 23:34
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Not much left after all the payouts then??
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Old 11th Nov 2008, 00:58
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Exclamation BMI conditions and wages

Hello everybody

do you know anything about wages and conditions of BMI ( regional and mainline ) ??
How many hours per month ?? How many days off ?? What about the base ?
How many sectors each day ???

I'm preparing for the assessment , I don't know anyhing about them .
Thank you very much ...I did not find anything in the web .

P.S : it's very important
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Old 23rd Nov 2008, 21:27
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fly bmi

is anyone going to that interview with BMI on 15 Jan (London/Heathrow)???
could you give me any hints and tips please???

I have to make it ;-)

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Old 1st Dec 2008, 17:00
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I have a selection on Jan 20th....also looking for some tips on what's involved? Thanks!
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Old 8th Dec 2008, 00:10
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Bmi course dates???

Does any1 out there have any idea when there will be Bmi course dates???
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Old 15th Dec 2008, 18:18
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ok i'll try again........... How many people out there are waiting for a course date??
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Old 16th Dec 2008, 18:12
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I`m waiting for a training date
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Old 18th Dec 2008, 00:43
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I'm waiting for the interview ;-)
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Old 22nd Dec 2008, 18:05
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bmi interview

Good Day All,

Got an email from recuritment team, interview on the 29th Dec. Not sure what i am expecting their any one out their can help or been through the process would love to hear from them.

many thanks

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Old 24th Jan 2009, 16:41
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bmi - Who is waiting for the training?

I had an interview in July 2008 and still awaiting for the training. I called them few days ago and they told me they still have in hold pool people from 2007!!! Anybody in simmilar position?
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Old 24th Jan 2009, 17:10
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I am, I had an interview in December, and have an IFS fast track position.
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Old 25th Jan 2009, 13:16
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Wow - people still swimming for bmi since 2007? How can they justify the assessment/interview days next week if this is the case?
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