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Qatar Airways - Wannabes & Recruitment II

Cabin Crew Wannabes For discussing all aspects of becoming Cabin Crew, including applications and the assessment process.

Qatar Airways - Wannabes & Recruitment II

Old 26th Jul 2010, 15:53
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I'm going to the Dubai OD on the 30th!
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Old 27th Jul 2010, 01:18
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aerolyssa - husband


the employers need to provide the visa for the employees. Your husband MUST have a residence visa if he wants to work and live in Doha. Contracts are 1-2-3-year long. Companies usually pay for the visa, one plane ticket per year and accomodation and transportation.

I'm sure that there are jobs for your husband but the question is: how much he can make. It depends on his position, experience, nationality. I have no idea what chefs make. I only have friends from the hotel industry and I live in Dubai. My friend (white, Eatern-European, female) went from a European Marriott to a Marriott in Dubai. Her position was Restaurant Supervisor: 2500 dhs, provided shared apartment (own room), bus to and from work. Then she changed company and became Restaurant Manager: 5000 dhs (with transportation allowance), one-bedroom apartment. These people work very hard: 6 days a week, very often 12 hours a day.

(Note: 1 USD is 3,65 dhs. Same like the riyal.)

I have no idea how much the rents are in Doha and what your expectations are. (Prices depend on the area!) If you live out of accomodation you need a car to go to work or you need to take a taxi. (Same for your husband of course.)

It seems to me that you are doing the job for your husband. Sorry. Maybe he should start googling 'working in Doha' and find out all the regulations and possibilities and visit some forums connected to the topic.

You will go for your training, you will be occupied with your studies. You won't have time to look for a job for him. Anyways, you cannot find a job for him. He has to do it! I can see that you are in London, you must have a British or EU passport then. I guess your husband lives there as well. There are some agencies in London for sure which look for people. Honestly, they hire British for managerial positions usually. I think most of the chefs, waiters, receptionists are from Thailand, the Philippines, India, maybe Eastern-Europe (mostly Russia, Ukrain). And I have no idea what the hierarchy in the kitchen is...

So, either he comes to Doha on a visit visa for some weeks and finds something OR finds a job through an agency.

I have no idea if he can stay with you in your flat in Doha when he's visiting. (I think you need a permission but I don't know if you get it at all and I don't know if you get it during your probation.)

Please, if you get the answers to your questions, share the info with us!!!

- I'm perfectly up-to-date with all the answers if it was about Emirates but I don't remember any useful info on this topic about Qatar Airways. -

Concentrate on your training and you will see how it goes afterwards! You will have more info when you are actually there and you can talk to real people in person (like your cabin crew manager). Don't listen to gossips, get the facts from your manager.

Good luck!

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Old 27th Jul 2010, 05:03
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OD Bucharest 24th July

Hy! Is anyone here who had his FI with QA during this event? Please post any updates you receive from them. I'm so nervous...even though the interview tooked like 20 minutes...it feels like it actually lasts untill 3 weeks (while wating any news from them).

Good luck to everyone. Hope to meet you in Doha!
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Old 27th Jul 2010, 09:58
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Visiting places

Hi everybody,Can one of you answer my question, please?I am joining QA next month and I am wondering if our job really enable us to visit the places where we are going.How long are the layovers? How much time do you have to visit, considering that we also need to rest.I was told that for far away destinations you have a 24h layover. Is that enough?Could you share your experience with me and tell me more, please?I thank you in advance for your help.
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Old 27th Jul 2010, 13:11
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Visiting Places/rosters

Dear Mesaoudadeparis,

thanks for your pm.

You can find the answers to your questions:

Read Flyingcamba’s blog from the beginning until October (time of resignation). You will have detailed info about the rosters, flights, layovers, hotels, activities, crew life in Doha and outstations.

Read RJF777’s blog, it’s short. You will have detailed info about the training, accomodation and the first month of flying with some nice layovers. Beautiful pictures!

What to do in 24 hours and other useful articles: www.aircrewmagazine.com

Concerning my little niece: no, she was not fired at the end but she got punishment. No, she is far from being happy, she’s considering applying for European carriers but she needs to save some money. Her rosters are busy: layovers, turnarounds and standby duties. Yes, the majority of the layovers are 24-hour-long. (They have more longer layovers than Emirates for sure!) She usually have 3-5 days of standby a month but she has 8 days of standby in August all together. Most likely she will be called out for flights as they are short of people, she says. Remember, your rosters could change any time due to crew shortages and the standby duties in the middle of your roster.

I just remembered: one of her batch mates was French and there are many French speaking (Arabic) girls. (I met the group in the training college in Dubai.) Try to find some info (blogs, facebook, forums) in French as well.

All the best!

This is from one of the blogs written by a male crew. It's a fantastic roster from June 2009:

Still excited about this! This is my last week of training and today we finally got the roster of the flights that we are gonna operate in June , as said before we bidded for them , so I am pretty happy about the result, as I got a lot of the flights I wanted!
So let's explain it in cristian words , as most of people in the world are not familiar with IATA three-letter codes:
- My month starts with my ditching day in Dubai, UAE we are flying in the morning , then we are going to the Emirates Aviation College and we are coming back to Doha at night, then two days-off before I actually start my flights as a Cabin Crew.
- Then I am gonna go out of these suffocating 46ºC in Doha to a cooler place: Stockholm, Sweden, where I'll be spending three wonderful days, any suggestions on what to do there?
- Arriving from Stockholm, gonna have three days-off in Doha and then heading somewhere different: Dacca, Bangladesh , definetely didn't bid for this flight, although I really find it interesting to mix something from the 'Indian Subcontinent' in my June life, gonna be there for only two days.
- Rostering thought that it would be enough rest for this new joiner, so decided to tight things up, one day later I have a long ( really long) flight to Casablanca, Morocco via Tripoli where I'll be spending only one day and then back to Doha where I will have minimum rest to put the uniform again and do a quick turnaround to Abu Dhabi, UAE.
- Two days-off and enough time to recharge the batteries, because the next stop is the paradise better known as Male , Maldives where I have a layover for one day...blue ocean, white sand and of course ME ENJOYING IT!
- Arriving from the beautiful beaches and again with minimum rest is time to get myself some chocolates and fondue as I head to Zurich , Switzerland for two days.
- As the month is over, I'm doing a quick turnaround to Dammam, Saudi Arabia and again with minimum rest I'm flying to another of the world wonders: Beijing, China where I'll have two days-off and then back to Doha!

Roster - July:

- July starts away from home ( both Doha and Latin America) since I'm off to Beijing again and be back only the first days of the month. This time will try to go to the Olympic Village and take some quick snaps there.
- Some minimum rest hours after my early morning arrival from China and I'm going to Kathmandu in beautiful and exotic Nepal where I'll have a quick layover.
- Always wanted to go to Japan ( as I'm half-japanese) so this month my prayers were heard and I've got not one , BUT TWO Osaka's, with the Seoul-Incheon leg as well, meaning that everytime I go there, I stay away from Doha for like 5 days!
- After my two back-to-back Japanese experiences, gonna have some Stand-by days on which I hope I get called for something nice ( remember Beijing and Milan?).
-Later my month starts to get...wouldn't say ****ty, but starts to get hard because I only got turnarounds to Hyderabad, Athens and Cairo followed by another Kathmandu where I'll be finishing my month.

Roster - August:

- My month starts with a short but nice layover in Kathmandu again, this time I will follow the advises of a nepalese crew and I'm heading to the mountains.
-Then got an Abu Dhabi night stop , which is a good oportunity to see if there's something really valuable in their Duty Free facilities.
-My resquested exotic destination Ho Chi Minh City ( Vietnam ) is next , and they gave me the long layover, so the Mekong river will be waiting for me to take a tour.
-Ho Chi Minh is surrounded by double sectors since the day before I have to play meal basketball with my passengers to Kuwait and Abu Dhabi and the day after I will play with my passengers going to Bahrain and...Abu Dhabi!.
-After those flights I've got some office duties in Doha which will take me something like a whole week and then I've got a long Athens turnaround.
-My roster gets good as they gave me Paris as my first A340-600 operating flight, followed by a beautiful and long Rome layover which I requested for.
-Got lots of days-off after the European cliche week, so I might ask to fly on those days or I might travel around here, maybe Dubai? or Cairo?
-Then a quick turnaround to Beirut and ending the month with Ho Chi Minh again , which I will try to swap for some other thing.

Roster - September:

- My month starts in Munich ( remember that I swapped that one for my Saigon?) where I'll have a short but nice layover good enough to go buy some scale planes at Herpa, some original and thick german Nutella and some Haribo cola gummies.
- Coming back and with minimum rest I'll go to London Gatwick. The original intention of that flight was to go with a friend who would show me around South London , but I got the flight and he didn't, so I have to go to London and do some japanese tourist sightseeing by myself ( and also buy some Wham candies ).
- Some days-off and one lovely Bahrain-basketball turnaround later, I am going to 'P'iliphines, to some city named Cebu. I requested this one because they told me it was cheap and there were some lovely beaches around the islands.
- Now things get hard as I got a nice round of Stand-by's together even though I've always been lucky with those , let's see if this month my love story with rostering still continues.
- Then things are even harder as Mr. Roster is always trying hard to send me to Dhaka, so as the first month , I got a beautiful Doha-Dhaka-Doha-Tripoli-Casablanca-Tripoli-Doha, being a total of six days in the roster with the same crew.
- If you thought that was enough , arriving from Morocco I got minimum rest and got my monthly basis Dubai turnaround.
-Cairo follows ( this time on a A330 ) and then I'm off to some beaches again to beautiful Cebu!

Roster - October:

September was not very attractive to me as I got a nice round of Stand-by which I didn't get pulled out of and one trip to the airport for an useless Airport Stand-by session ( I was about to be pulled out for Tunisia, but then the crew member showed up so I didn't ). Anyway, I scored my record of block hours for October ( around 120 ), no Stand-by's and only two easy turnarounds.
- My month starts in Cebu, which I decided not to swap as I do believe that the beaches and the experience in beautiful Philippines is worth the 10-hour flight.
- On the even brighter side, I will be going to London not once or twice, but FIVE times, so will practically be moving to the UK. Still I do believe that as London is one of the world's capitals, you'll never run out of things to do there and I like the shopping as well.
- What else? Oh yeah , they got me two Trivandrum's ( India ) which I didn't request for , but still beats other Indian destinations as it is a 24 hours layover and not an overnight extremely tiring turnaround.
- Seychelles what? Twice? Heading to the tropical and beautiful Seychelles islands paradise two times this month with crew that I actually know, so the fun is guaranteed.

Post on 4th October 2009: - the end of the journey

I got into lots of troubles the past days and I was just dealing with all of that, therefore my roster got cancelled and after dealing with all the paperwork , I'm sad to say that I am going home.

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Final interview

I had my FI today in Bucharest. It tooked like 10 minutes and i hope this is a good sign. Anyhow i told them the story of my final interview from last year when i failed and then they asked me about my job and some difficult situations at work. But, do you think is it possible to succed a Final Interview once you have failed another a year ago? (at Qatar Airways, of course)
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have no words to thank you......you made me think a lot and see which exactly are my priorities at the moment....
I'm gonna ask my husband to go to Doha on a Tourist Visa and see what he can get over there. He can't stay at the accomodation with me...he has to atay at the hotel or maybe staying at the guys accomodation.....He can visit me at my accomodation from 7am to 10pm.,,,and that's it.
We are both brazilians, but I also hold italian passport.
Let's see what happens.....I'll get back to you guys....and I hope, with good news!!
Thank you very much for your help Mari,.....You are a very helpful and special person!!....*** Thank you!

Guys...one More Question!!!
Submited My Medicals Yesterday.....everything Was Fine With Them.....
Does Anyone Know How Long Does It Take To Be Cleared??

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good to know - aerolyssa


To work in Qatar, it is compulsory to be in possession of a valid residence permit and a work visa. Administrative procedures to get legal authorizations to live and work in Qatar are often complex: first, you must find a "sponsor", ie a local employer wishing to hire you. The sponsor initiates the work visa application by requesting to the Ministry of Interior of Qatar all legal authorizations to hire a foreign worker. The sponsor has a particular role to play since he must vouch for you whether when you open a bank account or when you sign a rental lease in the country.

Once the procedure is getting under way, foreign workers must then travel to Qatar with a single entry visa, valid for at least three months so as to carry out all compulsory administrative procedures and apply for a residence visa once there. Contact the diplomatic representation of Qatar in your area for more information about entry visa applications

Once in Qatar, you must get a residence permit and a work visa. Local companies generally undertake visas and permits procedures for their expatriate employees. However, blood tests and x-rays are compulsory. HIV testings are also performed; in case of infection, you must leave the country. Fingerprinting is also performed.

Once the residence permit and work visa in your possession, you will be allowed to work in Qatar. Note that you must work for your sponsor only; if you want to take another job, a minimum period of two years in employment with your original sponsor is compulsory. After two years, and if you want to take another job with another sponsor, your employer must give you a certificate: this is called the NOC ("No Objection Certificate"). Sponsorship can not be transferred to another employer if you don't receive your NOC from your initial sponsor.

Holders of work visas can bring their families with them. They must sponsor residence permits for their spouses and children under 25 years old. Women can now sponsor residence permits for their husbands. The residence permit do not allow employement in Qatar. If dependants wish to work in Qatar, they must in turn find a sponsor and undertake the administrative procedures for obtaining a work permit.

If a foreign worker must temporarily leave Qatar, an exit visa is compulsory. The exit visa do not apply for dependants.


Given the expansion of the country and the arrival of new immigrants to Qatar every year, and as far as the rental market is concerned, demand sometimes exceeds supply and it is often difficult to find accommodation at good prices. However, many housing solutions exist for expatriates.

Types of housing in Qatar:

1. Accomodation in "compounds":

Located in closed and secured neighborhoods, compounds are groups of individual or terraced houses with facilities like pools, gyms etc. Accommodation in compounds is very popular among the expatriate community.

2. Accommodation in individual houses:

You may well rent an individual house located outside "compounds". In general, houses are larger outside compounds and often include a garden or a yard. Individual houses availability is limited.

3. Apartments:

Given the urban development, many residential towers have been built in Qatar. Apartments are available for rent, either furnished or unfurnished, but all include basic amenities and air conditioning.

Where to look for accommodation in Qatar?

Companies in Qatar generally call upon the services of professional relocation agencies to find accommodation for their expatriate employees. If you cannot benefit from the services of a relocation agency, you can find accommodation to rent by word-of-mouth, directly from owners or through estate agencies. You can also ask your employer, your colleagues or your HR representative. Read ads in local newspapers, or simply ask to compounds or buildings'employees.

And prices?

Accommodation prices vary greatly in Qatar, and are constantly on the rise. For your information, a 3 or 4 rooms apartment/house can easily cost around 10 000 to 20 000 riyals per month depending on the location.

Rental agreements:

The most common practice for duration of a lease agreement in Qatar varies from 6 months to two years in general. A safety deposit is required, but should not exceed two months rent. Rents can be paid in advance, on a monthly or quarterly basis (at the owner's discretion). The rent may include amenities like gas or air conditioning, but water and electricity are payable separately. Local taxes may also apply (garbage collection, recycling, etc.) Everything must be clearly stated on your rental agreement.

Subletting your apartment is prohibited in Qatar, except with the express consent of your landlord. If you still occupy your accommodation after expiration of the lease term without objection from the landlord, the lease will be automatically renewed.
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Mari.... that's good news.

Mari....could you please give me the website where you found all that information? is that Qatar Embassy website?....
OMG.......you are my Angel Mari!.....I have to meet you and give you a lovely present for all that. loll
I Love this Thread.....
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i wonder when next qatarairways will come to hire cabin crew in nairobi i was told its through an agency but no adverts are made so its very complex
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brisbane open day

is anyone going to the open day in Brisbane on the 22nd August? I've only ever been to an Emirates OD but I'm guessing it's pretty much the same?
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Flyincaba's blog

Hi Mary,

Unfortunatelly, Flyingcaba's blog is not working.
That's a pity! It seemed to be full of useful information.
Anyway, thank you again! I read the other links you adviced me, it was really interesting.
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I just checked: it works perfectly. Well, what to do...

There was another very good blog (Bambi84) but it disappeared recently. She removed the whole thing! I guess she resigned, as well...

Good luck for the training!
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hey guys,

I made it to the final interview here in Taiwan back in May, but didn't make the cut. Is it possible that i was rejected because i'm still in college (i was willing to drop out, though). any successful similar stories?

also, if you attend an OD in another country & made it to the FI, got accepted, do you do your medicals in your home country or the country you were recruited?

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Vancouver, Canada??

Hey did anyone go to the interviews in vancouver back in July, and get the green light??
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What do you mean? What happened to you?

(Note: Mari does NOT work for Qatar Airways. Please, do NOT send any private messages.)

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Hi all!
Does anyone have QR's HR phone number? My contact person there is away and I need to speak with someone urgently?

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just some queries

Hello Mari,

Just wanna ask something i hope you could spare me some of your time, but anyway, just wanna know if were they (Qatar Airways) particular with the skin of every applicants, like they prefer fair, flawless & smooth skinned applicants, or are they particular with the leg scars?

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I was not aware that I was famous!

Indeed I left Qatar for some troubles I had there.
All I can say is that Qatar is exactly what everyone says: it's what you make of it.

They have tons of rules and now they've come up with even more (i know it because i still have lots of friends working there).

They are extremely short of people because of all the sackings and resignations and most of my batchmates are being promoted to F1 (premium cabin) because the employee rotativity is huge.

At some point I am glad i left and i can now have a regular life even though I miss flying badly (it is reflected on my blog as i do want to get back to the skies some time), but right now my head and plans are heading somewhere else.

Anyway, just a heads up...be prepared for lots of rules, for being treated like a kid (even trainers say that) and long and heavy rosters, some people hate it and some people well...just love it like i did.

Peace out! if you have any enquiries, you can ask them on my blog.
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Smile Some quiries about CV

hey good day to you!

I had a run through with your message which also corresponds with my present problem about what kind of CV should i pass to them (QR assessment staff) during the open day..Can you give me sample of the CV?and also, just wanna ask if is it necessary for me to attach with my CV the cover letter?and what does the cover letter includes...Hope to hear from you very soon..Thanks, just email me at [email protected]ks a lot!God Bless you.

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