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Smile Jet 2 - Wannabes & Recruitment

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone knew more about the recruitment process for Jet2 and what they are like to work for?

My online application has been accepted and I have been successful on the telephone interview. Does anyone know what happens at the recruitment day?

Also, do you know what the average net monthly pay is?

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Old 28th Oct 2008, 15:43   #2 (permalink)
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Jet2 interview

I have an interview coming up & am wondering if there's anyone already working at Jet2 who could give me some advice regarding the format of the day or if there's someone has recently been to one? Also, if you could let me know a bit about the working hours, pay etc. I have worked as crew for 8 years so know the basics but just want a bit of company info.

I have put it under cabin crew as I would like someone already working there to pm me so please don't move this thread to wannabes!

Thanks guys
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If you have flown for 8yrs then do yourself a favour. Stay well clear!
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Old 16th Feb 2009, 08:51   #4 (permalink)
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I've searched this forum in and out, I've also searched cabincrew.com yet cannot find any information on Jet2 rosters.

1. Can anyone give me examples of their rosters?
2. Do Jet2 run 4 sector days like other low cost carriers?
3. Do Jet2 have any nightstops?
4. Are rosters in set patterns, like Ryanair and Easyjet?

Any help would be appreciated, PM if you want, just wanting to see
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Question Jet2 Cabin Crew?

Finished pilot training with CTC 6 months ago and am still waiting for a Type Rating/flying job.

In the meantime I decided to look for cabin crew jobs. I applied to Jet2 (Manchester) and have been invited to leeds for selection.

In the information pack, it puts the "competitive" salary at 10,455. Is this basic, and is there flying pay on top?

Also, what kind of shifts can be expected- days on/off etc?

I'm still trying to make a decision on whether to go for this or not- the 600 you have to pay for training is kind of a put off- but considering i've paid 70k+ already for pilot training its a drop in the ocean!

Thanks in advance for any help

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Old 20th Nov 2009, 18:32   #6 (permalink)
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Is Jet2's recruitment process genuine? (600 training fee)

Lady P's son here

Firstly I went down to stansted for an interview with ryanair. ST James management said the training course would cost 1500. The people at st james only seemed interested in people handing over the money and barely talked about ryanair. After finding so much bad press over the internet about people being made redundant just after paying for the course and people saying it is scam, I declined the job offer as I thought the amount was too unreasonable and ryanair seemed an extremely unethical company in relation to the treatment of its staff. (i certainly have no regret turning them down)

Jet2 ask for 600. I would like to know if anyone has paid for this training course and whether it is a genuine thing to pay. I cant find any bad press and the amount is far less.

I am desperate to become cabin crew it is my dream ambition and I have and had interviews with airlines that dont charge for training. In fact most of them pay staff for doing the training. But I need to know whether it is worth a try applying to Jet2.

All answers extremely appreciated
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The MD (PM) is just sick of putting people through the training for them to then decide a week or two after coming online, that they dont like it, and flying isnt for them, and then leaving!
Its an expensive process putting crew through all the training and costs alot more than 600 per crew member. crew start then complain about the working hours and the job in general, even tho there fully explained at the assesment days! Then leave! although normally bonded and have to pay anyway if they leave in the 1st 6 months, this is hoping to stop people wasting time before hand. making sure crew who get the job really want it, Put the effort in, and also cutting costs for the airline.

In the current times lots of airlines are making losses and the MD is just being Prudent! He may find this way doesnt work after this year especially if people dont turn up for the assesment days and doesnt get the numbers required!
I really cant see their gonna waste their own time and yours by sending you for training to then say you havent got a job! it still costs them to do assesment days, I would just say there covering their own backs incase say you cant cope with the intense training and fail! then they have the option to turn you down! In normal training if you fail they would have an added expense to try get you through as they have already invested in that crew member, if your paying for the training its your own fault that you dont revise put the effort in and pass!

People play up at assesment days and be what the airline want them to be, then during training you get to see the real person, guess this is also a way of seeing if people put the effort in during training and not just doing it cos of the appeal of saying their cabin crew, but not realising the hard work that needs to be inputted before getting online!

Id say if you get through the assesment process, work hard during training, impress and pass everything! then i cant see why they wouldnt want you as a crew member!

Just my opinion, but i dont think at all its a money making scam, and that they would train people to then not guarantee a job! you just have to be sure flying is for you, and put the effort in.
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Old 21st Nov 2009, 00:02   #8 (permalink)
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Have to say it makes a refreshing to change to see uk based airlines recruiting and people posting here, fed up of the ME only as of no interest to me!.
HOWEVER i do not agree with the 600 charge you can dress it up as much as you want it is charging people for a job a temp contract and very ryanair. It is taking advantage of the current climate they know there are many many people out there who want to do this job and are milking it. Ryanair did this after Sept 11th first charging 50 to read a pilots cv and now look where they are charging upwards of 2,000 to train cabin crew it's disgusting and shouldnt be allowed.
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Old 4th Jan 2010, 20:17   #9 (permalink)
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Jet2 wannabe and information

Hi iv'e just sent my application to Jet2, i was wondering how long it takes to get a response. does it matter that i only got a c in english an not 4 gcse like they asked im ex crew tho. could anyone let me know thank you very much!.
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Jet2.com- Wannabes and Recruitment

hello everyone!

i had applied for Jet2.com, for the position of CC in November 2009 and got respond back on 15 Dec 2009 and now been invited for Selection Day in Jan...

guys anyone coming to the selection day on Jan 15th??
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Old 6th Jan 2010, 06:16   #11 (permalink)
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I think it will take about a month, because i had applied in November 8th and got replied back on 15th December 2009 ....
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Old 7th Jan 2010, 23:27   #12 (permalink)
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Have been invited to Jet2 selection day on 14 January! Anyone else attending message me...!

Also, anyone who has done it - any advice? Much appreciated.

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Old 8th Jan 2010, 04:14   #13 (permalink)
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i am going on 15th
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Old 13th Jan 2010, 23:05   #14 (permalink)
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Aaaaarrrrgggghh snow!!!!

Hence cancelled trains, missed selection day, and 90 worth of train tickers ... I'm very annoyed!

Hope to attend another sooon...
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Old 25th Jan 2010, 19:15   #15 (permalink)
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Does anyone know if there are any more selection days planned for February?

Thanks, PP
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