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SpoolingUp 10th Jul 2022 12:14

Biggin Hill lost all power?
Apparently Biggin Hill lost all power this morning - I thought airport towers were meant to have multiple back ups? UK CAA will surely investigate?

Vino Collapso 10th Jul 2022 14:51

They have standby generators that cut in within 15 seconds of a mains power failure. System tested on a routine basis. Something else must have happened.

Of course it could be argued that once on backup power you no longer have a further backup! So you use the backup power purely to achieve an orderly shut down of operations

DIBO 10th Jul 2022 15:05

If a country's Area Control Center can have a complete power outage (https://mobilit.belgium.be/sites/def...nal_report.pdf) then certainly a regional TWR can suffer the same problem.
But nevertheless, something else could have happened here...

601 11th Jul 2022 15:07

Something else must have happened.
Did they replace the diesel with solar panels?

Wycombe 13th Jul 2022 20:13

Blackbushe gained it's first ever visit of a G4 due to a diversion because of this power failure

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