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DirtyProp 3rd Nov 2020 09:05

A flying car!
Yes, another. It made the first flight on 02/10/2020, it seems.
A tad complex for my taste, but best of luck to them.


Less Hair 3rd Nov 2020 09:47

Nice folding concept. A poor man's osprey sort of.

Tinstaafl 4th Nov 2020 00:45

I like it!

Bergerie1 4th Nov 2020 06:00

I hope future owners will be aware of the need for a very careful outside check before flying. Even the slightest damage when driving in busy traffic could have dire consequences later when airborne.

DuncanDoenitz 18th Nov 2020 12:29

It better be hybrid or electric if they think they are going to put it on UK roads. (Yes, I know a flying car fundamentally is a hybrid, but it needs to be a hybrid-hybrid).

And by the way, Mercedes had folding gullwings in the '50s.

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