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733driver 26th Jun 2020 22:36

Private and business aviation rebounding
So, was out flying today and saw and heard many private aviation movements including some of the biggest players.

How are things in your company, compared to the same time last year?

My employer, a large biz jet operator, has been pretty busy today. Not quite at last year's levels but not too far off. And that's with long haul mostly impossible or undesirable and sone restrictions still in place in Europe. Also, school holidays haven't started yet in many places in Europe. I think July will be interesting. In any event, our rebound seems to be well ahead of that of the airlines

Max Torque 27th Jun 2020 03:00

I spent a couple of hours waiting in Nice this afternoon for a positioning airline. There were a lot of business jet movements - and very few airlines. I know from contacts that there are a lot of new customers piling into private aviation. I agree that July is going to be interesting.....

LGW Vulture 27th Jun 2020 05:38

I wonder how many of those movements would be F1 related or Saudi Royals going to their second homes - obviously gaining diplomatic clearance to allow entry?

Business aviation and US corporate profits are intrinsically linked don't you know? That should put to bed some optimism. Already the number of bizjets for sale is climbing at a rate not seen since the aftermath of the global financial crisis.

It's my bread and butter this industry - but I'm expecting no miracles for the next three years. Sigh.

EatMyShorts! 27th Jun 2020 19:47

Here 25% redundancies, but no pay cuts, no reduced rosters and a useless union. The flight volume is now back at almost pre-crisis levels. The remaining crew are asked to do paid extra-days, a slap into the face of those who got fired and the President of the company is rolling on the floor laughing.

His dudeness 27th Jun 2020 22:28

Was in Le Bourget on Thursday and I saw at least 3 NJE A/C arriving, another 3 or 4 were on stand already. Other than that there was not too much going. But compared to 2-3 weeks ago, traffic is definitely picking up

Ofcp525 1st Jul 2020 07:08

Business in the charter sector is definitly picking up, our schedule board is full 100%. How long will it last?

Aso 7th Jul 2020 09:34

Going in the right direction :)

Globally Challenged 24th Jul 2020 20:26

All redundant crew at NJE are being offered their old position back (type / seniority etc)

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