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West Coast 27th Nov 2018 07:04

Falcon 200 approach category
Anyone have insight into what approach category it falls into?

PrivateJetLives 29th Nov 2018 15:53

CAT II requirements provided the airplane is operated in accordance with Airplane Flight Manual, Limitations Section, page 1-160-1 and Annex 1 (Autopilot Coupled Approach to Category II Performance Requirements)

According to EASA anyway. Not sure about FAA, etc

good egg 29th Nov 2018 22:29

I’d hazard a guess at Catergory B....based on 1.3 x Vs (I couldn’t find a Vref)

Jet Jockey A4 30th Nov 2018 11:16

Could be Category B for straight in approaches C or even D for circlings depending on the speed used (TAS/GS).

GhostRider00 3rd Dec 2018 18:44

CAT C for EASA ops, CAT D for FAA

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