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Abruzzi 15th Nov 2018 18:36

Jobs on Bombardier Global
Hello guys,

I`am pretty curious how does the job market for type-rated FO`s in Europe nowadays look like. Unfortunately, I`am interested in Classic`s (not Bombardier Vision rated). Do you have any infos on Global Jet Luxembourg/Concept, Avconjet, MJet, Execujet, how`s situation on hiring for BD700 fleet?

I`am not "self-funded TR" guy ;)

Thank`s for your time!

bizjetway 16th Nov 2018 11:35

Vistajet just had 35 pilots leave in last 3 months. Most went to Ryanair on B737.

Abruzzi 16th Nov 2018 14:58


thanks for respond! Just heard about VistaJet is suffering "extreme working conditions". Any info about working schedule, pay etc.?


Delta12 16th Nov 2018 16:14

Originally Posted by bizjetway (Post 10312728)
Vistajet just had 35 pilots leave in last 3 months. Most went to Ryanair on B737.

Wow, leaving ok. But leaving for RYR ? I knew its not great, but that is embarrassing.

Add one & one together and no need to ask for conditions, pay and how you are likely to be treated

Boabity 16th Nov 2018 17:36

Embarrassing and also untrue. Not sure about the 35 number Iíd say that was high but thereís been a fair few leavers recently only one or two have gone to RYR.
Classic rated FOs are rare so you ought to be able to get an interview. All the players are looking for people at the moment because the market seems to be fairly buoyant for experienced FOs and airlines are now willing to tolerate people from a bizjet background.

Get to the offices of Globaljet and TAG and you may find yourself in luck!

Abruzzi 16th Nov 2018 18:16


Thanks for the info, might be a good spot!

Denim and leather 17th Nov 2018 01:35

Hi Abruzzi you have pm

AMEX 17th Nov 2018 15:00

I donít see why leaving Vista for FR would be embarrassing. Whatís embarrassing is pilots accepting to work for either one.

turbine100 25th Nov 2018 18:04

Globaljet have a turn over of crews. Unstable roster with training scheduled on days off and not days on. Called on days off or required to extend and no day off payments. Tag might be a better option.

Flying brick 29th Dec 2018 11:45

Looking to fly a private Global. Typed with 500 hrs on it. Any clues?
All info welcome.

Thank you

Globally Challenged 29th Dec 2018 12:37

There was an ad on LinkedIn a few days ago for 7500 crew (rated or not) in Germany (I think fluent German was a requirement)

Also on there, Flyinggroup are looking for Paris based 5000 FO

nitewalker 6th Jan 2019 02:10

Looking for job on private global, classic or vision in nigeria or elsewhere in Africa, any info appreciated

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