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CL300 1st Mar 2018 21:10

GlobeAir Employment behavior
Just heard that 3 captains have been sacked from GlobeAir, the reason :

restructuration and cost adjustment.... It looks like Fragner has issues with a lot of planes AOG and very little revenues....

May be the Karma will be adjusted and this "company" will be withdrawn from the surface of this planet...

Brizeguy 1st Mar 2018 21:58

You don't fire Captains because Mx can't keep the jets serviceable. Suspect tech issues are down to spares availability, Textron don't like operators that do their own Mx at a fraction of what they charge at OEM facilities and PWC have lost the plot and charge ridiculous money for parts and service.

CL300 2nd Mar 2018 07:10

Since most of GlobeAir Maintenance is not documented, this should not impact them too much...

Facts are : Airplane AOG
Firing Captains for "restructuration and cost adjustment" ( around 10 in the last 6 months, strangely enough, people with a fair amount of experience, hence higher salary as per GlobeAir salary table) while recruiting captains with less hours..
Another reason given for the "employer dismissal " quote : " I noticed that you are not 100% happy in the company"

Austria employment law gives 6 weeks notice, and nothing else. GlobeAir does not give local contracts even though people are based around Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Netherlands). One day, shit will hit the fan on this matter. (They are on a couple of court case on the for illegal work practices in France already), and this is just a start, on the light of the recent events.

At the dawn of the dream of Fragner to go to the stock market, this trail of court cases will surely impact the due diligence at some point. It is not time to invest time and money to try to get into this company. The morale of people is very low as one can imagine.

The NPFO resigned ( 2nd one in a year).. May be he did not like the look of the paperwork ?? Or may be he could not take any decisions? (Speculations at that point)

Outlook is grim..Stay Clear

Abbeville 2nd Mar 2018 11:30



EatMyShorts! 2nd Mar 2018 11:36

A real dreamteam!

Brizeguy 2nd Mar 2018 13:29

Since most of GlobeAir Maintenance is not documented, this should not impact them too much...
Ridiculous statement.

CL300 2nd Mar 2018 15:33

Originally Posted by Brizeguy (Post 10070452)
Ridiculous statement.

We have so many proofs of this, that you will not believe it..

FLEXJET 3rd Mar 2018 00:05

One must realize that the Mustang has been designed for occasional private flights, not intensive charter...

Smartbus 3rd Mar 2018 12:02

An unfair behavior
I Heard that 2 CPTs and 1 FO have been fired..the last one selfsponsored the Type Rating with 25K EUR with a 3 years bond, and after less than one year he has been fired..They said "the situation requires an adjustment in capacity and costs".
This can be not true, specially when new CPTs and FOs are self sponsoring the Rating and ready to join the company in March, April 2018.

His dudeness 3rd Mar 2018 12:48

Rating on the Sim or the aircraft ?

If on Aircraft then that would be about the oldest scheme of all...

CL300 3rd Mar 2018 13:11

No In the Stimulator at FSI FAB. The F/O are paying the type rating at a premium price directly to GlobeAir, with the base check they are invoiced 25K PLUS they are bonded 3 years !!!
And not only that they are still recruiting CPT and FO, but with less hours hence less pay...

This company should stall definitely...

His dudeness 3rd Mar 2018 16:48

The F/O are paying the type rating at a premium price directly to GlobeAir,
So its exactly what I thought. In earlier days this kind of operators had the F/Os pay on empty legs for "training". Nauseating and contemptible...

Bloody EASA should put a stop to this shit. ASAP. But no they need to regulate how one pours a cup of coffee and similar, highly important stuff.

Skipname 4th Mar 2018 13:00

I think there should be a thread about the T&C in this company to give people a heads up before they spend the money and time to get to Linz, since they are continuously recruiting.

A while a go I went to the interview with GlobeAir. There were 10 candidates, 5 for the CPT position and 5 for the FO position. After they presented the T&C 3 people walked out, 2 CPT and 1 FO. Three people that I know of including myself rejected the job offer after reading the contract. I have never worked in the corporate sector so I don't know but are this the kind of T&C one is to expect in the corporate aviation?

I don't feel bad for the people that sign that contract because at the interview stage the company tries to sugar coat the T&C but they are honest about it. I just wish I had that information before I spent all the time and money to get there.

His dudeness 4th Mar 2018 13:34

Makes one wonder why even cpt´s turn up for an interview.
What I said for ages now: the economic pressure is entirely on the crews shoulders with expiring and hard to revalidate type ratings. The idiots at EASA have recently (2-3 years ?) made it even harder to regain a T/R that was expired.

This incompetence in the authorities makes my blood boil ecery time I think about it.

Right Hand Thread 4th Mar 2018 19:13

Originally Posted by His dudeness (Post 10071712)
Bloody EASA should put a stop to this shit.

There is an even simpler, quicker way. Do not sign such contracts in the first place.

Smartbus 5th Mar 2018 09:45

How they can fire pilots from one side and recruiting from the other side? I guess all of them had an Austrian contract, was it legal even if they were not Austrian?
People are signing the contract in order to gain experience and build hours..thinking to deal with a different management..

CL300 5th Mar 2018 16:49

Of course it is not legal, GlobeAir had a lot of fun during the last years, but now, pilots are a scarce ressource to be treated like this. I foresee loads of issues for GAC on the contract side. But people are still coming in.. This is very very very strange...Especially with this gloomy future..

EatMyShorts! 6th Mar 2018 10:06

There are still lots of beginner-pilots who are looking for their first job (on a jet) and are obviously willing to go for a pact with the devil.

Fieldins 19th Aug 2018 23:12

HI guys, just got an invitation for the interview, any info about the assessment? Is it true the minimum salary 28700?

CL300 20th Aug 2018 18:49

this is before you paid 600€ for your uniform, not being paid during the type Rating and paid 50% during line training, with 30€ of per diem and virtually no crew meals

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