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adamlouis 12th Dec 2016 21:48

Flying Clubs / Rental in Oxford Area
Hope everyone is having a great evening.

Do anyone have any advice or good experiences in Oxford area or about 30 miles from this?
I have currently been looking for a G1000 or some sort of glass cockpit but struggle to find any, as I will be doing training on this further on it would be beneficial for me to have some hours on that.

Would be looking to do about 10 hours in December and januar

Best regards

Flipski10 13th Dec 2016 20:11

Have you tried booker aviation at Wycombe? I think they have a cessna with a glass cockpit. Worth an enquiry. Might be a tad outside the 30 miles but it's not a million miles away. Hope it helps.

adamlouis 14th Dec 2016 15:46

Thanks! Had a look at them now.

Do you have any information regarding the hourly rate, can`t seem to find it on their website.

Do you have any personal experience from them?

Best regards

Flipski10 14th Dec 2016 19:56

I did my night rating with them and can say they were very good. They were very professional and very reliable with a good selection of aircraft. I can't remember their hourly rate but it was certainly competitive.

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