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Son of a Beech 31st Oct 2016 10:36

IQ charter Denmark
Anybody with any info on this outfit. They are looking for crew for the Lear 45 and Hawker 1000, but I can't find them on the web.

IQ-Charter pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools

piperpa46 31st Oct 2016 23:40

I haven't heard of them.
According to CVR.dk, the official company register, the company IQ Charter K/S was founded in October 2015.
The contact email points to Jacobsen Group a property development company based in Herning.
Forside - Jacobsen Group

Son of a Beech 1st Nov 2016 10:14

But is there any aircraft I their name, I couldn't find a company website either?

CaptainProp 1st Nov 2016 13:58

Hawker 400 that's for sale..


Son of a Beech 1st Nov 2016 22:54

Originally Posted by CaptainProp (Post 9563408)
Hawker 400 that's for sale..


Where did you find that one?

CaptainProp 2nd Nov 2016 10:54

Its listed on www.oy-reg.dk for example.


keebird 5th Nov 2016 18:45

The DFO named had posted in a Danish aviation forum about a year ago for information on Hawker 1000. Apparently he was planning on buying one or more Hawker 1000s for use as air ambulance in a new start up company.
I'm assuming it is an air ambulance operation that is still trying to get their AOC and aircraft operational.

Son of a Beech 7th Nov 2016 06:37

Doesn't exactly sound like a successful up and running private operation.

lassepilot 26th Feb 2017 12:53


Currently there are one LearJet45, to pilots is hired but freelance might be needed. There are 2 Citation, one 500 and a 550 that needs crew.


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