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simple9 24th May 2019 21:31


So now i'm working on a big airline and want an electronic logbook, was thinking about one which I could easily update with the airline's information.... so no manual entries.

I see that I better not get mccpilotlog nor Crewlounge pilotlog, so what would be your recommendation? The cheaper the better, as I don't really need it but id like to have a place where to keep track of the flights outside of the airline database....

thank you!

KeepCalm 27th May 2019 06:49

I'm also using MCC, but the old lifetime version.
I hope "the music doesn't stop".
​​​​Nevertheless keeping an eye here just in case another electronic logbook becomes available.

AdzMc 28th May 2019 12:00

Sent you a Private Message

Private Message sent

Originally Posted by Kapdk (Post 10460593)
They have just confirmed a refund for me for the crewlounge update, and confirmend they will Pay me back for MCC i bought last summer.

I do think they are real concerned about all this, and what it are doing to there business, but then again it's there own fault...

I am going back to Logten pro it's the best but pricey, so one round less for the hold crew next time ����

AdzMc 28th May 2019 12:34

So, this is how far I've got with them. I sent them an email.....:rolleyes:

"Hi There,

Whilst I understand that that a fixed pricing model may not be the best business model, it is the model that set you above all of the competition and the model that you sold to me KNOWING that you were soon to be launching a new product and discontinuing support for the current product, something which may go against EU trade and Distance Selling Regulation laws.

Whilst it's nice to be 'grandfathered' in, this information WAS NOT clearly visible throughout the transfer process, and the wording used suggested a free transfer. By making people pay for the new software, you're not actually allowing them to migrate their original lifetime licence, what you're actually doing is allowing them to purchase a new lifetime licence that has a temporary time limit applied to it....much like many new subscription services do to get new customers to sign up.

The fact that existing users need to purchase a new license should have been mentioned on the initial welcome screen when opening mccPILOTLOG and a FAQ should have been posted on the instructions page BEFORE being advised to 'buy' a new subscription.

If you go onto Facebook and PPRuNe etc, there are many threads about this topic and how disgusted people are with how this change has been implemented and the fact that the new software has left many users unable to access their data. I hope you can offer me some sort of financial compromise, such as refunding me my original ENT subscription, but allowing me to keep my lifetime license after purchasing the new software as I didn't even get 1 years use out of mccPILOTLOG.



......and this was their reply......

"Dear Adam,

We understand that the inability to using mccPILOTLOG to its full extend has caused major inconveniences to you.

I therefore discussed your request for a free or discount upgrade with the Sales Manager.

There are many other pilots still waiting for a bug fix, waiting for an airline connection, waiting for a logbook format or other functionalities and software issues. It is very difficult for us to draw a line. How much shall we discount for a small bug, a major bug, a missing function, a delay...

To make sure that all of our customers are treated the same way, the Sales Manager adheres to a strict policy without exceptions. I am sorry that I cannot make this happen for you. We do however commit to resolving all pending issues in the new software CrewLounge PILOTLOG.

I can imagine that you do not feel comfortable with this reply. But even with the normal upgrade, our pricing remains way below the competition. Give it a try, and free download the new logbook. You can test the features with a free account, and decide later.

I hope that you will still join us on our new journey.

Enjoy your Life in the Sky,

CrewLounge SUPPORT"


nebojsar 28th May 2019 13:27

Basicaly they are playing us around. Acting like classic scam. Never mind, this is proper way to loose your customers. If that was their goal they are doing good.

Banana Joe 28th May 2019 15:30

Eventually, they will get sued.

pewpewbum 28th May 2019 16:44

Crewlounge areo
When I add flights on the iOS app and then try to sync, they won't appear on my desktop app... Has anyone else got this problem?

Givin It All I Got Capt'n 29th May 2019 05:17

Yes, the app doesnt work....

I got a full refund for Crewlounge Pilotlog, the software is a mess. Ill keep using MCC while i can, still looking for a reasonable replacement that doesnt need a Mac.

cefey 31st May 2019 20:25

Stay away
Based on previously decent reviews I decided to get MCClog. Paid 40. It never worked. Downloaded hours wrongly, a week later it stopped downloading hours all-together.

MCC team were quick to promise "to fix the issue soon" - that was back in September. In December it was "couple of weeks", a month later "mid Feb". At the end of March I was told to "buy new software". What a rip-off!
Ive downloaded new app. It looks exactly the same, with few new futures that I dont need at all. They just renamed it and want more money.

Last month they completely ignore me on e-mail as well. If I dont get any reply, Ill submit claim with my bank to get my money back and mark them as scam, for that what it is. Their product never worked. Empty promises and then "buy more". Im sure in 2-3 year they will rename app once more and ask for another 100-200eur.

josephfeatherweight 1st Jun 2019 00:19

Im sure in 2-3 year they will rename app once more and ask for another 100-200eur.
cefey, I agree with everything else you said except this - they're not going to survive this.
Which is unfortunate, but inevitable, given the path they chose.

blahfod 2nd Jun 2019 06:00

Crewlounge PILOTLOG is obviously a scam that I also have fallen victim to. Add my name to the class action.

chrisk96 26th Jun 2019 08:38

Let's build an alternative!
After reading these 9 pages of agony of what is good or bad, who is evil etc... I conclude that LogTen Pro is the safest way to go if you want to safely keep track of your logbook with all the bells and whistles. Downside, it cost 130,- a year if you want to take full option (Mac/iphone/ipad). roughly 11,- a month. And you are hooked to Coradine (even sounds like a kind of drug).

Guess all the apps have an O'leary factor build in. Hook people and charge them after when they are really hooked.

Talking about bells and whistles.... Do we need all these extras?? Wind information, WX, runway info, connecting to colleagues.... we are talking about a logbook here.... There are enough apps that will show the same. Even my airline now provides good apps for that. It's just another way to stand out to competitor apps.

I saw a couple of interesting replies stating "what is wrong with a spreadsheet"?!
Years ago I've been flying with a captain who took out his mini laptop (probably still with windows 98 installed) on every sector typing in the the crucial logbook info in Excel. It took him 30 seconds to do that.

So in 2019 with Excel and Numbers still around, wouldn't it be nice to take out your smartphone/tablet and enter your crucial logbook entries in a spreadsheet (Excel/Pages) and having it synced thru iCloud or whatsoever when you land. Having 100% ownership. Totally FREE!! for life guaranteed. Takes a couple of seconds.
The only thing that has to be done is to build a nice working template by some spreadsheet gurus among us. Maybe this template will be even a standard in the future and by wish can be imported by Logten or MCC. Of course I realise you cannot store photos of collegues, signatures and live WX info in the sheet.... but again I personally am not looking for that in a logbook.

I hope there are some fellow pilots around who share the same idea and want to look together into this.


Spotless 26th Jun 2019 10:54

I guess thats what logten and MCC did and made a business of it?!

Banana Joe 26th Jun 2019 13:37

For those that are lazy, like me, and want to use a spreadsheet you can look at Excel Pilot Logbook.

Unfortunately, I need the signature capability as I am planning to get rid of my paper logbook and go full electronic.

Coradine do offer the best option, but I'm not an Apple user. So it's either bet on CrewLounge PILOTLOG or just pay annually for LogTen Pro and use it on my old iPad Mini 2.

I am looking at Safelog, but they seem to have a past of bullying their customers.

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