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Alan Marvin 30th Dec 2015 09:21

Faa Training & Certificate RVSM MNPS ETOPS
Hi guys,

just to clarify the training for the FAA Licence for par 91 as a private A/C Cj2+. (C525)

Where does it says that the Pilot of an N Reg have to have RVSM, MNPS and ETOPS?

As far as I know for RVSM is in:
FAR Part 91 Appendix G and ICAO Annex 6

91.1065 of Subpart K ?
Is that right? But I can't find the part when they ask for the pilot training.
If I wants to ferry a Cj2+ from Europe to US, the only advantage of having MNPS approval is the ability to follow the 'Blue Spruce' routes at a reasonable flight level right?

ETOPS rules only apply to air carriers flying under FAR part 135 and 121.
As private A/C we would be accomplished under part 91 so we only need appropriate flotation and emergency equipment for over water flight?


noneya 30th Dec 2015 10:03

The FAA requires LOA's to preform RVSM,RNP,MNPS etc...

The LOA's are issued to the operator of the aircraft. Ops specs will specify the training.

If you are ferrying the aircraft, and its new to an operator, most likely you will not have these authorizations.

Alan Marvin 30th Dec 2015 11:06

Thanks noneya, we have already submitted the LOA request to our local FSDO.
But once we have the LOA with all specs, where is written that I had to have those training certificate ?

galaxy flyer 30th Dec 2015 15:18

Do you really need a rule to show you are compliant with the rule? Yes, the FAAH 8400 has buried in it the requirement to have proof of training.


imriozer 30th Dec 2015 19:01

unless you did the training and provided the FSDO with the "certificates of passing the course" they will not issue the LOAs

debiassi 6th Jan 2016 09:24

Aircraft and crew need to be able to demonstrate compliance in the form of certification and letters of authorisation on the part of the operator.
The pilot/crew validation requirement can be achieved easilly and at minimum cost by taking an online course with Kings school or similar with course completion certificate issued online after completing the modules.
The LOA's unfortunately is a little more in depth.
Hope that helps.

GIVSP 7th Jan 2016 15:04

FAA training requirements
While I fully respect the initial question, it raises serious concerns in my mind about your ability to conduct the flight, safely, at all, if you are asking these questions about the requirements for training, the basis for issuance of required LOA's and associated training for not only N registered ferry flights but also oceanic ops etc.

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