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lear60fellow 10th Sep 2015 21:07

Learjet 60 ditching tests at LEMG
Looks like some pilots donīt believe was is stayed on the page 1 of the Lear 60 manual: "Not Approved for ditching", so the test it


atakacs 10th Sep 2015 21:24

Learjet 60 ditching tests at LEMG
Now that's an interesting one... What was the point of this stunt?!

SammySu 10th Sep 2015 21:29

Moving it out of the flooded parking area before the water got any deeper? Perhaps it was too deep to drive a tug in there!

SammySu 10th Sep 2015 21:39

I'm not suggesting what was done was sensible by the way, just a thought about why it may have been attempted.

PURPLE PITOT 11th Sep 2015 09:07

It's Bombardiers latest advisory wire. Carbon brake packs must be thoroughly washed before flight!

DirtyProp 11th Sep 2015 10:31

With no tugs available I would've done the same.
Besides, the n.w. was completely submerged, so not so easy to hook it up, I presume...

ivor toolbox 11th Sep 2015 10:47

Stupid. Both gear squat switches waterlogged, so many functions go through squat switches

Rwy in Sight 11th Sep 2015 12:21

I am wondering how the crew got in the aircraft?

Rwy in Sight

Journey Man 12th Sep 2015 19:37

Imagine the undercarriage would require inspection and squat, etc... Any truth to the rumour the a/c flew out that day?

Booglebox 12th Sep 2015 20:10

Rwy in sight: I would guess dinghy to wing, in through emer. exit

worldoffe 13th Sep 2015 07:58

So now I can be relaxed if I ever face the situation of ditching with the LJ60 as I seems like it's doing just fine! :)

Sydy 14th Sep 2015 02:06


Have you seen the one that "sailed" in Rio? It overran the downtown airport and literally sailed to ditch back at the airport:


suitcaseman 14th Sep 2015 12:01

Does the undercarriage, squat switches etc require an inspection after an approach and landing in heavy rain!

Rain driven by 140 kts of wind on approach gets in everywhere. Landing on wet runways soaks everything. Maybe the crew took advice from engineering! Maybe we should give the crew the benefit of the doubt.

lear60fellow 14th Sep 2015 15:44

As far as I know aircraft was for quite a time already soaked in water, moving it itīs not the best option knowing that many taxiways drainage covers had already been washed away by the force of water.

Looks like aircraft was flown a couple of hours later to maintenance center in UK. Bombardier stays that a pre-inspection is needed before any flight take place.

Other pilots and aircrafts where in place, no one moved them.

I wonder if they used taxi lights.....

212man 15th Sep 2015 07:38

Why am I not surprised to see the state of registration?

Journey Man 16th Sep 2015 08:24

suitcaseman, can you see any difference to a completely submerged situation and rain or spray?

His dudeness 16th Sep 2015 15:26

Why am I not surprised to see the state of registration?
Donīt know what youīre after, I for one think that seeing Spanish airplanes in Spain is somehow...how should I put it...normal ?

suitcaseman 17th Sep 2015 06:44

Yes actually I can. Rain driven by 160 mph wind will force its way past otherwise normally waterproof seals.

Anybody with even a mildly scientific knowledge would understand that. The same effect as pressure washing.

My main point is the "experts" are all happy to criticise the crew on a public forum with no factual or even basic scientific knowledge. Do you know the crew didn't have engineering check the aircraft before departure? Perhaps engineering removed the aircraft or the crew removed it on engineering instructions? There are so many possibilities but it's just so easy to criticise without facts.

Journey Man 17th Sep 2015 22:19

Yes actually I can. Rain driven by 160 mph wind will force its way past otherwise normally waterproof seals.
So are you now suggesting an approach in rain will cause water past oleo seals?

lear60fellow 3rd Oct 2015 15:51

Why am I not surprised to see the state of registration?
Would you be surprised to know if the pilot itīs a Bristish CAA license holder?

Has nothing to do with the state of registration, has to do with professionalism.

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