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deefer dog 7th May 2015 13:40

FAA licence/medical question
My FAA licence is ATP and I fly Part 91. I'm over 40 and operate a 2 crew a/c over 12,500 lbs as PIC. I normally renew my Class 1 medical every six months, but.....

Question: If I let the medical run for 7 or 8 months, may I still operate on the basis that I will be using Commercial privileges as my medical will have dropped down to Class 2?

FAR's state:
(2) Must hold at least a second-class medical certificate when exercising the privileges of a commercial pilot certificate;

I assume that as my ATP certificate permits me to exercise the privelidges of a Commercial certificate, when my medical converts to Class 2 I am good to fly when only commercial certificate is required.

Am I correct?

imriozer 7th May 2015 20:38

Part 91
As long as you are flying part 91 you're goos to go..

PSF2J 8th May 2015 08:01

I was under the impression from a recent chat, that you require an ATP to be PIC of a multi-engine turbine machine over 12,500lbs.

Also, check your insurance requirements for PIC, unless you are going to sit in the RHS.

Lucky8888 9th May 2015 03:01

Not true. The last FSI recurrent class (F900) I did had several people with a commercial and I think there was even one with a private license. This in the U.S. Insurance requirements are a different story.

TowerDog 9th May 2015 03:50

Part 91 is like flying private, not for hire.
Relaxed rules, doubt a 1st Class is required unless yer boss or yer insurance requires it. The Feds don't really care as the ticket buying public is not involved.

cambioso 9th May 2015 14:42

Well Jimbo..........What do you reckon to that then??

1Bingo 9th May 2015 20:41

The Class I medical every six months typically applies to Part 121 and 135 ops.

As previously mentioned, Part 91 is private ops requiring Commercial Certificate flying for hire, therefore Class II medical.


Lucky8888 10th May 2015 02:05

Originally Posted by TowerDog (Post 8970464)
Part 91 is like flying private, not for hire.
Relaxed rules, doubt a 1st Class is required unless yer boss or yer insurance requires it. The Feds don't really care as the ticket buying public is not involved.

That's not totally true. We are a part 91 (albeit w/135 and some 121 Ops manual) corporate department. We require ATP's for all of our pilots and therefor a class 1 medical. There are a lot of Part 91 corporates here in the U.S.

TheWrongTrousers 10th May 2015 07:48

Well Jezza,

Lucky8888 makes an interesting point. Also OUR insurance requires Captains to hold an ATP, and therefore a Class 1.

But we also need the ATPs to satisfy the knowledge requirements for the upcoming quallies.


cambioso 10th May 2015 11:47

Makes sense.

avionimc 10th May 2015 14:17

This is a commonly misunderstood topic. The class of medical depends upon the "privileges" being exercised, not the certificate held.

E.g., a person holding a FAA ATP certificate can fly privately, without compensation, with a third class medical. Or fly for compensation or hire, part 91 and/or part 135, with a second class medical. The employer (part 91 or 135), contractor or insurance may request a first class medical -- and a college degree -- but that is not required by the FAR.

Cf. 61.23 and http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/faq/.

It is different in other countries and aviation rules.

screenmonitor 30th Oct 2016 03:18

@Avionimc: I took a look at the link you posted and dug further...and this is what I found.
It doesn't say what you stated, actually. It says that it's based on the certificate basically, when speaking about an ATP. I quote below:
61.23 Medical certificates: Requirement and duration.

(1) Must hold a first-class medical certificate:
(i) When exercising the pilot-in-command privileges of an airline transport pilot certificate;.....

So stopped there. Doesn't say anything about Part 91...however does mention 121 ops.
So now I am thoroughly confused. My company is telling me it's only required every 12 months for flying the private owner around (part 91) but does it not require me (to be PIC) utilize my ATP to fly the GV type as PIC. I guess more digging required....

Anyone else can shed light on this??

eCFR ? Code of Federal Regulations

galaxy flyer 30th Oct 2016 03:51

exercising the pilot-in-command privileges of an airline transport pilot certificate;
If you are flying Part 91, there is no need to have an the ATP and you are NOT exercising the PiC privileges of and ATP, just a Commercial AMEL, type rating. Having the ATP covers the IR requirement. If you are not bring, substitute private pilot certificate.


HS125 30th Oct 2016 19:41

Depends where you operate
Per my recent FSI International Procedures Recurrent.

Part 91 (and getting paid) in the USA a Commercial and a Class 2 is ok for the PIC

Outside the USA the PIC must have a valid Class 1 Medical.

winkwink 31st Oct 2016 00:34

Jimbo, Jezza et al (who's Al?)

In the FAA world the critical element is not the certificate (licence) held, but the operation. If the operation is Part 91, a 1st or 2nd class medical is appropriate if the pilot is gaining valuable consideration (doing it for dosh). If the pilot is flying for fun, then a class 3 is sufficient. The certificate (Private, Commercial or ATP) is irrelevant. To work for reward on a Part 91 op, the pilot MUST hold a Commercial or higher certificate, and a class 2 or higher medical.

In summary, a class 2 medical is fine for an ATP or Commercial holder on a Part 91 operation.


winkwink 31st Oct 2016 00:38

Deefer Dog. You're correct. To earn money on a Part 91 operation you require a minimum of a Commercial certificate and a class 2 medical, which is what your class 1 medical reverts to.


winkwink 31st Oct 2016 00:40

HS125. Ask your source at FSI to show you the FAR about extra USA ops.

(Hint.....it does NOT exist)

winkwink 31st Oct 2016 00:46

PSF2J. Were you talking to Donald Trump? What you were told was wrong. Don't rely on b/s from Trumpeters. Check the FARs

winkwink 31st Oct 2016 00:54

Lucky8888 and Jimbo. The requirement for an ATP does NOT dictate a class 1 medical. An ATP can fly with a class 3 if not earning money. A part 121 or 135 operation needs a class 1 (airline or air taxi, basically). Private ops (part 91) does NOT require a class 1.

CL300 31st Oct 2016 09:37

Originally Posted by winkwink (Post 9561891)
HS125. Ask your source at FSI to show you the FAR about extra USA ops.

(Hint.....it does NOT exist)

I think they are covering themselves for FAR 91.703, some countries might interpret an operation with a turbojet as "commercial" even though private in essence, and a Class one is "matching" the licence held.

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