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JustAnObserver 5th Jan 2014 18:58

Challenger crash at KASE
ASPEN - The Pitkin County Sheriff's Office has confirmed it is responding to a plane crash at the Aspen Airport on Sunday afternoon.

Tweets shortly after 12:30 p.m. showed what appears to be a private plane crashing on the Aspen runway.

Read more at Plane crashes at Aspen airport

Appears to be N115WF - Canadair Challenger CL60

MikeNYC 5th Jan 2014 19:37

ASE - Aspen Challenger crash
Hearing reports of a Challenger, N115WF, crashed upon landing in Aspen CO this afternoon.

Initial reports of 1 dead, 2 injured.


n6330v 5th Jan 2014 19:40

Challenger crash at KASE
Details still fuzzy.

Plane crashes at airport in Aspen, Colo.

n6330v 5th Jan 2014 19:43


n6330v 5th Jan 2014 19:48

N115WF ? 05-Jan-2014 ? KTUS - KASE ? FlightAware

completely deck 5th Jan 2014 19:56

Past few hours METARS:

KASE 051953Z 31016G30KT 7SM HZ BKN037 OVC048 M12/M20 A3008 RMK AO2 PK WND 32030/1950 SNB40E50 SLP248 P0000 T11221200 $

KASE 051853Z 31009G28KT 270V360 9SM HZ FEW035 BKN046 OVC050 M11/M20 A3007 RMK AO2 PK WND 33028/1851 SLP243 T11111200 $

KASE 051753Z 35013KT 6SM HZ BKN043 BKN050 M12/M17 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP250 60000 T11171172 11117 21161 51015 $

KASE 051653Z 35011KT 6SM HZ SCT044 BKN060 M12/M17 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP253 T11221172 $

KASE 051553Z COR 35006KT 6SM HZ SCT044 BKN060 M14/M16 A3006 RMK AO2 SLP243 T11391156 $

maxphlyer 5th Jan 2014 19:59

Challenger Crash
Aircraft Accident at Aspen (KASE) - N115WF Canadair Challenger ? FlightAware

I.R.PIRATE 5th Jan 2014 20:10

Not nice winds for decent stopping on rwy 15...

Interesting track - seems like a circle to land, followed by a missed, followed by a short approach for the 2nd shot???

Deep and fast?

MikeNYC 5th Jan 2014 20:16

From LiveATC recordings, hearing windshear reports of -10/+20kts on short final to Rwy 15 on first approach, and the accident aircraft declared a missed approach, stating 33kts tailwind. On second approach, tower called winds [email protected], pk gust 25kts (tailwind).

Latte tester 5th Jan 2014 20:27

Interesting track indeed.
There's a video of today at the airport which is mostly wind noise...nasty day in Aspen.

galaxy flyer 5th Jan 2014 20:28

Pilots try landing there with winds reported as exceeding the AFM limits often. Today, Rifle (KRIL) had better reported weather at accident time, quartering headwind on 26. An hour out, have the limo head to Rifle, it'll be waiting there when you shutdown.

Beyond that, well have to wait on the report.

avionimc 5th Jan 2014 20:38

Is there enough room for a jet to maneuver and land on RWY 33 at ASE? And land safely, given the 2% down slope? Thanks,

I.R.PIRATE 5th Jan 2014 20:40

I would say a definitive negative to that.

If I knew how to post pics, I could show you why.

Latte tester 5th Jan 2014 20:41

I've flown the circling to 33 in a 604 many years ago, but in almost perfect weather. Gusty winds, icing, vis etc makes it just that much more difficult...

n6330v 5th Jan 2014 20:42

Reports stating that the a/c had three s.o.b. - one fatality reported. Two survivors - one with serious, one with minor injuries.

Looks like they were on the way to pick someone up.

westhawk 5th Jan 2014 20:48

It's not uncommon to wait for the ASE tower to report wind that doesn't exceed tailwind component limits. And when there's a window of suitable weather, you still have to wait your turn.

You know what they say about mountain weather: Wait 5 minutes...

n6330v 5th Jan 2014 20:50

Video following accident..shows how nasty wx was/is.

Private jet crash video - YouTube

West Coast 5th Jan 2014 20:52

I feel for the corporate operators that operate there infrequently. The key to success, at least for my company is repetition. I've hauled pilots in and out of there who operate there very infrequently, understandably they're on edge. I land there a dozen times a month plus and my heart rate is elevated frequently.

I.R.PIRATE 5th Jan 2014 20:52

Latte, what would have been your Vref on that day for interest sake?

galaxy flyer 5th Jan 2014 20:57

Based on the video, which makes it look like the town and toward Independence Pass are covered in cloud, circling to 33 with a wind pushing you into the mountains would be very interesting, to say the least.

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