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NuName 14th Jan 2013 13:51

Hotels near CAE Burgess Hill?
Any suggestions for a good quality hotel with a shortish drive to CAE, Burgess Hill, UK?

LGW Vulture 14th Jan 2013 14:27

If you can bare a 20 minute drive.......don't bother looking anywhere else.

South Lodge Hotel | Sussex Horsham Luxury Country House Hotel

NuName 14th Jan 2013 14:39

Thanks for that, it looks great but I don't think the company would stand for the price, I am there for a month :*

LGW Vulture 14th Jan 2013 14:56

Its the Premier Inn then......:{:{:{:{

long final 14th Jan 2013 15:03

If you are looking for good value and personal service close to CAe have a look at the Hickstead Hotel.

I stayed there for a month, around 60 a night. Great food and amazing staff. It is a little basic, but comfortable and the good folk there will arrange anything you need - laundry, 3am breakfasts, etc. Additionally it is less than five minutes drive to the centre.

svaever 14th Jan 2013 21:49

There is a lot of nice B&B in short dist. from CAE. I can't remember the page I used, but one of the places i used was less than 10 min walk away.

NuName 15th Jan 2013 00:06

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'll opt for the Courtyard at Gatwick.

Arkwright 15th Jan 2013 13:42

Stayed at the Hickstead and The Courtyard. Hickstead is 5 minutes drive, Gatwick about 25 minutes. Hickstead is basic, but perfectly fine, and a great pub about 10 minutes walk away. All depends if you want the Marriott points!!!

A full month of 5 minutes versus 25 minutes will soon add up......

Avoid Brighton if possible......it can sometimes take 45 min to an hour in the morning rush hour!!

cloudkiss 15th Jan 2013 15:46

I've stayed at the Hickstead and have to agree with Arkwright, that its basic but clean. menu is a bit simple and I think the WiFi was only really available downstairs. Premier Inn is very good actually, better than some 4 stars I've stayed in. Plus despite the advertised breakfast times, the staff were very accommodating in allowing me to get food very early indeed. They also did a 5 or 7 day WiFi deal which worked very well in the rooms. Despite previous posts to suggest Brighton is no good, I have actually stayed in a number of hotels there and had transit times of 20 mins or so with no traffic (lets be honest, most sim times are outside of rush hour times) - key to Brighton seems to be easy access to the A23. I recall getting a very good deal at the Queens hotel, a suite for the same price as a basic room in any of the branded hotels, plus good access to Brighton facilities and good gym on-site with pool.

Sydy 15th Jan 2013 17:35


I like the Arora Crawley. Good food and nice city center in a walking distance.

Good luck!


easy 15th Jan 2013 17:56

first time I've ever heard of creepy Crawley Town Centre described as nice:uhoh:

PPRuNe Towers 15th Jan 2013 20:32

B+B but also full kitchen for meals throughout the day to suit sim times.

Brand new, purpose built, very, very close to CAE and has it's own heli landing area:E

Try Linda at:

Contact and Location for Little Turrets B&B West Sussex

A very happy customer

NuName 16th Jan 2013 01:03

Many thanks for all the help to you all.

I-AINC 16th Jan 2013 17:49

I'm writing from the Premier Inn in Burgess Hill :-)

We usually go to the Hicksted, nice hotel and nice staff, but this time we are here. I think that this hotel is better than Hicksted. Very close to the CAE training center (100mt straight) and also it's new! It includes also a restaurant (Beefeater)...



Mr Falcon 19th Jan 2013 11:20

Try Brantridge Park . App 15 mins drive. Country mansion hotel but it has apartments with bedroom, sitting room, kitchens. Very reasonable rates.
All set in beautiful park-like grounds.There's a big Tesco next door to CAE and a Waitrose in Burgess Hill .
Much better than a hotel for a month.

goahead64 7th Aug 2019 12:10

Burgess Hill Homestay
I would suggest Burgess Hill Homestay. You can contact the owner directly on +447895014045. Friendly rates for longer terms, like my Airbus A320 training ;-)

DCThumb 8th Aug 2019 04:35

Go for Brighton! Loads of hotels to choose from and you can eat somewhere different every night. Once you have finished groundschool and are travelling at non- peak traffic times the drive is easy too...

we used to call the Hickstead ‘Acorn antiques’ after the comedy sketch.... Marriott lingfield Park is a nice alternative if you are points gathering!

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