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Gooners64 25th Jan 2012 13:58

Flight Dispatch Zurich
Good Day Everyone
Has anybody heard of any developments in the Flight Dispatch job sector in LSZH.
Have been searching for a while but nothing positive at the moment.

Many Thanks for any input.



Gooners64 21st Feb 2012 09:17

Have just heard ExecuJet Zürich have released the complete Dispatch team, setting up in EGLC. Comlux also gone, setting up in Bahrain, hard times for Dispatchers in LSZH ahead.

pgo 21st Feb 2012 14:42

Dispatch ZRH
AMAC is still looking, MS still does part-time there and at the BSL corporate "operation". It's going to get a little competive now given that the VCN lot are now all searching for new jobs.:8
The big hamster strangely wants to be my friend now....

Gooners64 21st Feb 2012 16:34

The big hamster needs to get past Tutti first... I applied to AMAC but recived no response, maybe they haven't updated the website for a while...

Booglebox 21st Feb 2012 18:53

Confirmed true. :sad: New op is in EGSC (not LC).

pgo 22nd Feb 2012 11:30

ZRH had to 1st train the poms, I wonder if they will retain the CH AOC, I'm guessing yes as Enrique was retained (for now). There's no way I would engage the BH, TT has other non-aviation jobs in view.

Booglebox 22nd Feb 2012 23:24

CH AOC continues but will be run from the UK.
I guess there isn't really much in ZRH now in terms of dispatch jobs, huh. :(

Gooners64 23rd Feb 2012 08:38

LSZH Dispatch market is nearly non existant with the departure of Execujet and Comlux, i have been searching for 9 months now and nothing, looks like i will be selling sausages for a living soon.....:{

Booglebox 24th Feb 2012 18:33

I'm sorry to hear that dude.
Are you tied to ZRH? There's Rega and Swissjet still, not to mention Swiss (Air)...

INNflight 24th Feb 2012 21:47

SwissJet does not have a dispatch, they have it all done by Caeroscene in Austria. Excellent flight support company if you ask me.

pgo 25th Feb 2012 20:55

:rolleyes: Caeroscene does an excellent job compared to whom?? There's literally 100s of these service providers all banging on about how great (&cheap!) they are. IMHO any outsourced dispatch is incomparable to an "in-house" dispatch.:ok:

INNflight 26th Feb 2012 20:23

Not saying they do THE best job, but having seen a few (including theirs) dispatches work I can certainly say they do one hell of a better job than some in-house ones.

Anyway, apples and oranges - and way OT. Just voiced an opinion.

pgo 27th Feb 2012 13:22

@INNflight, you're absolutely spot on. I've also seen a few good ones turn bad and most fortunately also vice-versa. A sustained conscientious high quality output is not always garunteed whenever humans are involved :)

John Tucker 5th Jul 2012 17:14

ExecuJet move to Cambridge
Hi guys, I have heard that they moved their EU Dispatch to the UK.

ExecuJet Europe to take a more prominent role in the UK - Cambridge Network

Labour in the UK is simply cheaper these days I guess.

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