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cskafan123 28th Dec 2009 08:19

Beechcraft Premier IA AFM
Hi Folks,
Does anybody have a Beechcraft Premier I A AFM,OM or a POH and would be so kind to share it?I couldn't find anything on the web and I assume you have to be owner or a operator of one, to be able to access all the technical information on Hawker's site.

I'll appreciate anything available.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everyone.


ab33t 28th Dec 2009 09:47

SmartCockpit - Airline training guides, Aviation, Operations, Safety

cskafan123 28th Dec 2009 10:41


I tried the smartcockpit but couldn't find anything.So far no info only airplane name:(

SmartCockpit - Beechcraft Premier


Zimbo200 8th May 2014 07:24

Did you ever manage to find any info, POH, etc?

hawkerxp 10th May 2014 02:24

I have digital copy and training manuals

Indu 12th Apr 2015 15:20

Premier 1A
How can I get copies of your manuals

hawkerxp 14th Apr 2015 11:16

Send me a certified "IOU beer" coupon via email and i will send the manuals

WDHaskins 8th Jun 2015 21:06

Beech Premier Jet 390 Manuals
Do you want an IOU for "certified beer" or a certified "IOU for beer"? Whichever you want, this is it. Could you email the manuals, including the POH, to [email protected]?

Many thanks!


claire.jeffrey 27th Oct 2015 04:37

Hey would you be able to share a copy of those with me too???? I will buy you a pizza in exchange.

WallyO_Aspen 13th Oct 2016 18:18

Hi, Reading your thread, I see you may have a digital POH for the Premier 1A. Any chance you could please share that with me. I'm based out of Aspen, at 8,000 feet, and am considering acquiring a Premier 1A--but would love to review the high altitude take off limitations and see what that does to range. Thanks! Email is [email protected]

Liftboy 14th Oct 2016 08:26

Check your inbox! :ok:

Slabach 12th Dec 2016 15:53

I am student doing a report on a beechjet accident for Liberty University. It looks like an electronic version of the POH/AFM is available. Is there any chance someone could send it to me? [email protected]. Thanks,


MstAvi8r 7th Mar 2017 00:32

Premier 1A Manuals
Greetings from Florida,

My wife and I are thinking of purchasing a PRM1A, and therefore were wondering whether it would be possible for someone to provide us with a copy of the AFM / POH / Systems Manual ... being a retired military aviator of 32 years I've become accustomed to reading the manuals in their entirety, in order to learn everything there is to know about a particular aircraft that we are interested in?

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance!

Bobbi & Harry
[email protected]

space-shuttle-driver 8th Mar 2017 23:21

Bobby, I sent you a mail!

Jetjockey10 11th Jun 2017 15:35


I am seeking a digital copy of the AFM and/or a FSI Training/System manual for the Beech 390 Premier 1A. If you have one, would you please send me a copy? Most appreciative.


swyates 13th Jun 2017 21:15

I would also very much appreciate a copy of the POH and AFM as well as any training information available for Premier 1. I'm a private pilot with instrument rating and while not yet ready to tackle the type rating for the Premier, will be flying right seat occasionally and would like to read up so I at least know what's happening in front of me.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Scott Yates
[email protected]

Novej 23rd Jun 2017 16:34

I don't know if this thread is dead. I saw that there were some copies going around. May I please get a copy of all this sent to [email protected] Thanks in advance.

aeronauta 3rd Jul 2017 01:06

If it is still possible please a copy of these manuals will be greatly appreciated ..

jroldan at senet.com.au

kilohurtz1 6th Jul 2017 18:47

i would like a set too.. thanks in advance.. send to - [email protected]

CappyJax 24th Sep 2017 18:43

Interview on Friday!
Hello! If anyone still has the Premier AFM, but I please get a copy? I have an interview this Friday and I would like to be well prepared! Sales at jetset dot aero.

Thank you!

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