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essentialbus 14th Nov 2008 04:08

Eclipse in serious trouble?
Does not look good at all.

See AVweb @ AVweb The World's Premier Independent Aviation News Resource

Click also on the title of the article, Nov. 13.


CirrusF 14th Nov 2008 10:21

If they do fold, what are the implications for the supposedly imminent EASA certification? Is the certification process immediately put on hold?

Dimbleby 14th Nov 2008 11:34

The implications are that the EASA certification process will cease immediately. In fact I understand that the process has already ground to a halt some weeks ago, due lack of interim payment. I would be alost impossible for a third party to resurrect.

But they are not the only ones. PIPER appears to be in serious difficulty and has:( been unable to re-finance. I am told that if they survive Christmas it will be a good result.

411A 14th Nov 2008 15:31

Piper has other immediate problems as well.
Apparently, their Meridien prop-jet airplane has serious issues with corrosion to the engine inlet case.
They had P&W Canada use magnesium and now corrosion issues are a big problem.
If I had a new Meridien and the engine had to come out after 200 hours to have this fixed (at my expense, no less...IE: no warranty repair possible) my lawyer would see to it that the company would pay, BIG time.:(:(

alexmcfire 20th Nov 2008 16:54

I wonder if they can find any buyers for the 400-programme?
Personally I think the VLJ are dead as a moneymaker.

porridge 21st Nov 2008 11:26

Eclipse gets EASA certification
Just heard that EASA gave Eclipse full certification - has anyone else heard this?

Mark Ranger 21st Nov 2008 14:10

Eclipse - EASA
Yes, just got the press release


CJ2 21st Nov 2008 19:33

Comments on E500? Anyone flown it?

ruiz007 22nd Nov 2008 06:25

/A airplane
It is purely a /A aircraft. All that glas you see..... none of it works.

CL300 22nd Nov 2008 06:35

It is not a FULL certification, it is private only, FIKI and RVSM however some adjustement need to be done dual mode S Xponders, VNG1.5; a third attitude etc.. for EU-OPS 1 certification, wait for 2009...

more sbs and AD to come TL , pitots, fuel fillers..

B2N2 22nd Nov 2008 12:45

Comments on E500? Anyone flown it?
Yep, one flight, one hour...VFR only
The plane itself flies very nice, stick forces are heavier then I expected but "nice" heavy.
The avionics were ( at least then, last march) inferior to Garmin 1000
Literally half the functions were not certified back then.
Displays have a lesser resolution then G1000 so I thought they were a little fuzzy even. Speed and altitude bugs are hollow vs. solid so difficult to pick out.
For the latest and greatest and not so great on Eclipse I've been reading the following blog for years now:

CJ2 22nd Nov 2008 17:16

Thanks. Interesting site.

Dimbleby 24th Nov 2008 20:30

Just got a whole lot worse.

The FAA have restricted all high level flight operations due to a series of engine surges.

kenhughes 24th Nov 2008 23:22

The FAA have restricted all high level flight operations due to a series of engine surges.
Well, restricted from high-level flight above FL370.

Link to the AD Airworthiness Directives; Eclipse Aviation Corporation Model EA500 Airplanes

The AD says that carbon build-up on the static vane of the PW 610F-A engines could result in engine surges and, "In some cases, this could result in flight and landing under single-engine conditions."

I find this a strange statement - assuming each engine has its own static vane (and I'm not an engineer, so I stand to be corrected), and assuming that one engine is likely to accumulate as much carbon build-up as the other at levels above 370, should not the statement caution that a complete loss of engines could result?

FlightTester 25th Nov 2008 16:29

Eclipse files for Chap 11 bankruptcy...

birrddog 25th Nov 2008 19:58

Eclipse needs another $250 million to $300 million to resume normal operations and fulfill its obligations to customers with respect to post-certification improvements. But the amount could be slashed to $150 million if Eclipse reneges on all contracts, including $60 million of refunds owed to customers who canceled their contracts, elects not to honor flight into known icing and avionics upgrades (up to $50 million) and bumps the price of all aircraft to be delivered to $2.15million or more.
Hrmn, remove safety features _and_ increase the price... a difficult sell, although I do appreciate business trade offs are most often more complex than ever communicated.

According to the limited info above, they are pricing icing technology and avionics upgrades at $40-90 million...

Anyone on pprune with any facts?

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