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HermanTheGerman 10th Jul 2006 09:34

NICE/LFMN airport of delays and chaos (The Kim & Lucinda thread)
after recent last visits, I come to the opininon that this is the worst airport in europe. it doesn't matter which fbo/handler you have, it doesn't matter which company for catering you choose: it is always the same. late fuel (up to 2 hours of delay) late catering (odered for 05:30, eta 07:00, delivered: 06:45) and therefore no chance for adjustments. late pick up from the aircraft: "the car is on the way, captain" but obviously it is coming from paris. this happenend several times. what are your experiences, any ideas or is there a fbo ( i know swissport and aviapartner) where everything works as it should?:ugh:

HS125 10th Jul 2006 12:03

This happens every summer, they cant cope with the demand but countinue to charge for the service. If youre able to go there, Cannes (LFMD) is much more user friendly.

His dudeness 10th Jul 2006 14:56

The only thing that always showed up in time was the bill...and in a breathtaking amount.
Lets face it: they just donŽt want us there.
Used to go there in the early ninetes very often, was a pain then as well...
During night or bad weather Cannes is no subsitute, so weŽll have to live with it I guess.

G-SPOTs Lost 10th Jul 2006 22:25

Depending on your aircraft size, go to Cannes or if you are bigger go to Hyeres Toulon (7000 ft).

What you save on handling landing and parking and hassle pays for the Helicopter xfer for your pax to either Grimaud (St Tropez), Cannes (Cannes), NIce (Nice) or Monaco. All xfers between 15 & 25 mins, Heli parks next to Jet

There is a signature and a brand new GAT at Hyeres, invariably if you are just dropping off in Cannes you can do without Handling and save €190.00

Only snag is Hyeres is PPR as its Naval but never withheld as far as I know.

Not only that but if you are coming down UL128 from the UK its probably 15 mins quicker which also contributes towards the cost of the heli.

Helisecuritie is best Ive tried them all. If you book preseason you will probably get one xfer free if you pay for 10

EatMyShorts! 12th Jul 2006 21:40

Yepp, I usually don't have trouble in NCE. You need to adapt to the style there and things will run smoothly. At Swissport they are trying hard and I was lucky with fuel, too, the last few times that I have been there.

Bizjets 15th Jul 2006 11:48


You may also alternatively use St Tropez La Mole (LFTZ) or Le Castellet (LFMQ) where you won't have any handling & fuel issues. Of course depending on the size of your aircraft... LFTZ up to DA50, LFMQ up to BBJ.
I approve of your opinion regarding heavy delays reported at Nice, it's definitely a nightmare to try to reach the FBO for hours, they just never pick up the phone and don't seem to be very motivated for most of them. That's sad...:(
LFMD is the best!

Bumz_Rush 15th Jul 2006 12:35

In Nice NOW
The P parking was almost empty last night when I arrived, the thunderstorms had passed, the only problem was NOT 1 taxi wanted to come to the airport...So Avia Partnet staff drove us to hotel.....

For once I was pleased to be in Nice.


Sensible Garage 15th Jul 2006 15:51

fueltank driver committed suicide Saturday morning, the rest of his company went on strike, the other company was overcomitted, took close to 2 hours to get gogo juice...

Kent BeTrue 15th Jul 2006 16:31

Transport from Nice
Taxi's after a later arrival can be a problem, we book a limo in advance.... same price as taxi but always there waiting. Avia and Swiss have both forgotten to call a taxi until we get there, thereby waiting another 15 20 mins.
Service we use is www.jet-set-international.com

Dumbledor 16th Jul 2006 16:14

Originally Posted by Sensible Garage
fueltank driver committed suicide Saturday morning, the rest of his company went on strike, the other company was overcomitted, took close to 2 hours to get gogo juice...

Should we not take a minute or two to think about the poor guy who commited suicide and the family he may have left behind.
How unhappy he must have been.................
My sincerest condolences to his family.

mgTF 17th Jul 2006 11:50

ok, caotic airport, but what about KIM & LUCINDA...
The angelic girls working for swissport

anytime I see them it's an emotion...!!

G-SPOTs Lost 17th Jul 2006 18:27


Very valid point - well made..... :ok:

Which is the very cute one from England

Sensible Garage 17th Jul 2006 19:52

very, very cute indeed!

scambuster 18th Jul 2006 13:20

Originally Posted by Sensible Garage
very, very cute indeed!

Lucinda........she's mine!!!!

mgTF 18th Jul 2006 16:11

ok, I'll leave you Lucinda, BUT KIM SHE'S MINE!!!!!!

Sensible Garage 22nd Jul 2006 08:12

Lucinda rules

cirrus17 26th Jul 2006 18:06

To the pilots; MGtf, GSPOTs lost, Sensible Garage and Scambuster-

Did you honestly think that these comments would not be found by us eventually?

cirrus17 26th Jul 2006 18:28


cirrus17 26th Jul 2006 18:32

Mr Jenvey
but thank you for sticking up for us regarding the handling :ok:

Sensible Garage 26th Jul 2006 18:45

Cirrus17 (or is it Cirrus22?), sure you have been told by pilot(s) at the desk, admit it!

anyway, the service was spot on the other day, many thanks

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