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European corporate pilot pay...

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European corporate pilot pay...

Old 6th Oct 2001, 01:58
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Post Need bizjet salary info

I've been missing my Business and Commercial Aviation issues and now I need to dredge up pilot's salary info. Does anybody have the U.S. salary ranges and averages for light and medium bizjet F/O and Captains, doing part 91 ops? Thanks.
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Old 8th Oct 2001, 18:59
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Thumbs up

Try these:
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Old 12th Oct 2001, 20:35
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Will do. Thanks.
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Old 15th Oct 2001, 01:25
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Anyone got any info on UK/Euro-based biz-jet salaries?
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Old 17th Oct 2001, 08:30
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If you can get your hands on a June 2001 issue of Professional Pilot magazine, that would have what you're looking for. You can snag a copy at most FBO's or order a back issue on-line. Captain pay scale in that size of aircraft is about $ 65,000. Good Luck
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Old 19th Oct 2001, 02:48
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ARGGHHH...it's now moot for me. Try as I may, I just can't get a corporate position. Do I need a magic wand to break into this realm?
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Old 24th Oct 2001, 01:13
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Corporate is all about networking. Try pro-pilot mag. for last years survey. You can call them and they will fax you a copy.
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Old 24th Oct 2001, 02:29
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Thanks. I'll do that...and I'll keep networking (ug)...
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Old 29th Apr 2003, 17:21
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Question European corporate pilot pay...

Could anyone please enlighten me as to how much a co-pilot and captain could expect to be paid for different aircraft types in Europe?

I don't want company specific (unless you want to tell me ) but am interested in both corporate and charter (air-taxi). I would like numbers for as many types as possible (Learjet 35/60, Citation 500/550/560, 560XL, III, VII, Falcon 20, 50, 900(EX), 2000, Gulfstream IV, V, Challenger 601, 604, 800 and GLEX).

Any information at all on this would be very helpful (only from Europe please)!


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Old 29th Apr 2003, 20:38
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whats in your package?

The actual salary is only a small part of the package, in corporate aviation.
For example, are you home based, with 6 on 2 off, (JAR /135) or 7 on none off cowboys, or 2 months on 1 month off.
Two examples: G4 captain approx 10KUS, 3 weeks on 10 days off, travel home included, plus 100US per day away, perdiem. Europe based management company.
G4 captain, based Middle East 6500US per month, per diem only when flying, 6 on 2 off (JAR), living at base. Middle East operation, corporate. one rotation home per year, but accomodation paid.

I]Hostess, in same region, but different company 6500US also.[/I]

So why work for that company when they pay the cabin crew, (no reflection on the girls in question.) the same as the lead captain?????

Any further information from the rest of us out there would provide a matrix for reference to us all. So guys and Gals put pen to paper.
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Old 30th Apr 2003, 02:13
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Arrow Pay

Europe based VIP B727 Capt 8000 USD, F/O and F/E 6000 USD a month + 110 a day when on the road. 30 days vacation a year, medical and all the usual benefits.
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Old 30th Apr 2003, 17:57
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I believe Flexjet Europe, paid CL 601 pilots 70,000 and Lear 31 pilots 50,000.

Would have been interesting if they had not ceased operations and operated a corporate B747 for eg. Pound for pound the salary would have been sky high!!!
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Old 30th Apr 2003, 19:20
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wow, think ill go work there....

air taxi work isnt even close, you're looking at about 20 - 25 k a year tops, and more likely, closer to 15k if its an aztec or something.
And generally you fly when you can as your more than likely hours building, so 7 on, an hour off.

Grand old fun though.
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Old 5th May 2003, 18:22
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netjets europe verion of pay scale...

whatever fleet you are in you will get an extra 15% if you are living in the UK !

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Old 12th May 2003, 23:30
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I appreciate the answers (although they're not many )! Surely there must be more corporate pilot's then this out there???

So come on... grab that keyboard and write!

Thanks again,

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Old 13th May 2003, 01:08
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Hey airplanetalk . That extra 15% is a great deal eh?

Tell you what, come and live in the UK, get paid the extra....

and then pay 40% income tax plus National Insurance.

Be keen to see how long you stay.

Why do you think all the Brits are talking about moving elsewhere?

Apologies for hijacking the thread Will
Old 14th May 2003, 15:53
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uk C550 (couple of years ago)

Fo bout 22,000 stg year plus ?0540 day
Capt 35,000 stg plus 40 day
4 weeks leave. supposed to be 5 and 2 but did bout 280 days total. so sometimes 10 and 2 sometimes do a day sit in hotel for 2 weeks.
small pension , no health plan or other benefits.

good fun, nice people. too much time away.
Old 16th May 2003, 19:43
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15 % extra ( on the gross ) in the uk

flintstone I understand that the guys and girls had no choice in the matter. Whatever will the management do next !
You do chose where you live !

same apologies
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Old 16th May 2003, 21:01
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Interesting question, Will.

However, we're seeing more and more 'Freelance' per day rates.

The question then is, what will people charge on a daily rate, and that appears to be market driven.

It is very interesting to see the difference in expectations between similarly skilled individuals!... depends on how hungry they are!!!

Be interesting to see what peoples views are on that!

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Old 16th May 2003, 23:12
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Larger Biz Jet's (Gulfstreams, Falcon, Challengers)

Command 70-100K
Co-Jo 25-55K
Hosty 25 Upwards

Freelance 350-600 per day
If you are at the lower end of that there will usually be some kind of per diem too.

All figures are very approx and many fall outside the parameters on the low and top end depending on how good the company is.
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