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Gulfstream G550

Old 11th May 2020, 23:07
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Gulfstream G550

Hi All,

I have done a search online and in here and cant find anything. I am looking for the performance sections to do some flight planning. If anyone has the manuals for the G550 I would greatly appreciate a copy.

I have an owner looking to upgrade and their longest flight will be between Hong Kong and Switzerland. We will be flying around 300-350 hours per year but only with 1-3 pax. Need a reliable aircraft with a long range. Budget is sufficient but tight, so looking for a 10 year old airframe. I am leaning towards the G550. Any tips?

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Old 12th May 2020, 00:19
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Obviously in a single leg?

I don't have any definitive data but it might be tight. Hopefully not flying out of LSGK?

I'm sure the manufacturer would be more than happy to help!?
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Old 12th May 2020, 08:28
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Isn’t that over 1000nm under its advertised max range? Assuming it’s single engine capability is fine for the hills on that route, or suitable drift down planning is made, wouldn’t a 550 do that at high speed quite easily?
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Old 12th May 2020, 12:41
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Only with no wind. Today has 30 knot headwind component, so that easily knocks the ground range down to pretty much the limit.

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Old 12th May 2020, 14:45
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Have a look at this possible routing: Skyvector VHHH-LSZH

That's 5,278 NM - the G550 cannot do this direct?
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Old 13th May 2020, 09:34
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Firstly, thanks for the PMs from some professional aviators with good info. It was good to hear some real world experiences.

I don’t want to go to the manufacturers as we are looking at used.

The actual routing will be more like 5600-5800 nm. I have been looking every few days and the wind has been between 30-50knots headwind northbound.

From my research - without having actual perf data, but only advertised LRC speed and range info, it llooks like the G550 will make it and carry a good alternate. The BD700 XRS looks like it can’t quite make it reliably.

Does anyone have a G550 manual I can use to load the performance data into our flight planner?

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Old 14th May 2020, 13:00
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The G550 has a range of 6,750nm. How could it not, even with a headwind, make 5,800nm? I have been operating Gulfstreams for 20 years. Everything from the G2 - G650ER, Gulfstream is realistic about their range and is a very reliable aircraft.
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Old 16th May 2020, 03:02
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Ahhhhh yes the paper numbers are always brilliant.
I tend to agree thatís where we should start and have a look, but we need to get real.
Your route will be through China and hence lies the problem. The assumption that you will get what you want. Last time I went through there I sat 650nm at 23000 feet (give or take a 100🤷‍♂️) point is always plan for the worst.
I ran it through Arinc for you and yes you can do it at current winds and get to the other end with a healthy reserve (kids fuel included) but I reiterate thatís as long as the gentleman on the other end of the radio plays ball.

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Old 18th May 2020, 11:38
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Thanks a lot everyone.
on a side note, I am seeing a lot of demand for biz jets now from people who could afford it in the past, but didn’t see the value before now. Things are starting to heat up where I am. I hope we see some recovery soon.
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Old 21st May 2020, 04:44
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Summer winds, 100%. Winter winds, 90%, just choose the route over Russia north or south to avoid the worst. G550 book numbers are accurate.
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Old 21st May 2020, 06:36
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Done that routing many times.. even regularly made Barcalona.. G550 will make that no worries and the low level over China is always negotiable with the right politeness and planning.. they offset you 10 miles sometimes. If you get stuck low for 500 miles you are doing something wrong in my experience.
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