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VHHH Parking

Old 10th Sep 2015, 16:27
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VHHH Parking

We're planning trip to Hong Kong later in September and haven't had any luck getting overnight parking confirmed with HKBAC. We're going to be at max duty day and I really don't want to reposition to Macau. I've been to VHHH a handful of times and this is always one of the biggest frustrations.

From what I can tell, it's a catch 22 for parking.... Sorry, no parking available until you have a landing slot. Can I have a landing slot? Sorry, not until you have parking confirmed.

Any operators able to shed some light on how we can get parking for a Global?


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Old 11th Sep 2015, 13:20
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Even Bill Gates' Global was denied access...

HK risks losing out as airport fails to serve executive jet needs, industry warns | South China Morning Post

Things are moving:
Three Runway System - Hong Kong International Airport
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Old 11th Sep 2015, 13:47
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Parking is a nightmare at VHHH. The "system" is a dog's breakfast and should be a significant embarrassment to a "business hub" like Hong Kong.
I've had the same problem, there is no one who takes responsibility for it. You need to know someone with hangar space.
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Old 11th Sep 2015, 14:35
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Yup, you're screwed.

I was just there last weekend... My advice is to try to bribe someone at HKBAC. If they won't repo you to the airport outback (under your own power), you have to fly to Macau, which can be a 45 minute trip under the right conditions... (Think BOS to TEB). Mainland is a bad idea, Macau a little better.

If I got to choose, I'd rather fly an hour and be in Da Nang or Hanoi, seriously.

I think that the duty day argument may buy you a day, but I'm not sure.

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Old 14th Sep 2015, 13:24
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Whsikey 55, I just sent you a message. I am able to help you with VHHH.
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Old 14th Sep 2015, 17:04
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VHHH Parking

You could try calling HAECO and see if they have temp parking on a mx stand.
Ask Universal or Jet Aviation HK to help.
Macau also has limited parking. Other options are Shenzhen or Manila etc.
Keep trying, as slots come up at the last minute.
If you get a landing slot and then have to stay due to mx..
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Old 15th Sep 2015, 04:58
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Tell the boss you can get him in but will have to go elsewhere...... my advice is Clark for a few days..... don't plan on much rest though
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Old 16th Sep 2015, 04:03
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ask of maintenance in HK and you'll get it. An FMS update should you cost less than a repo to Macao.
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Old 16th Sep 2015, 15:42
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... mgTF for the win!
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Old 17th Sep 2015, 18:31
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RCKH also viable, provided they get notice for permit.
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