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Old 9th Feb 2015, 11:59
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I see Vistajet currently have vacancies for TR captains on both Global Express and the Challenger 350. Does anybody know whether they are willing to hire non type rated with a suitable bond? I sincerely hope to get in to this company in the not too distant future. Seems like a great place to work.
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Old 9th Feb 2015, 16:49
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Just buy yourself a type rating, then you will be type-rated, then you could apply...I would think that either :

you call them and ask.

you call them and tell them that they should change their advertisement adding non-type-rated captains.

Then you future will be considerably closer.. no ?
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Old 9th Feb 2015, 17:55
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I applied with a BD700 rating and a few hundred hours command and got a PFO.
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Old 10th Feb 2015, 03:50
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Of the current 350 fleet - 5 were hired with TRs. Rest have a 3-year, linear bond.

So buying a TR - as in other sectors of aviation - is far from guaranteeing you'll get in. If management deem you wont fit - you'll get the PFO. Turned down 16k hrs guys with 1k hrs on type...
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Old 10th Feb 2015, 12:24
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Empty Cruise / GlenQuagmire, thanks for the info, CL 300 can keep his useless crap to himself. We all know that what a company advertises for and will actually accept can be 2 different things and there's no harm asking for the inside info.
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Old 10th Feb 2015, 12:30
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PFO? The fact you had any response from an application does speak volumes for VJ, as most cant even be bothered.
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Old 10th Feb 2015, 13:27
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you shall know the industry better, either it is a small department and everyone is covering at least two bases, plus flying; and you can anticipate delays or no responses.

From Vista , it is like Netjets, a bunch of secretaries and an automated email response.

Whoever joined Vista, it is their own profile that was chosen, would it be because they knew someone from inside or whatever, it does not matter, if Vista publicize a job offer for TR captain, it is for a good reason, and if you want more info , you buy yourself a ticket to Malta, or take your phone, or whatever.
ho wait may be they put this od up because they were actually in need of FA ?

Did you get a positive info on your question ? nope, some people got their TR included with the purchase of the plane, the others get bonded for it...May be these guys applied for the GLEX ? who knows ? At the end of the day, PFO or not, I hope that you land your wonderful dream job at Vista in a very short period of time ( TR or not).
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Old 10th Feb 2015, 15:54
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Current contract

Somebody who knows what the current contract says?
Salary +add-ons, vacation, etc. If you are rated, how many years before you can apply for different type?

PM or post here


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Old 25th Feb 2015, 23:06
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The payscale on ppjn (VistaJet pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools) is as follows

Capt top Fleet specific: LR60 80k/yr. CL604/5 and CL850 90k/yr. GLEX 100k/yr. 4/Nov/11
Capt base Fleet specific: LR60 62k/yr. CL604/5 and CL850 72k/yr. GLEX 82k/yr.
FO top Fleet specific: LR60 46k/yr. CL604/5 and CL850 49k/yr. GLEX 52k/yr. 4/Nov/11
FO base Fleet specific: LR60 36k/yr. CL604/5 and CL850 39k/yr. GlobalXRS 42k/yr.

But as said this is from nov 2011, so I'm not sure if this is still valid.

It also says 17/13 as a schedule, not sure if this is valid either.

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Old 26th Feb 2015, 10:17
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If those figures are GBP, then they are pretty poor... if they are EUR then they are disgraceful!

Wonder if current salaries are any different....I doubt it.
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The could also be USD in which case Im going to start a Mac Donald's.

I guess they are EUR since in 2011 Vista was not a big global player yet, I howe also they increased the salaries since they became a global player
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EUR they were, at least in early 2013. And those figures were confirmed during their recruitment venues, so...your call I guess.

A former colleague and recent joiner on the GLEX's fleet was impressed with the level of organisation and the smoothness of the indoctrination process in Malta.

I can't argue with the salary but there is much worse out there, trust me!

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Old 26th Feb 2015, 14:51
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Does anyone know what their FA salary is?

Not that they hire men, but I am just interested.
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Old 4th May 2015, 19:36
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What's the latest on hiring at VJ? For the latest recruits on the Global and CL350s, what has been the typical background in terms of experience and ratings? Appreciate any update.

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Old 6th May 2015, 11:04
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Anyone know the routes flown by a Global FO new to the company?
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Old 6th May 2015, 11:41
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From wherever the client is, to wherever they want to go. It's called a Global Express for a reason!
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TS: they might do, for some religious types / husbands with jealous wives etc.

I have a friend that got hired on the CL605 with Vista a couple of years ago. I think he was/is bonded.
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Old 17th May 2015, 21:51
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Their recruitment drive is open again, all fleets.

Looking for Capts as well as FOs, it has type-rated stamped all over but I know for a fact that in the past that was not always the case. I wonder whether they will stick on their guns this time...

Perhaps RedTree could give us a clue...

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Old 18th May 2015, 19:20
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I read that even the CL350 has a flight attendant (unlike Netjets Europe for an aircraft of that size).

Is the PPJN info current or wildly out of date in terms of salary and schedule:

VistaJet pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools

And how soon will we see the geriatric CL850s leave? I realise they are relative cheap with a lot of cabin space but their performance has got to be anemic in the summer.

Cheers for any update!
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Old 18th May 2015, 23:09
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CL350 is 80k euros for captain plus 30 euros per diem ....

Good luck with that!

I get more than that in the RHS of a CL30 and work MUCH less than Vista do.
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