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Pilatus PC-24

Old 17th Oct 2013, 11:13
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Pilatus PC-24

Pilatusís first business jet, the PC-24, is set to make its US debut on 22-24 October at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition in Las Vegas.

The Swiss airframer unveiled a mock-up of the superlight aircraft to great fanfare in May at the EBACE show in Geneva, Switzerland. It will be hoping to garner a similar response to the six-seat twin from prospective US owners. The $9 million aircraft is branded by Pilatus as a "super versatile jet" due to its large cargo door and ability to operate from unpaved runways and grass strips.

The first Williams FJ44-4A-powered PC-24 is currently under construction at Pilatus's headquarters in Stans, and is scheduled to make its first flight in late 2014. Three aircraft will be used in the flight test programme.

Certification and first deliveries are scheduled for 2017. Pilatus says it will open the PC-24's orderbook at EBACE next May, when the aircraft's launch customer will also be revealed.

Pilatus PC-24 to make US debut
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Old 21st Oct 2013, 21:00
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I'm not a big fan of the PC-12, but this new jet looks good and has some interesting features that might make this a great jet for outback flying as well as good European biz jet.

I'm looking forward to the final specs.

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Old 22nd Oct 2013, 01:51
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The PC-12 is a great aeroplane, versatile, tough, and not-too-many $$$'s for what it does and can do.
It is on my bucket list if I ever win the lottery.
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Old 22nd Oct 2013, 04:54
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Lots of room for your baggage, not enough room if you'd like to use the bathroom. Pity those in the cabin if someone has to perform a "number two" with the fold away doors revealing all.
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Old 14th Nov 2013, 21:18
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PC24 cockpit
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Old 14th Nov 2013, 23:01
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i have to say that i'm really interested in this jet. But my biggest bug bare is the toilet, in my mind most people who would buy this jet are owner pilots rather than SME's so a good toilet is essential, you don't want little johnny getting short 2 hours in to the flight and a poorly designed toilet causes so much problems, so why is it so hard to build a light jet with a good toilet.

If the toilet is good then this will be the best jet for owner pilots.

i love the flight deck images, nice clean well laid out design, the jet looks good, could do with a little bit more sweep on the wings to allow a higher top speed, why cant we have a 525kt light jet, i know it would compromise the ability for rough TO&L, but come on 425kt is ok, but there can be more done.

The cargo door is excellent i can see that being a platform for air drops. another use would be an entry way for a wheelchair passenger.

Last thing would be good is out of the box flight manuals based on a tablet, we are in the 21st century why do we need to use paper for all the checklists and what not, the technology is stable and reliable why not use it.

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Old 15th Nov 2013, 08:24
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If the toilet is good then this will be the best jet for owner pilots.
I have to disagree here. Most owner/pilots I know don't like the aircraft toilet being used full stop, certainly no no.2's! The Falcon 2000 parked next door to our jet is a prime example - the owner (who is also co-captain) wont let pax use the toilet unless in an emergency. He even does not offer them coffee on board so they wont have to answer the call of nature. The average flight duration they operate is probably 4.5 hours.

Whether this is from a cabin cleanliness point of view or just to avoid paying for a toilet service who knows...
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Old 15th Nov 2013, 17:34
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Phew (holds ones nose), what a smelly conversation!

So what's the consensus on the PC24, does she seem to have a chance of success or, as some have suggested (including Flight International), is the light biz jet market already saturated?
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 05:21
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What a great way to travel, 4.5 hours without a drink and no toilet to make sure you retain your house training.

Ryanair sound pretty good.
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 06:04
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That's the most ridiculous anecdote I've heard for a while. It's his trainset, and obviously his choice. But someone who has rules like that has some serious issues!!!

The toilet is among first thing a lot of prospects look at. Especially the ladies in the group. I have seen the TBM dismissed on this basis a few times.
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 06:14
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Believe me, it's no fun. I've even heard of crews going back and using a bottle instead of the toilet.
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