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Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Biz Jets, Ag Flying, GA etc. The place for discussion of issues related to corporate, Ag and GA aviation. If you're a professional pilot and don't fly for the airlines then try here.

Looking for work Thread "NEW"

Old 7th Nov 2014, 10:14
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Post BD700 - Global Xpress, XRS or 5000

I am also looking for a new VVIP operator or aircraft owner and offer:

3000+ hrs total
1200+ hrs PIC (commercial single pilot SEP+MEP)
500 + hrs turboprop commuter
1200+ hrs Jet F.O. on BD700 (now current until Oct 2015)

Unrestricted EASA ATPL
Current Visa: USA, Russian Fed., Kazakstan, India, China

for permanent, freelance or commuting contracting position (current base: Munich Int. i.e. EDDM)

Please send me a PM, any hints or tips also welcome !

Many thanks and happy landings.
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Old 7th Nov 2014, 12:23
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BE20 pilot looking for new opportunities

King Air pilot,
UK EASA licence, Frozen ATPL
+2450hrs total
+1600hrs as PIC
+1300hrs as FI
type rated BE20 SPO/MPO +650hrs on type

looking for a new challenge, new type rating and relocation welcome.

thanks for reading and happy landings.

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Old 8th Nov 2014, 08:40
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New Challenge Required.....


And Thank You in Advance for Reading...!

Highly Experienced B777, B767, B737, B727 Pilot looking to Get back into Corporate/Private Operation.
EASA ATPL. Total Time 9000 Hours, mainly heavy Jet.
Experienced In World Wide Operations, War Zone and Polar ETOPS.
I have been Based in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Euro Asia, Asia, Russia and USA. I am a former Aircraft Mechanic.
Ideally Looking to relocate to London area or any UK, Europe Positions on any Corporate/Private/VVIP Jet, really any Type will do, because I will require a new Type Rating specific.
I am Very adaptable, flexible and Resilient.

Thank you in advance for your Private Message Response.....!

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Old 17th Nov 2014, 05:20
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Transition from Commercial Airliners to Corporate Jets

I am highly motivated to make a transition from commercial airliners to corporate jets.

Looking for a FO job preferably in Europe.
Challenger850 position or a new type rating would be welcomed.

TT 1600h
Jet 1430h (CRJ900&1000)
PIC 250h
Been based in: Europe, SE Asia

Currect rating - CL65
First Class Medical
ICAO English level 5
EU passport

Feel free to contact me via PM for full details. Happy to receive any feedback!

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Old 23rd Nov 2014, 15:34
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Keen to try Corporate

Class one medical
4500 Hours Total
3800 Hours B737 Classic to NG
Experience of Low cost, charter, scheduled and Freight.
Lots of life experience, very adaptable and enjoys new challenges, keen to get into Corporate world. Anything considered, Temporary, full or Part time.
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Old 25th Nov 2014, 09:35
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Looking for opportunities!

EASA CPL (frozen ATPL)
RA390/Premier I/IA MP/SP PIC IR
TT: ~1000 hrs
RA390/Premier 1 F/O: ~500 hrs - current on type
CRM/FF/DGR/Sec all current.
A few ferry/delivery flights

Worked as an IT-Consultant since 2006, CEO and charter sales manager as well.

For permanent, freelance, part-time or commuting contracting position.

PM me if interested
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Old 26th Nov 2014, 18:29
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Ex-mil looking for opportunities


Ex-Air force pilot looking for new opportunities. Over a decade of experience of winter ops and adverse weather.

Bae Jetstream 31/32 type rating
English LP 6
Medical Class I
1045 Pilot-in-command
990 Bae Jetstream 31/32 (FAR25/CS25)
1485 IFR
520 SET
190 Bae Hawk mk51

Safety is paramount in my flying.
Willing to relocate for the right offer.

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Old 2nd Dec 2014, 08:22
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Citation 525 job

Greetings fellow aviatiors!

Worked previously as a Citation 525 CJ Copilot in America, with now the type rating endorsed on my EASA license.

Total Flight Time 858 hours
C525 time 44 hours
Beechcraft 1900 485 hours

Looking now for a C525 FO position, also willing to purchase a new type rating on request from the operator.

Best of luck to all!

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Old 2nd Dec 2014, 09:23
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Looking now for a C525 FO position, also willing to purchase a new type rating on request from the operator.
Go join an Irish airline then. Scab.
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Old 3rd Dec 2014, 13:06
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Experienced Falcon 2000EASy pilot available.

Hi all,
I have recently returned to the UK from working abroad (now living in the South Midlands).
Looking for rotational work or freelance, ready to work.
FAA and EASA ATPL 12,000+ TT (all corporate - not airline)
I am current on the Falcon 2000EASy with recent LPC and 61:58 (1,100 hrs P1 Chief Pilot)
Recent experience on Falcon 50EX/900EX (1,500hrs P1 Chief Pilot and aircraft manager LPC expired Mar '12)
I also have recent experience on the Citation XLS (2,000+ hrs P1 LPC expired January this year)
Considerable experience with flight department and aircraft management.
Any leads would be much appreciated.

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Old 12th Dec 2014, 07:39
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Very current 2000 EASy SIC with c. 300 on type, about 100 as PIC.
C550 SIC with c 1500 on type about 1300 as PIC
LR60, LR-JT, C650, Falcon 50 SIC.

Total time 5300, PIC time 4200, jet time 2500, jet PIC 1500.


FAA, pleasantly unambitious 57 year old English male.
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Old 16th Dec 2014, 18:41
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Freelancer the United Kingdom

Looking for part time job/oportunity to fly.

Based in The United Kingdom, available now.

JAA/EASA CPL(H) R22, R44, Cabri G2.

190 hrs total, 100 hrs PIC.

Please, let me know about any chance to get in the air... I just want to fly...

Thank you, Frank

07985 436 077
[email protected]
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Old 18th Dec 2014, 09:07
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Professional F/A Available For Freelance

Extremely presentable & highly professional British Female Flight Attendant available for freelance duties / short contract cover.

* RUSSIAN crew visa
* USA crew visa
* Attestation
* SEP Exams all current
* Medaire / Tempus trained
* Experienced on most corporate jets
* Russian & Middle East experience

Centrally located so available at short notice if required.

Please PM me.

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Old 20th Dec 2014, 20:14
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Legacy Captain

significant worldwide experience, Russian and American visas

8 years corporate, 8000 hours, 5000 on type.

Open to any offers, full or part time, one off, job share.....whatever, wherever.

No ties.
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Old 5th Jan 2015, 18:33
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Looking for a job...

Good day to you all,

I am looking for a full time / part time / ad-hoc flying position as First Officer / Safety pilot.

- EASA "Frozen" ATPL (CPL/ME/IR + MCC and JOC) with 298TT.
- Class 1 Medical
- Unrestricted EU/EEA passport
- Full UK Drivers license (Cat: A,B and D)
- 2 years previous work experience within the private aviation sector.
- Professional attitude and good sense of humour.

I do not hold a type rating therefore focusing on PA46,PC12,BE200,etc...

Thanks and please PM.

Happy New Year to all of you!
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Old 7th Jan 2015, 13:49
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Hawker 125 (PL21) and C525 Series Captain

UK based EASA ATPL, 15750 hrs total, 10500+ on jets. Recent FSI recurrent on both types.

Looking for freelance, permanent or contract work. References available.
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Old 7th Jan 2015, 14:26
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Experienced F/O looking for freelance/contract/permanent

2300 Hours experience on Hawker800/850/900XP, Citation V and CJ2+.
ProLine 21, Universal, Honeywell.
Current on Hawker & CJ2+.
Current Non Tech courses
Class 1 Medical
MedAire Training

Operational experience: Charter/VIP Owner/Air Ambulance throughout Europe, Russia, China, SE Asia, Middle East, Africa and Indian Ocean Destinations with significant experience operating in and out of the less desirable regions of the world where people carry Kalashnikov rifles as their weapon of choice. Extensive Ocean crossings including the North Atlantic.

Friendly and professional to fly with. Keen to fly with a professional crew who enjoy a bit of down route banter but just as happy doing my own thing if you're that way inclined.

Expect a salary in line with experience and a rotation of 2weeks/2 weeks. Possibly flexible on this and will also relocate if needed for the right job.

PM me for more info!!
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Old 12th Jan 2015, 08:57
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Actively looking for a new role

I have always had a passion for flying and travel. I'm looking for new opportunities in the industry.
I am immediately available as freelancer, or rotation on/off would be desiderable such as 15/15 or 3 weeks on and 3 off, i could consider to relocate in Europe, USA crew Visa still valid, for further details please PM
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Old 15th Jan 2015, 10:18
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Ex Airline Looking for Corporate Work


Was offered a position on a CL604, quit airline job, took type rating, job disappeared. Not fun but interesting lesson.

Class 1
US Crew Visa
5000TT (Mostly turboprop LHS for UK regional)
CL604 & 605 rated and within 90 days currency.

UK based, will work anywhere.

Skint, mortgaged to the hilt and quite realistic.



Now with a couple of months on the 605. Transatlantic and US Experience. A job that pays on time would be real nice though... Still looking

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Old 22nd Jan 2015, 20:52
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Looking for a job

Hi all,

Looking for a chance to go into corporate after many years in the airlines...


PIC 1100 ATR72-500
FO 5500 ATR42/72
Also TRI on the ATR

Total time 7000

Got the type rating on the A320 as a captain in order to get into an airline that the type was a requirement (first get the job and not the rating!!!), but they decided to get contractors now and i lost the job. I am 40 years old.

I would prefer europe area, but rest of the world is also considered.

Drop me a pm if you know something....

Thanks in advance

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