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WHILST ITS QUIET what do people do in the spare time??

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WHILST ITS QUIET what do people do in the spare time??

Old 10th Feb 2009, 18:44
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Wasting time wasters time

I do something similar if I get cold callers on the phone, asking if I want a new mobile phone, insurance, won a trip to Disneyland etc.
I try to see how long I can keep them on the phone or see how outrageous a discount I could get by lying about other offers etc.
My favourite is to tell them the door bell has just gone and to hold on, put them on speaker and go make a cup of coffee, then every now and them tell them you will be there in a bit standby..
About 30mins is the best I have done.
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 18:47
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Have you noticed that it always seems to be feast or famine when it comes to GA flying......either you never get any time off, or you get far too much time at home.
The other problem is that the less you do, the less you want to do. It's a total pain, after you have been at home for a couple of weeks, when ops. have the temerity to call you in for a flight just after you have made plans to play golf/ accepted a dinner invitation/ arranged a hot date/ gone fishin' etc.
I reckon I am ready to do a degree in Sudoku now, and I'd be a good "call a friend" on "Who wants to be a millionaire"!
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 23:20
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Spare time - beat the bookie!!

If you have any spare time at the moment, why not fill it with something that is guaranteed to make some money - even in a depression?

Now I fully appreciate that there will be many out there who will poo poo such a proposition, but just as there is a good living to be made by professionals who "arbitrage" in the currency exchanges, the exact same principle can be applied to any market - especially betting makets.

Without expanding into the complexities of the principle, the internet offers a wide choice of betting opportunities - horses, soccer, football, rugby etc etc. There are many trustworthy internet betting companies offering odds at each event/game/race, but because there is competition among them they rarely offer the same odds on the same horse (for example), and because (most importantly) it is now possible to place LAY bets, anybody with the nouse to work it out may exploit the differences in pricing. All that is required is to BET and LAY at the same time, on the same event, but (most impotantly) not with the same bookie - and ONLY if the difference between the LAY and BET shows a guaranteed win.

So why, I am sure you are asking, does everyone not do it? There are three difficulties, the first is that it is time consuming - hence the reason for posting. Next, due to competition, pricing differences are not only generally tight, but when exploitable they are quite small - this means they take work to find (several hours on the internet), and to exploit they require bets of a reasonable size. The latter is NOT a problem because you cannot lose, but it does require that you deposit a reasonable sum with your betting agent ( I keep circa $1,000 with each - about ten accounts). The final tricky part is that you need to be reasonably fast with calculations - and most importantly know the fomulae to apply for each potential opportunity to see whether it exists or not - and then you must calculate exactly the ammount to BET and at the same time the exact ammount to LAY. (You bet and lay on the same event every time - whatever the outcome you WIN)

Rather long winded I know, and I'm beginning to wish I hadn't started, but if any of the non doubters would like to know more, feel free to ask. Please though, if you want to poo poo the idea, don't be too rude - it WILL come back to bite you!!
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Old 13th Feb 2009, 14:33
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Hi Picmas,

I used the link 419baiter and subsequently couldn't detach myself from my laptop until 3am reading the exchange of e-mails and phone calls between the "419baiters" and the daughter/son/nice of the late president of Zambia/Nigeria to help to get 200 mio. USD out of the country...good stuff to kill time!
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Old 13th Feb 2009, 14:56
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All these ideas are great (although that 'small fry' one was slightly long winded for my patience), but are there any ideas that can actually produce even a small second income without a commitment such as having to work for someone?

How easy is it to for example, host a website with the intention of earning something from the advertising? Any ideas apart from a secure internet connection when on the line flying?

I've been delving into my brain to come up with an idea but I don't seem to have the entrepreneurial pzazz to think of anything!

A course in cabinet making was an idea but I don't have a shed...or a garden for that matter, to make any cabinets in!
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Old 13th Feb 2009, 17:12
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Well I started a web site up and its doing rather well. Its a flight crew/cabin crew appointment site. Individuals send me their Cv's and I see if I can match them with employers. Not a huge amount of business around at the moment as I'm sure your all well aware but there is some and its quite surprising where it's coming from. Think the mods would give me a hiding if I posted the address here, but if you want the details pm me. Obviously no promises, but it doesn't cost anything to send me your CV in, in any case.
Got so busy last year at one point I nearly stopped flying!

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Old 17th Feb 2009, 18:52
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A friend gave me as birthday present this book:

101 things to do before you die.
by Richard Horne

Most of it is rubbish and not likely to happen in my lifetime, but it has some very original ideas to pass your spare time.

my favourite? number 74 : Learn to fly a plane..........*check*

If nothing else, it has kept me amused in the loo for several days
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Old 18th Feb 2009, 17:17
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You make things Like this for a friend!!

Last edited by Mzee; 18th Feb 2009 at 17:20. Reason: Pic problem!
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Old 18th Feb 2009, 17:40
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Can you teach me how to do that please? I'm willing to learn!!!
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Old 18th Feb 2009, 18:13
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Glad to see I am not the only one still scratching my head (and ass) here...

However, at least I still have a job (at the moment).... When I started this subject, it was quite a few months back. Times were becoming a little difficult then but since the date I started this topic, there have been many companies going under and subsequently loads of pilots of whom are now unemployed. So I really do feel lucky to be working now, really lucky. I am so sorry if I have offended anyone who is reading this that is out of work and struggling to pay bills. I wish I could think of a way, other than start my own airline, of helping you guys out.

Times are tough now and sometimes I guess, you just have to appreciate what you have.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 17:35
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No need to apologise, chief! I thought this was a very interesting thread and it can be quite a challenge if you have (too) much spare time available. I agree with you, however, that one should appreciate to have a pilot job in those days. I hope this thread continues and that others will share their experiences.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 17:58
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agree !!!

Love this thread!

One of the few where there hasnt been any thrashing each other and one of the questions that realy make sense!

Let me tell you, until a week ago I also had this problem. The less I was up in the air the more anoyed I was that when I finaly found a way to enjoy my spare time crewcontrol always called me in for a flight!

Don't have this problem anymore as I just got the boot (and NO, it was not because I told them that they annoyed me - I didn't ;-) and therefore I am one of the unfortunate ones you where apologizing to... You realy don't need to! After all it is not your fault that things are a bit ruff right now and I still enjoy to see what people think beyond aviation!

Keep it coming guys/gals !!
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 18:12
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A little long-term this one but even if you're back to work in a few weeks once you put in the initial effort it will take minimal upkeep afterward and you'll still enjoy the benefits. Grow fruit and vegetables.

Spring approaches (in the northern hemisphere) and you can get a real jump on things by using your initiative and growing from seed indoors. Seed is cheap as anything and with some things you get so much in a pack you can swop with others. Grow-bags, boxes, even old tyres can be filled up and planted. Buy compost from your council recycling centre to save more money.

Homegrown beats supermarket rubbish by miles.

Freecycle.org*. Rather than throw perfectly serviceable household goods out people give them away. If you like you can smarten and fix things up, sell them on, make some cash. You won't get rich but it'll keep you busy. Lots of outdated computers, gardening stuff (see above), all sorts. I've renovated a few pieces of furniture, some bicycles and a garden climbing frame before donating them to a local charity that helps victims of domestic violence and sets them up in their own home. I've even seen a few cars given away so if you're mechanically minded..........

* Start on the homepage then search for your country or town.
Old 21st Feb 2009, 18:57
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godda talk to me (ex)boss

'checked that site out and unfortunately have no use for it as there is "shop" doing the exact same thing right next door to our appartement and I've allways been a fan of this line of thinking.

I'll talk to the company that employed me until now to post on that network - they have several aircraft they don't need anymore... I'd be watching with great amusement what they get offered in exchange ;-)

seeds? bikes? maybe swap for some GM shares?
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 11:43
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I really got into the whole vegetable patch craze...that Mr Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is my hero!

I bought a load of seeds but they ended up in my drawer! These ideas always seem great at the time, but once you have planted the seeds, then what do you do to pass the hours/days?

How about a goat or a pig?
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 13:44
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Search the internet for deals on fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 14:57
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Originally Posted by BizJetJockey
How about a goat or a pig?
We're still talking gardening, right? You're not about to drag this thread off on some perverse, fetish tangent are you?
Old 22nd Feb 2009, 15:37
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Ha!! Actually I kept pigs for quite some time, used to buy them from the market, fatten them up, make sure they ate just the right stuff (loads of apples),watered and kept healthy. Took them to the abatoir and then to the butchers and flogged them at my local pub. Started of with I'll have a couple of chops or a few ribs, after people had tasted it I used to get can I have 3 whole pigs next time, or 2 halves etc. Can't beat keeping pigs, great animals just don't get attached to them!!
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Old 22nd Feb 2009, 16:47
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How about a goat or a pig?
Just don't do like the chap that kept going back to the farm to buy 1 after another b'cos they were all dead after few hours. After the 10th comeback the farmer wondered "...Can you tell me what happens exactly...what you are doing...how they behave...?" And the guy replied "...Dunno dude, I mean...I put the compost...plant it in a sunny patch...give water...and they are stiff in few hrs!!!"

Bad joke, I know...

I am also one of the lucky one that has a job...a rock-solid 1 actually. And I am ashamed to say that I am "unhappy" for different reasons. Hope it turns better for EVERYONE and...SOON, VERY SOON!

Best luck to all!

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Old 23rd Feb 2009, 11:12
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Wow, how did we go from talking about the initial subject to Gardening???
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