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WHILST ITS QUIET what do people do in the spare time??

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WHILST ITS QUIET what do people do in the spare time??

Old 17th Oct 2008, 12:43
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I do a lot of reading regarding my aircraft but also I keep looking up things in my ATPL folders, anything from meteo, performance, air law etc. to keep my general knowledge about aviation up. There are also many useful links to discover in the various threads in PPRuNe.

Generally, I enjoy the vast quantity of days off...it can be frustrating though when scheduled flights (we can view booked flights on the ops homepage) are cancelled on a short notice. Those are the days off, I wouldn't really need...

People are also amazed when they ask me about my last/next flight and I tell them e.g. 2 weeks ago/(maybe) in two weeks.

A nice aspect of this lifestyle is though that sleeping in is not only confined to the weekends
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Old 17th Oct 2008, 14:56
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Like everybody,I try to be updated on my a/c,general knowledge,my family,D.I.Y,music in my band,and so on.
I woud love to restart playing golf,and aéroclub.
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Old 18th Oct 2008, 19:24
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youtube, and porn of course !
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Old 19th Oct 2008, 17:13
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Its the only way to kill all the time on stand by, and its cheaper than the pay tv!
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Old 19th Oct 2008, 22:07
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BBC World...I love it!!! Oh and CNN!!!
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 10:04
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I just look out of my window in Ukraine for that kind of entertainment!!!
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 11:50
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If you have had previous managerial experience you may be able to pass yourself off as a management consultant. There should be enough takers looking for any possible way out of watching their company make an exit down the proverbial plughole. In current climate you should consider at least a 50% up-front payment.

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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 23:28
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Cadet Forces

Join the Air Cadets.

Get into the minds of the NIMBYs of tomorrow (and their parents of today), encourage them into aviation and keep them off the streets.

As a Civilian Instructor, there is no concrete commitment - but no pay either. Go in to uniform and the minimum commitment is just 12 hours a month, with the opportunity to earn up to 28 days pay per year too.

Staff can gain various qualifications - from shooting and range management to adventure training, gliding instructing to PCV driving, and much more.

The Air Cadet Organisation Web Site
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 15:01
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Sounds like propaganda to me!
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 23:01
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Is propaganda propaganda if it doesn't come from an 'official source'?

Tell you what though, I was inspired enough by this thread last night to go out and buy a saxophone today - something I've been 'wishing' for years but doing nothing about.

Hopefully someone who's mastered the Sax or guitar will join me in the VRT soon!
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 14:52
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Marvelous...I'll be fluent in Russian at this rate!!! Won't be of any use though...Girlfriend always watching!!
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 15:36
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First of all, what a relief to find a thread that is not a mud slinging match!

Well, so far I have practically rebuilt the house, built a deck, dug out and poured a really cool concrete patio and installed a wood stove. Now I'm renewing my instructor's certificate just for fun. I have been learning French and Italian with a rosetta stone program. Both the guitar and fiddle have had the dust blown off of them too!

But the most amazing thing I have discovered recently is that MIT- as in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology- publishes virtually ALL of its course material on the web, FOR FREE!!!!

There are something like 1800 courses, everything from Science, Engineering, Economics, History, Languages, even their MBA program!

Check it out, here's the web address:

Free Online Course Materials | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare


I'm doing a Physics course at the moment, 36 lectures downloaded onto my iPod for not one penny! Plus all the lecture notes, exam questions (and answers), the LOT! Absolutely perfect for airline flights or hanging around in departure lounges.

You cant get an MBA or a degree this way, but it is GREAT FUN, and keeps the old brain ticking over.

I can only read Part A so many times......

Fly low and slow and be safe....
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Old 24th Oct 2008, 18:16
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I was session musician and a music producer before flying and couldn't wait to give it up to fly. A little time away from it made me really miss it, so with the 20 odd days a month I have off at the moment, I built a recording studio at home and started writing bits and pieces for film and TV. Now I class myself as being extremely lucky to have two dreams and to be following both. Seriouly boys and girls, lifes too short.......
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Old 27th Oct 2008, 12:50
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Time off...

This has to be one of the best threads I've seen in a while. The current financial state of affairs of the world is also causing people to look at income/lifestyle etc and make radical adjustments.

I really appreciate what's been written here. Life is indeed to short and we all need to make that move and so something whilst we have the chance.

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Old 27th Oct 2008, 13:04
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Here's one for you.

For the UK based people how about an MSc in Air Transport Management? Alright it's not free, about £9000 for the whole course over as long as five years, BUT (and I think I read this part correctly) you can undertake the first module to assess your suitability for the rest of the course for nothing.

By the time you've finished that you'll either be back to flying your @rse off so too busy to think about the rest or will be flying and accruing enough money to pay for the rest of the course.

Not sure what the deal is nowadays but you used to be able to pay in instalments.
Old 31st Oct 2008, 23:20
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Yeah, okay! Over the last decade or so I have spent thousands whats another £9000!?

Us Pilots have endless amounts of money stashed away, huh!

Anyway, In retrospect I felt right just wishing all the old crew of EBJ luck and just wanted to say sorry to hear what has happened to you all. Sometimes, we just don't know how lucky we are and I feel a little guilty starting this subject when I am fortunate to have a job. Life does really kick where it hurts at times. I suppose what has happend is a little reality check. The job of corporate aviation can be a little unbelievable at times. Fulfulliing our dreams and being paid to do it and as a bonus we occasionally get to sit by a pool in a 5* hotel knowing we are getting paid for it!!

As I said, I wish all the old crew of EBJ luck and really hope you get back to doing what you do best.

To the rest of the people who have replied, many thanks!! Some very amusing responses.
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Old 31st Oct 2008, 23:58
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Having a bad day chief?

Shame on me for sharing eh? Ah well, I'll know better next time.
Old 1st Nov 2008, 00:59
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Got laid off earlier this month. The quickest thing I could find was teaching English. At least I'm helping people improve their language skills.

If anyone knows of a King Air or Shorts job, please PM me.
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 17:25
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Location: United states of Europe
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Yeah, yeah, I know this is an old thread.
I found a rather entertaining way to pass some time in an (un)intelligent manner, while sitting stand by in the same hotel room for days.
All thats required is a laptop and internet access.

I have over time received tons of phishingmails such as "you won the Lottery!!!" or some distant relative died and left a large sum of money... everybody knows these mails.

I have recently been introduced to "scambaiting".
You make a phony email address with which to communicate with the scammers - to hide your identity. I am a Dutch national with a rather insulting name, these people, evidently, are not the brightest.

The sport is now to communicate with these crooks and see how far you can go.

There is a website dedicated to this discipline 419 BAITER | Scambaiting: Stringing-along 419 Scammers for my Amusement
(hope Im not out of line posting that)

I know, its childish, but one could argue that as long as these scammers waste their time on some bored pilot, they wont spend time cheating some poor gullible victim.

Have fun!


Uar DeTwot
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 18:30
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Nice way of spending time PicMas.

Doing jobhunting myself besides the normal newssearching on the net. Keeping up with regulations and courses.
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