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Unique Air Swansea

Old 10th Sep 2007, 10:24
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Fiintstone, PRICELESS!!!

Was going to ask you where you got those smilies but I was being thick and worked it out for myself eventually.

Steph welcome back, hope you had a good holiday.
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Old 10th Sep 2007, 16:59
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Uhoh, you found my other playground

No rules there, have fun but don't take it too seriously. I certainly don't
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Has g-wwiz come out of engine refit yet? Has it be sold ?
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Old 13th Sep 2007, 10:58
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G-WWIZ is still showing as cancelled by the CAA. Doesn't look like an application has been made to restore it to the register.
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I was offerd a job on a King Air out of Blackpool in April by this plonker, I was told thats where thier main base was going to be and that thier offices that they were having built would be ready for the end of April, strange thing was that when I spoke to Blackpool Airport Authority they had never heard of them.
I used to ring him each week to ask him when my job was starting just to hear the exexcuses he could come up with.
Now flying a Citation so MD

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Congratulations Steelman, on your proper job.

Blackpool is what they told us too, even came up with plans for their new jet centre, which, on the face of it, were architect drawn, although I can't remember the detail now. Makes me laugh to hear Blackpool Airport authority has never neard of them!

Flintstone, I will!
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word on the street -- citations LX reg...nice green ones apparantley

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Old 14th Sep 2007, 21:24
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Isn't modern medicine amazing?

I read here only a few days ago that this Mark Davies was in intensive care and yet today he was at the Crown Plaza hotel at Heathrow conducting interviews for Citation pilots*.

Apparently he's setting up as UIA in Farnborough. With him was a John Westwood (?) if that means anything to you ex-Unique people? Oh, and all recruitment will be via

Over to you chaps.

*At least one of whom, a German captain, didn't bother to show up.
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Could be this !

C550 (Citation II) Captains & First Officers - Europe
(ASAP)Immediate opportunity for Citation II Captains and First Officers based in Europe. Competitive package and attractive work schedule. Current type rating on C550 required.Apply now! Hide details
  • Current type rating C550 Citation II
  • Current on type
  • Captains: 2000h Total Time & 300h PIC on Type
  • FO: 100h Hours on Type
Competitive package you must pay for everything and ur bunchy cheque will be in the mail.

What does UIA stand for? Since its already an insurance company
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Old 15th Sep 2007, 00:03
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I've no idea what UIA stands for but based on what I've read here perhaps some variation on his other company names?

Urinary Infection Airlines?
Old 15th Sep 2007, 22:43
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John Westwood

Yeah, I heard the name. Never met the man though. He is MD's financial adviser. Ironic really.

UIA Unique International Air? Wonder what happened to M&M.

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Hard to believe he's at it again. The trail of devistation behind this person is hard to comprehend.

Have also heard of this John Westwood and believe he was indeed being introduced as MD's financial adviser, now he is being introduced as the latest (in a long line of) general managers.....or so I heard. Has he been paid? or is the promisary note of huge amounts of cash somewhere in the system of transfer being waved under noses.....again ! As for I presume to be a reputable organisation, I wounder if they know who they are premoting? Just a thought.

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Old 16th Sep 2007, 07:42
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Picture the scene……

This recruitment company find and source some good & qualified Citation rated people. Candidate goes for assessment with aeroprofessional is successful and gets offered the job(s). After 3 weeks of sitting round at Swansea drinking coffee with no sign of any aircraft, AOC, insurance or anything whatsoever and being verbally abused and threatened by MD he then fires them for being “unprofessional” or “not good enough” or any other half baked idea he dreamt up that day. Recruitment company won’t get their % cut as they haven’t provided a “suitable” candidate. MD then doesn’t get billed or invoiced for anything and messes around pilots and recruitment companies……….

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Old 16th Sep 2007, 11:56
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I think the glaring question here is, has anyone actually been sacked? Or is it the case that they are treated so badly that they leave of their own accord?

Now this is important because if you're dismissed, then there is the right of appeal and a proper investigation and tribunal by an impartial third party.

Anyone any knowlege of any dismissals or redundancy?

(The lack of any wages, proper working practice, roster, insurance, AOC and aircraft could have some bearing on the situation!)
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Old 16th Sep 2007, 11:59
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Even if people waked of their own accord if the conditions were as described in this thread I would say there might be grounds for a claim of constructive dismissal.
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If people had a Contract of Employment which had Terms and Conditions in it then possibly might have a case.

I doubt, however, if MD ever produced such a thing or if he did it was made up rubbish and not worth the paper it was written on........probably bog paper at that.

What concerns me now is that some good qualified people with families, bills to pay, mortgages etc etc may be working their notice period with a decent reputable company thinking that Unique has something to offer. Beware..........MD has nothing but lies....
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One can't go to a tribunal unless they have worked for a company for a minimum of 12 months, that they must have addressed the grievance directly with the employer and they have a time limit of 3 months from the date of resigning/firing in which they have to apply to a tribunal.
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I was advised by my solicitor that Unique Air would have great difficulty in taking their threats of legal action against me to court when they had not satisfied the basic term of the contract, which was to pay my wages. For a laugh (or an early night), the initial contract sent out is as follows, if you can be bothered to read it (I'm looking forward to their reinforcing the very last clause!):

Dear All
You must agree to all terms before we can issue your formal terms and conditions Please reply via email no later than 13/02/07 this is so we can issue your formal terms and conditions on 14/2/07 for information purposes the start date is 1st March 07 Apologies for the layout as its a copied and pasted document into email.


The following particulars constitute the written statement required to be given to you under section 1 of the employment act 1996 under the laws of England and Wales. This statement also complies with the National minimum wage regulations and the working time regulations. Any changes or amendments to your terms and conditions will be confirmed in writing within one month of them occurring.

JOB TITLE Your job title is pilot Notwithstanding this title you shall carry out such duties not inconsistent with the status implied by your job as we from time to time may reasonably require

Your place of work Your primary Place of work will be Unique House, Cardiff International Airport, Vale of Glamorgan Barry South Wales U.K
The company reserves the right to change your job location to ensure that the requirements of the company and its clients are met

Health and Safety Employees are expected to comply with their duties under section 7 of
Responsibilities the health & safety at work act at all times

To exercise reasonable care for health and safety of themselves and
others who maybe affected by their acts or omissions
To co-operate with the company, as far as maybe necessary to enable the company to carry out its legal duties in health and safety matters Not to intentionally or recklessly interfere with rules provided in the Interests of health and safety and welfare of the company

Disclosure of Any other employment other than carried out for Unique Air must be any other work disclosed to the personnel officer or ops manager

Salaries You will be paid monthly via bank transfer at the amount agreed between Yourself and the management

Overpayments Should you inadvertently be overpaid for any reason, you must immediately inform the accounts department. Failure to disclose
Any overpayment is considered a fundamental breach of contract
And may also be reported to the police. The total over payment will
normally be deducted from your next payment. In the event this will
Cause hardship arrangements may be made for the overpayment to
Be recovered over a longer period of time.

Expenses Out of pocket expenses incurred solely in connection with the company's
Business will be reimbursed provided prior authority has been obtained
from your manager or any director.VAT or tax receipts should be obtained in all cases.

Hours of work Your normal hours of work are 40 hrs per week, which are variable to
meet the requirements of the company. Should you be required to
Work nights the company will give you as much notice as possible.
You have agreed to work over the maximum 48 hour week when
requested by the management
Mon-Sun as per agreed weekly roster

Overtime You are required to work a reasonable amount of overtime, when requested to do so by the management

Sickness Payments for periods will be made in accordance with U.K statuary sick pay

Time keeping You must promptly attend work in accordance with your rotor

Company vehicle You may be given the use of a company pool car during working hours this is To be used for company business only, unless prior consent has been given By a company director. All company cars must be kept clean and tidy. All Cars must be driven in a respectful manner. All persons allowed to drive
must present their driving licence for inspection every six months.

Recreational During working hours employees should refrain from taking part in
Activities recreational activities that could result in damage to property or
personal injury

Searches The company operates a right to search policy, in which the company may
request permission to search a person or vehicle. The person has a right to refuse, but in doing so, may be detained for questioning by the police.

Smoking All offices aircraft and vehicles are non smoking

Pension The company operators a non-contributory stakeholder pension scheme

Dismissal If at any time you are guilty of any gross misconduct or act of dishonesty
Without notice whether or not in the course of your employment or you commit any wilful
breach of any terms of your employment your employment may be terminated
forthwith without notice or any payment in lieu of notice.

Duties You will observe and comply with all lawful and proper orders and directions
Which maybe given to you in connection with your employment and any standing Orders or other regulations for the time being in force at the time of your employment this includes regular trips to Africa and Libya which can not be refused for any reason by flight crew unless for safety reasons of crew or aircraft

Compassionate Compassionate leave is granted at management discretion

Personal Employees are responsible for their own personal property. The company will not Property accept responsibility for any loss which may occur.

Disclosure If you disclose any information, which in the view of the company
Of is prejudicial to the company or its directors disciplinary action will
Information result, this is subject to statutory rights and exceptions

Employers You shall NOT at any time during or post employment (except so far as Confidentiality necessary and proper in the course of your employment) disclose to any
person any information nor make or retain any documents or precedents
obtained by you whilst in your employment relating to the practice,
business dealings or affairs of your employers or their clients or as to
Any matters which may come to your knowledge by reason of your
as aforesaid
Due to the nature of business, information relating to it or its clients
Is held strictly confidential, this includes but is not limited to
Clients, cargo, routes, destinations and the origin of financiers
You will be required to sign confidentiality agreements and to break these agreements may result in legal action against you.

Restrictive After termination of your contract you shall not for any cause whatsoever
Covenant canvas, solicit or endeavour any business in a similar trade. For a period
of 1 year after termination of your contract you must not set up your
own business in a similar capacity to unique air within the u.k and
cannot approach company clients for a period of 3 years.

Data protection The company reserves the right to collect, store and process personal
data about the employee, insofar as it is relevant to your employment
and for six years thereafter. This includes the processing of sensitive
data for the purposes of monitoring the company's equal
opportunities programme.

1) All crew may be required to work nights weekends and bank holidays

2) All crew will be required to relocate to the bases of our choice

3) All crew will be required to wear full uniform at all times when on duty

4) All crew must be smart and presentable at all times

5) All crew must not disclose to any third party the client or cargo being carried

6) All crew are responsible for the interior cleaning of aircraft after every flight

7) Captains and first officers are responsible for all pre-flight aircraft checks

8) All crew are to report to the operations manager at the base they are working from

9) All crew are required to be available and within 45 mins of base when on standby

10) All logs must be filled in after every flight

11) Holiday entitlement is 20 days per annum pro-rata

12) Holidays must be requested 3 months in advance via holiday request form to Unique Air head office

13) Depending of type flown you may be required to be away 2-3 weeks at a time

14) Citation crew may be required to work a sliding roster

15) All crew is employed by Unique Air (no contract pilots)

16) If we provide a type rating you will be bonded 3-5 yrs depending on type

17) All crew are required to sign a training bond

18) Unique Air will pay for medical and licence revalidation after 12 months service

19) All Unique Air aircraft are flown 2 crew

20) All pilots are on 3 months probation from start of employment

21) All salaries are paid direct into your bank accounts

22) All staff will be provided with our disciplinary procedures

23) All out of pocket expenses will be paid on production of a valid receipt

24) Unique air will pay for 2 meals per day while away up to the value set by us

25) Under no circumstances will Unique air pay for alcohol (except for aircraft stocks)

26) All crew must be prepared to take random drug and alcohol tests

27) Any crew member on duty under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be instantly dismissed

28) Operations are responsible for renewing all jepp charts however, Captains are to check with ops for updates

29) All flight crew will be issued with a security pass which if lost must be reported immediately

30) Every 6 mths all pilots will undergo a flight assessment

31) All type rated crew will have re-currency training supplied by our contractors (flight safety)

32) Captains are responsible for the hand over of aircraft and paperwork between crews

33) All crew will be given pin numbers to access and download flight data from remote computers.

34) Unique air will supply 1 international mobile phone per aircraft, for company use only

35) Full and complete operations procedures will be given on commencement of contract

36) All positions are full time 40 hours per week

37) Any incident or accident must be reported immediately if this is not possible it must be within 24 hrs

38) All crew are responsible for passport validation however Unique Air will supply crew visas were required.

39) All crew must report any medical or license changes before operating aircraft and failure to do so will result in disciplinary action

40) We work as an open door company if any member of staff has a problem or grievance our door is always open for discussion.

41) Every 6 months after assessment there will be a chance for promotion to captain or different aircraft as defined by the chief pilot.

42) Every 12 months there will be a salary review

43) Any crew member that discloses information to any third party in relation to clients, cargo, routes, and destinations outside of the regulatory authorities is liable to legal action.

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Who on earth wrote that? Quite fond of threatening police involvement whoever they are.

Come to think of it you know the old theory that if you gave a room full of chimpanzees typewriters they would eventually (randomly) create the works of Shakespeare? I think that document would be the sort of thing they might discard as not good enough.
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Cibaria Finance

?????????? Seems to be the latest incarnation of where to send buisiness replies for the disposessed and those that are owed monies.

Not registered at company house. Anybody know anything about this firm?
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