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Any Single Pilot Citation Captains out there?

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Any Single Pilot Citation Captains out there?

Old 26th Mar 2007, 16:05
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Citation single pilot pay

Hey SSG,

I have some ideas for your single pilot pay quest. First, see how much it is saving the operator/owner in hotels, food, transportation, airfare, second pilot, etc. Then add a CII capatain salary (appropriate to your area-typically $60-80 K). That should drive it up towards $100,000.00 plus. That's what we've done.

By the way great info. on single pilot stuff and citation history! Also, thanks for the single pilot stats. It is certainly encouraging.
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Old 22nd Jun 2007, 04:40
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Well I tried that....

Negotiation 101

Biz owners get what they can, not the market or what's right If they paid retail they wouldn't be rich.

Took me 15 years to understand that....

They pay more if you have them over a barrel. I tend to get calls when the pilots are getting fired, take the planes on unauthorized trips, are drunks, cant pass school...all true stories by the way...

The single pilot thing is a pull because they save on the copilot, training, expenses ect, so its hard to get the boss to pony up extra, especialy when other pilots, oh so eager, and willing to come in cheap for the type, ect.

I find that they have a number, and that's what they want to pay, that's it..if they like you, you can bump them, if they like you, feel safe, and your leaving, they might bump you again...it just depends on the company...

The saving grace is that the pilot has to pass the single pilot ride. Pay might be better, but not Gulfstream pay, ect.
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Old 21st Aug 2007, 19:25
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SP ops

Thanks for the last..

I like the Encore too,

Good to hear the definative answer to whether Europe, I mean France accepts the single pilot jet exemption.


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Old 16th Nov 2013, 06:26
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First off, I've been lurking on this site for a long time ,and only recently joined. This thread is of particular interest. lets say one bought a C551 that is SP factory designed. Then lets say you do the Sierra Willams FJ44 mods and the fuel cell.. that adds some weight to the plane.... still single pilot ? I'd assume those new engines and the Sierra XR fuel cells are just STC added onto the original Airworthiness Certificate? Also lets say you upgraded the panels to all RVSM certified glass cockpit with new weather radar, improved a/p and the works on the best thats avail in glass panel gadgets that sierra offers.. like the L3 skywatch HP TCAS
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Old 16th Nov 2013, 17:35
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Kagamuga, which country allows the XL to be flown single-pilot? I've always thought that the FAA couldn't really defend their position to disallow it, as the XL is simply an Encore with a bigger fuselage, more thrust, and a 2-position stab that moves with flaps...but I guess they had to draw the line somewhere?
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 13:13
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Under FAA regs anything on the CE500 rating may be flown single pilot, providing that the pilot has the SP waiver. (Initial check ride in the aircraft, not sim, and renewed annually in the sim).

The 560 Encore is a CE500 type, but the 560 XL and XLS require separate ratings, just as do the C525's CJ1's2's etc.

My SP rating expired more than 10 years ago but I have flown all CE 500's as single pilot, including the Encore. However I have never heard of a single pilot waiver covering the 560 XL.

I wouldn't fly single pilot in any of these types now.
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Old 18th Nov 2013, 01:53
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Cessna did not ever achieve SP certification of the C56X (Excel) in any form..."option" or otherwise. While there was an attempt at SP certification...there are several early S/N Excels that do have the Landing Gear selector on the LH side like other SP certified Citations.
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Old 18th Nov 2013, 06:19
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The original intention was to make the Excel on the back of the CE-500 type rating group hence the flight deck commonality and the 560 model designation.
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Old 18th Nov 2013, 12:08
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Single Pilot

Many years ago I flew the Citation V single pilot for a private owner with business interests all over the US. He played a lot of golf with 2 of his friends so I was usually included to make a foursome. Got to play some amazing courses. My wife was invited on any trip that there was room, all expenses paid. His theory was "he kept me away from home enough on some trips so it was only fair that he repay her for my time away". We flew about 200 hours a year but quite a lot of overnights. Pay was above average (as it should have been because of only one pilot) and the benefits were great. Stayed in the same resorts as he did (if we wanted to) had dinner with him and his wife (if we wanted to). It was a great job, I would still be there had he not cut back on his schedule and put the aircraft up for sale.

As far as flying the plane single pilot, that was easy. The BE200 we had before that was more complicated and we flew that single pilot. If you had a problem, let the AP fly the aircraft while you run the checklist. If the AP failed the V was so easy to trim and hand fly that it was a nonissue. High density areas (ie the NE) with inclement weather would warrant putting a freelancer in the right seat for an extra set of eyes.

If you have any questions PM me and I will answer what I can. Like I said that was quite a few years ago.

BYW, 501 driver, we did operate in the Caribbean single pilot.
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Old 18th Nov 2013, 23:10
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For what its worth!

I operated a CE501 in the US for 3 years single pilot, flying over a 1000 hrs a year (of course Part 91), and we operated in and out of the Caribbean and S.A. with no problems.

This was in the mid 90's, so I am not sure how it is these days, nor do I want to know!!!
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Old 25th Nov 2013, 06:06
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I guess I'm just dumb but I've never been able to figure out why somebody would be willing to spend a million or more for an airplane equipped with two of everything under the sun and still be too cheap to put two pilots in the cockpit.

To each his own I guess. But, that's the kind of job I've always managed to avoid.
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Old 25th Nov 2013, 14:07
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That's what happens when the Boss is a want-a-be pilot. He says "I'll be the co-pilot" then he realizes its not so much fun flying hours on end in a greenhouse and then he gets up and goes to sit in the back! Then he never offers to sit up front again!

Thats how it happened to me at least!!!

But at 21 years old and building PIC Jet time, I wasn't complaining to much!
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Old 10th Dec 2015, 23:03
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560 Waiver

I operate the Citation 560 Ultra single pilot, is the waiver recognized by Mexico authorities?

Thank you, NV
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Old 29th Dec 2015, 22:35
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Contact the Mexican Aviation authority, and that way you will have the "real" answer not hearsay ................. so very simple!
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Old 30th Dec 2015, 23:32
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I operate the Citation 560 Ultra single pilot, is the waiver recognized by Mexico authorities?

Thank you, NV
If you read your waiver, you'll find that it states that it is only recognized by the FAA and for US operations only.

The Aviation Authority of another country MAY allow SP ops under your waiver, but you had better have it in writing by their legal authority. Otherwise, you may just find a differing opinion by someone in that country that will seize the aircraft. It's happened....

The waiver only being useful in the US is why we went with a "certified" SP aircraft rather than an Encore+.
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