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L1649A 6th Jun 2021 12:47

Propliner 2021
Has anyone any information on the publication of the Propliner 2021 Annual ? The website says it's to be published on April 28th. I've e-mailed them, but to date, have not heard anything.

G-APDK 6th Jun 2021 15:06

It is available now, if you have no luck with direct contacts try Air-Britain, I know they have stock. https://www.air-britain.co.uk/actboo...ublishers.html

L1649A 6th Jun 2021 15:14


Many thanks.

tubby linton 6th Jun 2021 16:30

Received my copy over a month ago and I am currently sat in the garden reading it.

washoutt 7th Jun 2021 09:26

Thanks for the tip, just ordered my copy.

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