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Self loading bear 2022-08-13 11:56:41

(Wikipost) Which Aerodrome Mk IV
Please observe the 24-hour rule (see below) Update of the database up to 13-08-2022 can be found in Post 1372 Page 69 Here are some "rules" for Which Aerodrome. These are based upon the original suggestions from the very first thread, and have a few additions. Also please be patient as when you are active, others may be asleep.
  • A historic picture of an aerodrome will be posted.
Newer pictures are allowed but the theme here is to compare/contrast old with new as well as identifying aerodromes which no longer exist.
  • The person who correctly identifies it will be declared the 'winner' by the original poster.
  • That winner shall either post another challenge or declare the floor open (Open House). Anyone may then post the next challenge.
  • If the winner of the challenge does not respond within 48 hours, to the notification of their success, an Open house can be declared when there is consensus between multiple other posters which are on-line.
  • (if you in know in advance that you will be able to follow up with an own challenge you can post your answer with "(Open House when proven correct)"
  • When the poster of a challenge does not respond within 48 hours of a posted answer, this poster can be declared winner if the answer is considered to be correct in a consensus of multiple other posters.
  • If Open House is declared, regular posters should not jump in immediately, but time should be given for those who are not great at naming the correct location as they may have some good images.
  • There will only be one challenge running at a time.
  • Try to use elderly photos and not too much Google Earth, Zoom Earth or any other online map pics.
  • Try to post images that are not already present on internet, as Google Image Search will find them if they are. Searching by using Google Image Search, or programms a-like, is ought not to be done.
  • Personal photos are acceptable as they show the aerodrome as it is now.
  • When confirming the correct location, the location and winner should be stated to negate any deletion of posts.
  • Please don't delete your posts, let everyone see your successes, failures and challenges.
  • Due to obsessive posters in the past, the web moderators have enforced the 24-hour rule:
Each challenge shall run at least 24-hours before a winner is declared by the original poster. This is to enable all Ppruners to search for the challenge and to contribute. This is not a competition, no points are assigned to the winner. Please be careful when posting your answer early, especially when you intend to declare Open House. Much other Ppruners are put-off if the answer is already given and you still have to wait till the initial 24-hours are over anyway. Anyone can edit this Wiki post provided they have been member of Pprune for 90 days and have minimum 90 posts. But please let's get consensus before changing and not go crazy. Last edited 03-01-2022 by Self loading bear Links: Which Aerodrome I Which Aerodrome II Which Aerodrome Mk III

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