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turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:08

1917 B&W aircraft images
A friends relative was one of the early stunt pilot Sophie (have forgotten last name)..back then, it was a group of women as the men were at war. There was a box of images so I have been scanning them.
Aletta Hegeman, Clara Livingston, and others that I dont recognize. There are landings on the beach in Carmel, and group trips to Hong Kong and China...
Group Picture in Peking, 1917 Sophie is the light haired woman on the back right....


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:09

Clara Livingston

turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:10

Trip across country Lake Tahoe, 1917

turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:10

At Carmel...she had flown from NY to SF!


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:11

landing at Carmel with Aletta Hegeman


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:12

Departing Carmel

turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:13

Image labelled "out the window"


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:15

Imaged labelled "ultra modern Boeing twin motor"! with Clara Livingston...

with Clara Livingston (aviator pants for sure!)

turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:16

Building the Carquinez bridge in SF....no bridges yet!
taken from a steamer

turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:17

on the way to SF!


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:19

Great Wall of China 1917! Notice parts not rebuilt yet!


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:21

Shanghai 1917


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:31

SF Bay Bridge under construction


turbidus 9th Feb 2021 14:32

the famous tree BEFORE being tunneled!


Quemerford 9th Feb 2021 14:33

Very interesting photos - thanks for posting. That 'out of the window' shot appears to be upside-down and I wish I could recall the type. Hopefully someone will come along...

treadigraph 9th Feb 2021 15:13

The out of the window shot - something that Greg Herrick has in his amazing collection perhaps?

Fabulous pics... :)

PAXboy 9th Feb 2021 20:29

The aircraft in Carmel is a ???

treadigraph 9th Feb 2021 20:38

Curtiss Jenny I think...

cockyjester 11th Feb 2021 07:19

I think its a Ford Tri Motor?

treadigraph 11th Feb 2021 09:15

The upside down pic is the Tri Motor cockyjester? I wondered about that but I didn't think they had that lovely pattern on the metal - engine turning is it called?

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