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Dave Hadfield 13th Jan 2019 22:46

Helmet-Cam, Spitfire Display, DH Vampire
I ran a helmet-cam for most of the 2018 season -- when I remember to turn it on... Here is a video I've edited of an airshow in St. Thomas ON last June, with commentary. There had been no time to gain an aerobatic accreditation, so I designed the show to display the Spitfire as well as possible while staying within 45 vertical and 75 bank limits. Later there is footage of formation passes with a DH Vampire.

This is the only flying Spitfire, and Vampire, in Canada.

After this show I spent the rest of the summer in the aeroplane, flying to Comox BC and back, a trip of over 5000 miles.


pithblot 13th Jan 2019 23:58

What a pleasure to watch. Thank you.

Burt007 14th Jan 2019 07:23

Thank you so much for sharing. You took the viewer on the complete journey.

Terry McCassey 14th Jan 2019 15:59

Great stuff Dave, thanks for sharing.

Lyneham Lad 14th Jan 2019 16:04

Excellent! Really enjoyed watching that. Many thanks for posting the link.

Dave Hadfield 17th Jan 2019 16:19

Thanks for the kind remarks. I have 2 more to do -- an airshow with Spit and Corsair, and one about my 5000-mile Spitfire flight last summer.

Niceredtrousers 18th Jan 2019 12:15

That was....one of the best things I've seen for a while, the commentary really made it. Thankyou!

CNH 18th Jan 2019 13:35

What an extraordinary video. Thanks very much indeed.

Now - can I ask? Vampire vs late mark Spitfire? Who would have the advantage and why? [Speed is not everything ...]

Dave Hadfield 19th Jan 2019 13:41

Well I haven't flown both, so I can't really say. And I've found that flying the old aircraft is quite surprisingly different than reading about them.

But with these two, I know which one I'd rather be in if the engine quit.

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