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vitreouspilot 17th Dec 2013 20:10

Tiger moth g-anjk
I was driving east on the m4 this afternoon and passed the tired looking fuselage of a tiger moth being trailered on the back of a mobile home the reg had been scrubbed off but could still make out G-ANJK, can anyone give me any history on this Plane other than the little bit mentioned in another thread ( the long mountain tiger club).

Airclues 17th Dec 2013 20:51

GINFO Search Results | Aircraft Register | Operations and Safety

Let's hope that somebody is going to get it flying again. Does anyone know more about it?

vitreouspilot 17th Dec 2013 21:03

That's what I'm hoping too,such a shame to see it in such a state.

Wander00 18th Dec 2013 08:24

See thread below - Long Mountain Tiger Group - looks like the same aeroplane

JW411 18th Dec 2013 09:05

Well, I used to fly it at the old Wolverhampton aerodrome in 1961.

vitreouspilot 18th Dec 2013 12:08

I've had a look at the link mentioned and agree it sounds like the very same one. Also found a couple old photos of it on airliner.net.

MillyJames 20th Aug 2014 23:12

It's a complete disgrace what has happened to this aircraft. It was maintained until 1982 by the Montgomeryshire Ultra Light Flying Club. Beautifully recovered at Cosford by Mr Miller and his son it flew back to the club base. It subsequently disappeared from the hangar. Next thing we know is a Barrister's letter informing us that the Club has been dissolved and that another group had taken possession of it. My late father had started The MULCwith a few like minded souls after being de-mobbed. They chucked in whatever money they had and put on shows in Welshpool Town Hall. Joe Loss, Cleo Lane etc. They made enough money to buy a Tipsy, subsequently bought by the Lingard family. Then they bought a Tiger, but that caused trouble and then G-ANJK came onto the scene. It was silver when I first recall it. Then it went orange (!) Then red when things went wrong. The aircraft was for many years part of my life. I weep for her now. For goodness sake, why destroy such a good thing? Club and aircraft both.

G-APDK 21st Aug 2014 11:28

All is not lost, the aircraft is being restored in Somerset, so hopefully it will be returned to its rightful place aloft with wind through its wings.

MillyJames 22nd Aug 2014 22:56

Thank you G-APDK. For any future pilots of the 'owd gel' she's a tendency to be bit a bit heavy on the port side. You really wouldn't believe how immaculate she was kept. As a youngster my task was rubbing down the fuselage for hours until all remnants of cow/fly muck were vanished. Then I'd be allowed to walk down for refuelling and get a taxi back in the plane to the hangar. The betrayal and sheer evil that became of the MULFC is difficult to believe.

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