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philbky 30th Mar 2015 21:03

Originally Posted by vintage ATCO (Post 8926521)
G-AVYE was a Trident 1E. We had to complete a return (a handwritten form) for each commercial departure. The CAA rang one day to say we had made a mistake as it was impossible to get 144/146 (I forget the exact number) on a Trident. Channel Airways could by taking out one set of toilets! It was the only departure I've seen kick dust up at the upwind end of the runway.

The reason Channel managed to get in more passengers was 7 abreast seating in the forward section, see http://www.hs121.org/. The maximum load was 149.

ZeBedie 30th Mar 2015 21:21

The striking thing about that newspaper cutting is that very nearly all of the flights were on British built aircraft.

Offchocks 30th Mar 2015 22:41

Monarch had a contract to fly personnel and kit out to the Woomera Rocket Range in Oz.
I remember when I was flying light aircraft in and out of Adelaide airport I used to see Monarch's Britannias. I had no idea that seven years later I would be employed by them on the BAC1-11, it was a fun airline in those days!

LTNman 31st Mar 2015 04:31

As a teenager and with the suitcases out of the loft we heard the news that Courtline had gone bust at the height of the summer season. We were supposed to be off to Spain in a couple of days with Pontinental Holidays from Luton, which was the foreign arm of Pontins Holidays. The holiday was saved as our Courtline 1-11 was substituted for a Dan-Air Comet. Not sure why Dan-Air would have a spare aircraft in the peak summer period but it saved our holiday.

I can remember even then that the aircraft interior looked very dated compared to a 1-11 and shook like there was no tomorrow when the aircraft reversed engines on landing back at Luton.

compton3bravo 31st Mar 2015 04:34

Talking of Monarch Britannias going to far away places, they operated a number of round the world flights for a West German tour operator in the early 1970s. Sheer luxury:O

LTNman 31st Mar 2015 16:30

A major piece of Luton history and the backdrop of many photos is set to disappear in the next couple of months with the removal of both Signature hangars which will create space for their new FBO.

I can remember Twin Otters flying low over Fine Fare and Wigmore as they headed for Luton's grass runway.

May 1983
Jeff Bell

treadigraph 31st Mar 2015 20:17

Cor, I remember seeing that Twin Otter at Luton - one of my infrequent visits, on the way back from Mildenhall Air Fete I think (the T-34C had crashed which obviously put quite a damper on the day).

LTNman 1st Apr 2015 17:31

View from a window
Mick Bajcar/www.abpic.co.uk

And the cropped view now from the same window except this window and the wall in front of it will be gone when the final phase of Signatures redevelopment is finished. So another piece of history will be created that we will look back on in the years to come.

Buster the Bear 2nd Apr 2015 18:37

DC6 at Luton

LTNman 3rd Apr 2015 05:20

Must have been the largest aircraft ever to use the road crossing.

oldandbald 3rd Apr 2015 11:13

On arrival it taxied off the "eastern taxiway" onto the grass and then made its way down the grass runway. Same way back finding a point where the transition grass to taxiway was as easy as possible ! The maximum size for the road crossing was , I believe, a Dove (probably Coal Board G-ARUM)

wallp 3rd Apr 2015 15:28

Talking of rear facing seats, I seem to recall flying from Luton to Dublin in the early 90's on a Ryanair 1-11 which had at least one row of seats facing backwards.

PAXboy 3rd Apr 2015 16:25

What engines did the DC-6 have?

As I recall, th experiments with rear facing seats were the first couple of rows. I was on a Trident (don't know which version) from LHR~HAM in the mid-70s and was aske to fill out a questionnaire on the read facing seats. They were fine and, as we know, much safer. Naturally, humas like to face forward and, naturally, PR departments don't like to talk about prangs - so we don't have rear facing saeats.

vintage ATCO 3rd Apr 2015 18:30

As stated earlier, a BAC1-11 had a row of seats facing backwards and therefore facing a front facing set of seats by the overwing emergency exit. I always use to try and get these for the extra leg room.

I flew on a British Eagle Britannia from Heathrow to Basel in 1963 and all the seats faced rearwards as they had a trooping contract and MOD (or whatever they were called in those days) insisted upon it.

treadigraph 3rd Apr 2015 18:59

What engines did the DC-6 have?
P&W R2800s

DaveReidUK 3rd Apr 2015 19:03

P&W R2800s
AKA P&W Double Wasp (CB16 and CB17 variants on the DC-6).

LTNman 4th Apr 2015 07:36

This DC6 visitor to Luton was delivered to American Airlines in 1956 and was scrapped in 1984.

Registration Details For N9232Z (Quo Vadis) DC-6-A - PlaneLogger

Mark Lysons

LTNman 5th Apr 2015 17:58

The old terminal after it was tarted up complete with a large array of plastic plants.


The Navigators' Bar complete with fountain with a Little Chef in the background

There used to be a globe on a plinth that sat in the middle of the terminal. If you look carefully when this photo was taken the brickwork was up but not the plinth or globe.

boeing_eng 6th Apr 2015 15:37

Remember it well.....through security in 2 mins, plenty of seats air-side and no race to the gate queue!! (unlike now!)

LTNman 6th Apr 2015 18:38

From cj241101 collection

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