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Haraka 22nd Mar 2014 07:50

FWIW I left Luton in November '63 , just after the prototype BAC 1-11 accident . Certainly the Euravia Connies were well established by then, as were the Autair Vikings.
I remember the Connies doing circuits shortly after their arrival and causing a lot of interference to local TVs and radios with their poorly suppressed engines.

LTNman 22nd Mar 2014 08:47

I think this was the prototype making a first visit for the staff to see.



Haraka 22nd Mar 2014 08:54

Indeed. Like many mates I came rushing home from school, then cycled like mad out to the Airport.
.To find that it had gone.

As you know the 1-11 was evolved from the Hunting H 107 (IIRC) and tragically there were a number of Hunting employees on the prototype, basically having a free ride with Mike Lithgow when it later went down on that test flight.

22/04 22nd Mar 2014 22:25

Don't think any Constellations ever wore Britannia titles- though I am willing to be corrected.

vintage ATCO 23rd Mar 2014 07:27

They did not.

chevvron 23rd Mar 2014 14:45

I vaguely recall seeing a Connie at Luton in about '65 with 'Britavia' on the sides, or am I mistaken and was it actually 'Euravia?

vintage ATCO 23rd Mar 2014 17:16

I don't think Britavia (which I vaguely remember) had anything to do with Euravia or Britannia.

LTNman 23rd Mar 2014 20:12



Thanks to TerrySykes/www.abpic.co.uk for allowing me to reproduce his photos here

T-21 23rd Mar 2014 23:20

Thank you LTNMAN for the wonderful shots of the airport and the Euravia Connies. Can you confirm exactly where the Mosquito and Oxford production line was please ?

LTNman 24th Mar 2014 05:28

Both aircraft were built by Percivals under licence. If you look at the photo in post 26 the Percivals production line was just to the right and behind the control tower.

If you look at Google maps the hanger line was to the left of Prince Way, Luton

Here is another view of Percivals. As you head down the approach road to the airport towards the white farm house Percivals would be on your left.


Dr Jekyll 24th Mar 2014 14:08

So who did the building by the entrance marked 'British Aircraft Corporation' originally belong to? I think it's still there.

Haraka 24th Mar 2014 15:28

I think that the "BAC" building was originally Napier/English Electric from memory.

Allan Lupton 24th Mar 2014 16:52

So who did the building by the entrance marked 'British Aircraft Corporation' originally belong to? I think it's still there.
I think that the "BAC" building was originally Napier/English Electric from memory.

I can't remember but I can say it was post 1946 (when this photo was taken) so well after Oxfords and Mosquitos

Haraka 24th Mar 2014 18:54

English Electric took over Napier Aero engines c.1942. I remember being a bit confused at the "English Electric" lettering outside of that building in the mid,late '50's and wondering why there was no evidence of Canberra or P1s about.
However there was the memorable display of the high altitude Canberra over the airfield, as well as also a Skeeter going up like a Paynes "Helicopter" firework , both aircraft using Napier rocket technology.
Not to mention the Eland Convair Liner starting off from the Napier hangar to get that extra bit of take -off distance....

LTNman 24th Mar 2014 19:12

Interesting piece here about Luton's Canberra and the world record it set from the airfield. English Electric Canberra G-BVWC, G-CDSX

oftenflylo 25th Mar 2014 07:32

But there was an 049 marked BRITAIR belonging to another gent.

Haraka 25th Mar 2014 07:58

Anybody remember the BKS Bristol Freighters coming in around 1960/1 timescale? IIRC they were flying Vauxhall Cars across to Ireland.

vintage ATCO 25th Mar 2014 09:54

I only recall one Bristol Freighter used for this, G-AMLJ.

Services commenced on 15 Dec 1959 taking new Vauxhall cars and spares to Belfast. It would return with fresh produce. On 8 Jul 1960 it was the first aircraft to land on Luton's new concrete runway. [source: The Bristol 170 by Air Britain.]

oftenflylo 25th Mar 2014 11:43


vintage ATCO 25th Mar 2014 13:16

Oh, yes. I remember G-AILW now.

There was a story, no idea if true, that when the Freighter got airborne one morning the Airport Commandant's (H T Rushton) little Scottie dog was on board so it had to return to drop it off!!

I have uploaded some old b&w pics of aeroplanes at Luton here https://picasaweb.google.com/1055920...onPicsEarly60s Hope links like this are permitted here, apols if not.

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