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LTNman 4th Aug 2017 16:42

Is it still used as they have a mock aircraft at their fire training ground?

Liffy 1M 4th Aug 2017 17:42

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 9852085)
Full credit now given that you first published the photo on Flickr but the photographer remains a mystery. The photo I put on here actually came from another website around a year ago.

It is always incredibly difficult to track down the original photographer but where I can I ask permission. With the power of the internet making it possible to copy and paste I usually get informed that the source did not take the actual photo.

I wasn't doubting your motives and, where I know the photographer's ID, I wouldn't post it on the 'net without permission either. Thanks for this great thread, which I regularly check for the latest interesting and well-informed postings.

LGS6753 4th Aug 2017 18:23

When the Heralds were withdrawn, they all returned to Luton one Saturday morning and carried out a "display", calling up "Herald Formation". I wonder if there are any photos of that.

LTNman 4th Aug 2017 20:31


LTNman 4th Aug 2017 20:37

There is so much knowledge and nostalgia on this forum, it never fails to brighten my day.
Who can tell me what this - blue circled - fuselage front section was from? Presumably it's used for some kind of training but how did it get here?
Here it is taken tonight


DaveReidUK 4th Aug 2017 21:43

Originally Posted by Snarlingdog (Post 9852028)
but how did it get here?

Photo taken at Kemble as it was being broken up in 2010:


pabely 5th Aug 2017 12:56

Originally Posted by LTNman (Post 9852364)
Here it is taken tonight


Begs the question what the diggers are doing there?

LTNman 5th Aug 2017 13:49

Taxiway Bravo extension which is just out of shot

cj241101 5th Aug 2017 22:14

Originally Posted by 22/04 (Post 9851811)
Nice picture presumably in the northwest corner LTNman.

Is the aircraft behind a withdrawn Autair Herald?

ex-Bavaria D-BEBE which sat there from late March to late October 1970

LTNman 10th Aug 2017 15:57

A moment in time. The reason I really like this photo is the man in the trilby walking across the shot. No doubt from the snappers point of view the man ruined his picture.
(edit name correction) Mark Harper

compton3bravo 11th Aug 2017 07:58

I have my doubts about the snapper ruining the picture; personally I think it is a well constructed photo what with the fuel bowser and baggage truck conveniently situated. Note the airline bag as well.

DaveReidUK 11th Aug 2017 08:18

He's probably an aircraft salesman. :O

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Aug 2017 08:44

More likely he was hoping to impound an Ace Freighter Connie but was not up to scratch on his identification skills.

Level bust 11th Aug 2017 11:16

Not quite the right name credit LTNman for the Ambassador. Mike Harper not Mark Haroer! Taken on the 28th April 1968 boarding for a flight to Copenhagen. We all got on, then all taken off as there wasn't enough fuel on board! It was a charter taken a plane load of Danes back to Denmark. Then flew back empty, where I spent most of the flight in the Captains seat while the Capt, don't know his first name but was commonly known as 'Speedy Williams' apparantly, sat down the back!

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Aug 2017 14:11

Ah - Speedy Williams - A Second War Veteran who was originally based in Berlin with Autair's Vikings. Unflappable - when experiencing an engine failure on The Pig in The Berlin Corridor he took out his pipe and filled the cockpit with smoke whilst telling his young Jewish First Officer Joe 'Foreskins' Foster to "Sort it all out!"

LTNman 11th Aug 2017 15:49

More likely he was hoping to impound an Ace Freighter Connie but was not up to scratch on his identification skills.
I used to own a very old copy of Aircraft Illustrated that had a photo of a couple of Ace Freighter Connie's abandoned at Coventry. Oh to see them now!

LGS6753 11th Aug 2017 17:35

Thanks for that pic of the Herald Formation, LTNman. Marvellous!

OUAQUKGF Ops 11th Aug 2017 18:31

Not Luton but Liverpool, however........The Story of the Ace Freighters Lockheed Constellation That Tipped - AirlineReporter : AirlineReporter

vintage ATCO 11th Aug 2017 20:39

Originally Posted by Level bust
while the Capt, don't know his first name but was commonly known as 'Speedy Williams' apparantly, sat down the back!

Mike Williams, I think. Did a fam flight on a BAC1-11 with him.

Level bust 11th Aug 2017 21:16

I think OUAQUKGF Ops can confirm, but I think Speedy Williams retired with the Ambassador. I don't know how true it was, but my dad told me he was seen pacing the distance between the lighting gantries to see if there was enough room to fly an Ambassador between them!

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