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evansb 9th Dec 2018 21:49

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France ?

nvubu 9th Dec 2018 21:52

It isn't Issy-les-Moulineaux.

creweite 9th Dec 2018 22:41

Reims in 1909? I have a Science Museum repro poster for that event.

nvubu 9th Dec 2018 23:00

It isn't in Reims.
There was one of these hangers there. Well that image didn't appear :(

This one may help you


Off to bed now.

dook 10th Dec 2018 07:59

They certainly look like Nieuports, which is seducing me into thinking France.

Issoudun ?

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 10:09

I did Issoudun a fair while back, so not there.
You need to be looking at another country.

dook 10th Dec 2018 11:27

I have been trying to identify the markings in your last picture but to no avail.

They appear to be civilian and possibly at a training airfield.

Holland or Italy ?

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 11:57

I thought you might be doing that - I haven't obscured anything.
I think you are right with both your points of your second sentence - as we are still pre-war.

Do these help you answer your third sentence?

The crew of the above

JENKINS 10th Dec 2018 11:59

Centocelle, Rome?

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 12:03

Jenkins now has the correct country. Centocelle is for another time though.

My next set of images (WWII) may well give it away :)

dook 10th Dec 2018 12:07

I'm sure I asked if was Italy above.

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 12:18

You did - I posted a couple of images to help you decide which one.

The airfield no longer exists - was abandoned after WWII.

dook 10th Dec 2018 12:52

Is it the original Turin ?

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 13:31

And what might that be called and where/what is it now ?

dook 10th Dec 2018 13:37

I don't know.

nvubu 10th Dec 2018 14:01

Any help.

The airfield is about 2/3 the way up the left hand side of the image, going off the edge.

dook 10th Dec 2018 14:21

All I have been able to find is an old Pathe newsreel captioned Turino AKA.

Over and out.

Asturias56 10th Dec 2018 14:48

It looks as if it is now the Parco Publica Gustavo Colonnetti in Turin

Was it Idroscalo Turin - an old seaplane base on the Po?? Doesn't look like the other older airport at Cerrina which is kms away further east

dook 10th Dec 2018 14:51

Perhaps the airfield was called Mirafiori.

Asturias56 10th Dec 2018 14:56

I think that's it Dook................... it was also "Gino Lisa" I think when the Aeroclub Turin were there

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