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hardrations 8th Mar 2011 15:03

RCAF Flying Boats. Pre WW 2 in Manitoba & Saskatchewan
Well this is a bit forward for a fella to post his first posting in the Aviation History and Nostalgia, but I was given a photo album that was found in a home near Winnipeg Beach (Lake Winnipeg) which had personal photos of the days from when the RCAF did Forest Fire patrol and aerial survey of Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The photo's are of Vicker Vikings and Avro Seaplanes.The photos are in flight, moored, crashed, recovery,engine replacement, crews, officers and enlisted personal. There is also a group photo of a 1927 Pilots course in Vancouver, which I believe was made up of mainly former WW 1 pilots who were asked to come back into the RCAF (Reserve) to help in forming a viable RCAF Reserve.

I had read about that in another book. Unfortunately most of the photo's have little or no information on the back. There is just time and places underwritten the pictures in the album. There is one photo that gets my attention. It is off a pilot who in one photo is in uniform and it appears that he decorated with the DFC and another two of him in civilian dress. He still has the 1000 mile stare even in 1927. I have scanned only the photo's refering to the RCAF,( there were photo's from Scotland, California). Will be glad to share. The album is going to the RCAF museum here in Winnipeg this coming Thursday. http://usera.ImageCave.com/Hardrations/Page 5.jpg

henry crun 8th Mar 2011 17:55

More please, these old photos are always welcome.

hardrations 8th Mar 2011 23:31

Victoria Beach / Lake Winnipeg
http://usera.ImageCave.com/Hardratio...ason 1925).jpg

hardrations 8th Mar 2011 23:33

An Apology to the Editors
I scanned these photo's directly from the album as you have probably noticed. The photo's have gotten old and crisp. I don't want to take the chance of taking them from their corner retainers and damaging them. If I'm taking up to much space. Please let me know.

hardrations 8th Mar 2011 23:49

Pilots Course. Vancouver B.C. 1927
I believe these are mainly WW 1 Veteran pilots who were asked to come back for retraining so as to form a viable RCAF reserve.http://usera.ImageCave.com/Hardrations/Page 24.jpg

Moose47 14th Mar 2011 02:49

RCAF Aircraft
Top to Bottom – Left to right

Canadian Vickers Vedette II G-CYZM - Canadian Vickers serial number CV50
Taken on Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 17th of May 1927
Struck off Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 21st of June 1933
Subsequently carried Canadian civil aircraft registration CF-SAB and flew with the Government of Saskatchewan air services.

‘EV’ (with the three men sitting on starboard side of the hull) is G-CYEV, a Canadian Vickers Viking IV. It is serial number CV2.
Taken on Strength with the Canadian Air Force on the 15th of August 1923
Struck off Strength with the Royal Canadian Air Force on the 20th of February 1931. This Viking served with No. 1 Operations Wing (Headquarters at Winnipeg, Manitoba) with detachments (also referred to as sub-bases) at Victoria Beach, Norway House, Lac du Bonnet and Cormorant Lake. This aircraft was struck off strength with the R.C.A.F. at Cormorant Lake on the 2th of February 1931.

The aircraft with the airman on the top wing refueling it is a Canadian Vickers-built Avro 552A Viper (T.S. Patrol A.V.S.) * (Two Seat Patrol Avro Viper Seaplane). It was powered by a Woseley Viper.

‘GC’ is a G-CYGC, a Canadian Vickers-built (s/n CV21) Avro Viper 552A (T.S. Patrol A.V.S.)
Taken on Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 26th of May 1925.
Struck of Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 18th of October 1927 as a result of an accident the same day at Bowden Lake.

“GE’ is another Avro 552A. It was Canadian Vickers s/n CV23.
Taken on Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 12th of June 1925
Struck off Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 16th of January 1928 at Long Lake, Manitoba, the same day it suffered category ‘A’ damage.

The last photo showing a group of pilots in front of the sole Avro Wright (Two Seat Patrol Avro Wright Seaplane) the R.C.A.F. operated, G-CYGK. Canadian Vickers s/n CV29. Re-serialed to R.C.A.F. s/n 12.
Taken on Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 14th of July 1925
Struck off Strength with the R.C.A.F. on the 17th of January 1930.
Category ‘A’ crash at Orillia, Ontario on the 26th of September 1929


inigo 17th Jul 2011 01:04

Hello, I was looking through these photos as my great grandfather flew Vickers Vedettes and other such flying boats out of Victoria Beach in the 20s. I noticed in the photo of the four men sitting on the hull of the aircraft marked "VE" that the furthest right is my grandfather, Gordon Donaldson. If you have any more photos of either the aircraft at Victoria Beach or just Victoria Beach itself i would be very gracious if you would email them to me or post them on this site.

-Inigo Jenkins
[email protected]

PPRuNe Pop 20th Jul 2011 08:29


To save you looking on HOW to post pics I will tell you what we need,

No picture will be larger than 850x850 - that is PPRuNe size to prevent the page extending laterally to the right. Lot of hassle.

Be grateful if you would adjust them.


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