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India Four Two 22nd May 2020 19:41

Great stuff Geri. Thanks for taking the time to write your post.

Fareastdriver 22nd May 2020 20:01

rewired with cable from the B-29 Washingtons on Aldergrove'’s salvage dump, and with a section of B-29 bomb door just the right curvature for riveting over the boot,
I was there somewhat before you; 1948-49, The salvage dump was at that time full of Lancasters that were being broken up. There was also a Sunderland, how it had arrived at Aldergrove I had no idea but I had this plot to convert one of its floats into a boat.

Then 202 Sqn. was Halifaxs using the squadron code YE. They obtained two replacements that were painted white as opposed to the Bomber Command finish of the rest. One was 'A' and the other 'H' which was my and my sister's initials. YE-H undershot the westerly runway and took out the BABS van, which reciprocated by removing the port mainwheel. I lived with my parents in a quarter next to the WAAF accommodation adjacent to the perimeter track by the officers' mess so I had a grandstand view of it sliding down the runway.

One more for the salvage dump.

staircase 22nd May 2020 20:35

I read the sort of things that get posted on this forum, (and some of the others,) and I sometimes wonder why no one puts them into some sort of order and publishes a book.

I am well into my dotage now and have no interest in serious work, but would have thought some enterprising sole could have taken advantage of the postings and made a few shillings. I suspect most of us would be happy to be of assistance.

Perhaps the meanderings and memories of a few of us oldies have no monetary value, but perhaps some they may have some historic interest?

Geriaviator 23rd May 2020 09:54


@ India 42
You're welcome, but to be honest most people in the UK are only too glad to find something to pass that time and this Hastings thread has kept me occupied for many hours! It's fatal to browse these threads 'for a few minutes' as the minutes expand rapidly until the inevitable angry bellow down the hallway: I won't call you again, get off that damn computer NOW !

@ staircase
Your time on Prune has been far longer than mine so I'm sure you have visited the Brevet thread which Cliffnemo launched in June 2010. It began with wartime training but by 2012 had widened into all aspects of the postwar RAF, from training to overseas postings, from airfields to ATC, from flying experiences to family life.

Rob the Mod has assured me that the Brevet thread will remain as a living history of aviation written by those who created it. Sadly the thread has become almost moribund since the passing in 2018 of our much loved Danny42C, who flew Vultee Vengeance dive-bombers against the Japanese and became so bored when he returned to civilian clerical work that he rejoined the RAF and at last was posted to a Spitfire squadron.

His stories kept us spellbound and as you suggest were edited into two e-books, In with a Vengeance and Danny and the Cold War. The cover picture is of Danny and his Vengeance over the Western Ghats of southern India, and the objects below the wings are not bombs -- they are mustard gas spray canisters! I don't recognise your callsign so if you (or anyone else) want copies please send me your email via PM as Prune cannot handle attachments.

All we (and the late Danny) ask in return is a 10 per book donation to the RAF Benevolent Fund, his favourite charity. And many thanks to the scores of Pruners who have contributed we reckon you have given well over 1000 to the Fund. Best wishes everyone, and may we all stay safe.

denachtenmai 24th May 2020 15:01

Have thought about this for some years, but now it's time to reveal another side of TG507.
The country due south of this sceptred isle was a little miffed about 58 Squadron Canberras (other PR Squadrons as well I assume but I only know about 58).
flying over their land with the ability to photo. anything and so, any that did had to have their camera windows taped up, this was to ensure that perfidious Albion did not have PR access to their "secrets"
Enter TG507. This had two large cameras fitted, port and stbd. just aft of the flight deck, the optical windows were covered by roller doors that could be uncovered in flight
I must admit that on the ground it was nearly impossible to make out the apertures, they were so well done. 8k ft and 175kt what more could be asked?
So, 51, as well as doing it's major job was, for a brief time, a PR unit.:8

sandringham1 27th May 2020 12:24

I had read somewhere that a F96 Camera had been installed in the oblique mode on a Hastings, whether this was used with the door off or through a clear panel fitted in the door I do not know but your clandestine version sounds much better.
Do you know what happened to TG507 after it was retired from use in 68 or 69, I know where most Hastings ended up but not 507.

The Toilet Tester 27th May 2020 15:33

An Aviation database I use, has TG507 being struck off charge on 23/04/1969 at Aston Down.
Nothing further mentioned.

staircase 27th May 2020 16:22

A chap named Victor F Bingham wrote a book 'Handley Page Hastings and Hermes. ISBN 1 870384 63 6

In the back is the fate of all the Hastings and the entry for TG 507 reads;

'EFS; 47; 202; 24-36; 242 OCU; MoA; To Handley Page for special camera installation. RAF Wyton for special trials'.

SOC 23.4.69

DaveReidUK 27th May 2020 19:56

Originally Posted by staircase (Post 10794970)
A chap named Victor F Bingham wrote a book 'Handley Page Hastings and Hermes. ISBN 1 870384 63 6

In the back is the fate of all the Hastings and the entry for TG 507 reads;

'EFS; 47; 202; 24-36; 242 OCU; MoA; To Handley Page for special camera installation. RAF Wyton for special trials'.

SOC 23.4.69

TG507 was at Aston Down when SOC, so presumably scrapped in situ by 5 MU.

denachtenmai 27th May 2020 20:45

Thanks staircase, I didn't know that HP did the mod, really was a work of art. :ok:

sandringham1, 2 oblique cameras, not seeing through door, dedicated optical windows, situated in compartments just aft of the F/Eng and Nav stations.

Phileas Fogg 28th May 2020 02:05

Must be lockdown to find myself watching 'The Iron Maiden' movie last evening not realising that it had anything to do with aviation never mind some of it filmed at Radlett.

The white thing (outdoors) was a supposed new supersonic airliner whilst indoors was clearly the HPR7 Herald production line.


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