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NutLoose 6th Jan 2010 12:21

All ex Buccaneer Pilots we need your help, Beware Big Pics
Trumpeter are going to produce a kit in 1/32 scale (we think) that will be huge but can someone tell me for them, this is the info at the moment we are after

"The bucc had 2 different wingtips, and I've only been able to find a possible drawing of the short version in a (probably wrong, ironically) magazine. Before I pass the information on, can anyone please confirm who used, when, and how, the two different tips"

As for the model, feast your eyes at work in progress, there is a stunning Jaguar too if anyone wants to see it, complete with engine. We want them to get these right so we are helping out :ok:




Taster for you


Jackonicko 6th Jan 2010 12:28

A French Jag.


Hueymeister 6th Jan 2010 12:43

The detail is amazing...:ok:

vecvechookattack 6th Jan 2010 12:49

Very good. They look like plastic though....!!!!

NutLoose 6th Jan 2010 13:00




BossEyed 6th Jan 2010 13:02

Those are stunning! Got any pics alongside a coin or something to show just how big a 1:32 model is?

vecvec - ever heard of Humbrol?

barnstormer1968 6th Jan 2010 13:04

The Bucc is a stunner!
I take it this is the prototype, and am keen to know how much detail will be kept in production models?

NutLoose 6th Jan 2010 13:26

The one showing is the protottype they use and is in we think 1/48th at the moment but they use that to build the others from



Jackonicko 6th Jan 2010 13:28

That's more like it....

Impressive level of detail.

vecvechookattack 6th Jan 2010 13:37

13 minutes....thats not bad.

Superb pics and a great model. Trumpeter are much better at reproducing the finite detail than other model makers.

Always a Sapper 6th Jan 2010 13:53

Nice, but will it fly? ......

As a kid all my 'airfix' ones did, for a short distance anyway :E catapult launch too! ;)

kitwe 6th Jan 2010 14:01

Buccaneer Wingtips - NutLoose

The Buccaneer S1 and S2 had wingtips of different shapes (seem to remember that the S1's were rounded and the S2's were more swept). When I was on "A" Sqn at A&AEE (as a nav, not a pilot) we did some handling trials on XV350, an S2, retro-fitted with S1 wingtips. This was during Jun, Jul and Aug 1984. Sad to say, I cannot remember the reasons for or the outcome of the trial but I don't think it came to anything.

forget 6th Jan 2010 14:10

Nut Loose, This may explain things.


Within 3 days the teams at RAF Lossiemouth had prepared six aircraft (newly painted desert pink, fitted with new secure radios, old-style S.1 wingtips for a smoother ride over the flat desert floor.
T + L.

Union Jack 6th Jan 2010 14:16

Nut Loose

.... and also available with recommended FAA colours I presume - preferably with 801 NAS markings!:ok:


cornish-stormrider 6th Jan 2010 14:20

Why would Anyone want colours for Wavy Wafu flying???

I mean it's not like they did that Belize mission I read about in a book once:E.

I have added this item to my shiny shiny thing list, Nutloose - please to keep us informed of when where etc to purchase one so I can ruin it in my cack handed way.

Sgt.Slabber 6th Jan 2010 14:31

"Short" Wing-tips

To answer your query re wingtips, they were fitted mostly 1989 onwards to cabs that had undergone the Avionics upgrade - ASR1012, Mod 1736. The short tips reduced wing-loading, particularly whilst pulling 6G at 30 feet, with the throttle levers through the panel... allegedly... and therefore extended the fatigue life. Note that the cabs did not return from Avionics upgrade with the shorter tips; they were fitted later, e.g., XV161 - 12 Sqn "AF" returned to Lossie/12 late '87 - early '88, but was not fitted with the short tips until sometime in '89.

You may find some more info on which cabs were modded, and when, here:

Contents Page

Looks like a good kit in the offing - any idea on the role fits likely to be offered, e.g., TV Martel + Data Link Pod, TVAT, etc?

LowObservable 6th Jan 2010 14:50

Just Like The Real Thing!

It even has folding wings!

foldingwings 6th Jan 2010 16:12

Well it would have wouldn't it!

It even has folding wings!
May I enquire if all the detail behind the various panels will be visible once the model is completed? If the hatches have to be glued closed then there is probably no point in some of the internal detail and the consequent likely increased purchase price.


PS. Just a query as to the title of the thread, NutLoose? Why 'Buccaneer Pilots'? I will ask 2 of my fellow Navs on the Bucc Aircrew Association Committee for the definitive answer as they will have much more reliable info than the pilots; the 2 in mind have published 2 excellent books on the Bucc and one is our historian with a vast library of info.
PPS. Just for your info - the Bucc was very much a 2-man aircraft with absolute equality in the cockpit. Notwithstanding that navs were never allowed to be captain they often authorised student pilots when they were in the back seat on his FAM 2 on the OCU!

Jackonicko 6th Jan 2010 16:32

Absolute equality?

No stick, no vote!

And not having any Buccs with a stick in the back made me wonder, fairly hard, as to the nerve and backbone of those who flew with studes on their first solos when I had my handful of trips in the back of a 208 Squadron jet, all those years ago.

foldingwings 6th Jan 2010 16:36


No stick, no vote!
That's my very point! In the Bucc force, the lack of a stick in the back did not normally affect the voting rights of the nav who was often vastly more experienced than the kid up front!

We were 2-man through and through and equal in all areas of operating the jet (eg. both pilot and nav did independent walk rounds before flight) although I concede that the guy up front had ultimate control (with my permission!).


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