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Historical Videos

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Fantastic videos (Link)

was browsing the national archive website today, and they've just launched a free complete database of public info films starting from 1947 i believe.. there are some astounding aviation related vids...
Oh to have been in the industry in those days...


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Thanks very much '81, some very nostalgic memories stirred up !

(I couldn't see the point of the "language" warning until I watched the London Bus - designed to be shown around the Empire - where the commentary describes how in England, "cripples can always expect help while boarding the bus.........)
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Shuttleworth Videos

I'm surprised that nobody has posted a link to these excellent videos of some of the Shuttleworth collection in action. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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some rivets flying in formation, videos.


scroll two thirds down the page. lots of vids of hunters/swifts/comet/c130/beverley etc...
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An amazing website. A very professional use of the media in recording the history of an air base. The old pics and videos are brilliant. What a time capsule for former squadron members and their families. Truly a labour of love!!
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thats just what i thought to.
im staggered that this hasnt been jumped on yet, by the oldies on here.

very nice site for us ancients.
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Oh!, the nostalgia, the Bev in action, too! Extraordinary compilation and remarkable quality.

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Old 18th Mar 2008, 15:21
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Post Old Videos in Papua New Guinea


Here is a collection of old videos taken in Papua New Guinea. Features catelena's and junkers. etc.

Excellent footage seen by few.


Hope you enjoy.


Shane Thomas
[email protected]
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"Bomberguy" on Youtube- some excellent videos of aircraft past

Whoever he (or she!) is, That's a fine collection!

Bomberguy's Video Page

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The twin rotor must have seemed so fantastic. And you have to smile at the pilot's dress sense.


Cheers, I'll look at that page in detail later.
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Old 27th Apr 2008, 20:11
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That will keep me busy for a while,


3.42, footage of low flying Mossies, camera pans down, and there's very low flying Mossie
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Brooklands Vimy and Vanguard Videos.

Hi Gents!
Came across these high quality clips and just had to drop in and share. (Good to see the "What cockpit thread is powering along nicely!)

The clips are in High definition, so if it plays choppy hit the "HD is on" button and that will turn HD off and make it run better.

First up is the Vickers Vimy replicas first flight since 2005.

And here is the last major aircraft movement at Brooklands - The Vickers Vanguard.

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Many thanks for that.

Ahhh... the Guardsvan... flight deck so big you could play tennis in it. I flew to Malta in one, around 1967. When we reached TOC the captain appeared.. looked along the cabin and saw a young boy of about 10 or 11 who was travelling alone and beckoned him. Some while later I was invited to the flight deck (having previously made arrangements) and when I entered I was amazed to see the youngster in the captain's seat! The look on his face will be something I'll remember for always.

I checked some of the other videos, particularly Andy's 60th birthday. I thought it was a rush for Hammer Films but, no, just my old mate Mike Crutch getting his ugly face in the shot!!!
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And in the Vimy video that Me doing the steering at the back (on the ground) in the snazy white overalls !!!


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I still reckon you should have dropped flour bags - at least - on the Mercedes hut !

I'm sure the famous German sense of humour would appreciate it, after all they're operating on a British WW2 Fighter & Bomber base...

My boat has a chemical loo which is available 'at your disposal' - may need some separation trials - ( I can think of a target or two close by worth risking, NOT on the 'field ) though I have to agree with Jeremy Clarkson, the Merc/Mclaren makes a wonderful sound and did remind me of a Merlin, albeit at higher rev's.

Regards to all at Brooklands.
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Some fantastic Lindbergh Videos

The link below is to a web site of a commercial appraisor. He has compiled 4 unique videos of Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing, well worth the time.

Click on the link, click on "contact", click on the 1st video. After each video, click on "contact" and select the next video.

Airport & Aviation Appraisals, Inc. :: "When the Job Requires a Special Purpose Product"

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Priceless video ! It makes my recollections of reading his book "We" much more vivid. Thankyou very much for the link.
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'WE' was largely ghosted, a hurried effort straight after the 1927 flight on the part of his publicists, with whom he severed all ties, to cash in with the huge sales that this book, hurriedly churned out on newsprint paper, enjoyed.

CAL in fact wrote that he found 'WE' an embarrassment and when the Pulitzer Prize winning 'SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS' appeared in 1953 only then did he tell his story in the simple, graphic, thoughtful prose at which he excelled. 'AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF VALUES' fits into the same camp.
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A couple of videos that may be of interest

Just browsing tonight and by chance have stumbled across a few videos that some may appreciate.

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First video brings back some memories.

I see at the beginning of the first video the words "Jump Jet".

Any idea of who came up with that name ?


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