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How many aircraft have you flown in - in your life time ??

Aviation History and Nostalgia Whether working in aviation, retired, wannabee or just plain fascinated this forum welcomes all with a love of flight.

How many aircraft have you flown in - in your life time ??

Old 14th Aug 2018, 13:18
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Mrs. dook can claim Lancaster, Phantom and Jaguar.
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 13:32
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I'm tempted to join the willy-waving contest. At the last count a few years ago, I had over 90 distinct glider types, and just under 40 power types in which I had been pilot handling during at least one take off and landing. I didn't keep any record of how many assorted DeHavilland, Douglas, Lockheed, Boeing, Airbus etc. types, plus other light aircraft where I have been a passenger, although they include a trip on a single pilot operated charter C46 (Curtis Commando) on which I was welcomed into the right hand seat to hold the throttles open during the take off roll, and allowed to hand fly down the West coast of Malaysia at 1.500 ft for an hour, and also a memorable hour in a Lightning T4 (also with a little handling permitted)..
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 14:12
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A modest list by all accounts but fun trying to remember:

DH Chipmunk P2
HS Andover Pax
HS Hastings C3 Pax
Slingsby T21/31 P1/P2
K3/K7/K8/K13 P1/P2
Blanik P2
Bristol Brittania Pax - Brief Hands On
HS Argosy Pax/Sim - Live Para-Drop
Shorts Belfast Pax - Brief Hands On
LH C130K Pax

Fokker Friendship Pax
Vickers Viscount Pax

A300 Pax/Sim
A310 Pax/Sim
A319 Pax
A320 Pax/Sim
A321 Pax
A340 Pax
A380 Pax

B707 Pax
B727 Pax
B737 Pax
B747 100/200/300/400/SP Pax/Sim
B757 Pax
B767 Pax
B777 Pax
B789 Pax

BN Islander Pax
BN Tri-Lander Pax
DHC Twin Otter Pax
Mitsubishi MU-2 Pax
ATR42 Pax
ATR72 Pax
BAe 146/RJ85

DC-9 Pax
DC-10 Pax
MD-11 Pax
Tristar Pax

Piper J3 Cub P2
PA 28 P1/P2
Piper Archer P1/P2
Piper Arrow P1/P2
Piper Warrior P1/P2
Piper Aztec P2
Piper Navaho Pax

C150/ Aerobat Pax
C172 Pax

Interestingly, never had the opportunity to try out in a helicopter, I know how they fly, but I still think they are so ugly the earth repels them..


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Old 14th Aug 2018, 17:34
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examples of how a brick could overcome gravity
of which prime examples must also include Slingsby T42 Eagle - aka the mahogany bomber - and the Grunau Baby (with original german beer advert on upper wing surface which, luckily, no-one ever viewed from the ground)

PZL W-3 Sokol, anyone?

hop around the World as we wish with much less discomfort than our forebears
Nowadays the discomfort has been transferred from the air to the airports.

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Old 14th Aug 2018, 17:45
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All as pax:
Britannia 737-200
Orion 737 200/300
Dan Air 727
Monarch 757
Britannia 767
Thomson/TUI 737-800
BA Concorde
Next week will be able to TUI 787 to that list. A bit sparse but there you go...
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 18:37
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Helena Handbasket

How sad for the poor old Beverley. Only Jindabyne wants to boast of flying in it. I was very fond of the old girl.
Aah yes, remember it well. Aden to Nairobi with an 8 Sqn mate. Two weeks R&R, then RtB on the old girl. The Elsan in the boom sticks in my mind - as it did elsewhere!
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 19:11
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Huge number of TU-154's (at least 500 flights maybe more) 1998 - up until around 2010, variety of CIS/Russian carriers usually "M" a very few were B-2 however, once a Russian Government transport ("M").

TU-134 (50 odd times) mostly to and from Kaliningrad from Moscow some years back, hated how cramped they were (the Windows are deceptive).

The odd AN-24 (within Uzbekistan usually Tashkent-Samarkand)

IL-96 (twice).

BAe-146 during my Canada days quite a bit.

And the usual Boeing stuff. Nowadays usually 737's (CL/NG) with the odd 757/767.
I have never been on an Airbus in my life (except the Sim), not through conscious avoidance, can't think of a particular reason though, it does seem odd now I think of it.

Likely because most Russian carriers favour Boeing heavily, or at least used to perhaps.
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 20:58
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4, 5 if you include a Harley paraglider.
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 21:48
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Really don't see the issue with this thread. Actually quite surprised at the hostility, is jetblast not full of much worse things you can all moan about?

Anyway, just to annoy, here is my list.

Boeing 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787
Airbus A319, 320, 321, 330, 340, 350, 380
DC 10
MD 11, 80
Avro RJ100
Fokker 50, 70, 100
Bell Jetranger
BN Islander
DHC 3 - Otter (seaplane variant), 6 - Twin Otter, Dash 8
Embraer 140, 170, 190
ATR 42, 72
Hot air Balloon (specific type unknown)
CRJ 200, 900
SAAB 340
Piper Navajo
Taifun 17E
Tupolev 204
Antonov 158
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Old 14th Aug 2018, 23:55
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...this thread is prompting more types to surface - and some happy memories.
Jetstream (thanks RI, thorn in the side of Air Nelson).
F-27 (nice view from under that high wing)
Q-400 - likewise.
Beach 1900D.- the forehead.
And who could forget the flying pencil - The Metroliner.
Even after I'd got my PPL being SLF in that thing used to scare the **** out of me.
Not enough wing - and it just seemed too fast for itself - an accident waiting to happen.
Maybe it was the tiny cabin.
Even as SLF it was good on the smaller types to be able to lean out into the aisle and see parts of the instrument panel between the pilots.
And watch through the windshield as many a sky-god overshot the extended centreline when turning from base onto finals, particularly on a really windy day at WLG.
Apologies for annoyance caused - willy now back in trousers.
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 06:19
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I've skimmed through and am surprised that no one has mentioned my all time favourite, the Let 410. Thousands were made so surely I'm not the only one here?
Used to fly on them with SeAir around the Philippines.
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 06:38
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The jets
A300/310/319/320/321/330 (all versions)/340-300/380
B717/720/727 (all versions)/737 (all versions except -900 and MAX)/747 (all versions except -100)/757-200/767-300/777 (all versions)/787-8

The turboprops
SW Metro
SH7 (the mighty Skyvan!)

The bugsmashers
Beech Baron
Boeing Stearman

The gliders
Twin Astir
Duo Discus

The whirlybirds
Bell 206
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 08:54
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Originally Posted by Krystal n chips
Not mentioned so far, these examples of how a brick could overcome gravity....I should add there have been other more amiable types.

The awaited compilation is clearly a work in progress it seems.......
Very subtle...
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 09:13
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How sad for the poor old Beverley.
I shared a room with a Beverley captain at Seletar and often went flying with him. Great fun watching one ton containers getting shoved out the back over the jungle. In my memory the pilots' seats seemed like comfy chairs, and I remember the nose wheel steering which was pulled up out of the floor and operated like a tiller.
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 09:17
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Originally Posted by Ancient Mariner
I've skimmed through and am surprised that no one has mentioned my all time favourite, the Let 410. Thousands were made so surely I'm not the only one here?
Used to fly on them with SeAir around the Philippines.
ah Yes AM -
in my list at the very start of this thread I was racking my brains for any other types I had flown on and you reminded me of going on an air kenya? or was it Precision air Let 410 from MBA to Zanzibar about 14-15 years ago - there had been a few crashed of this type around then so I was not too keen but it was OK....I returned direct to NBO on a kenya AW Saab 340 equally nasty lol but had the most amazing views of Mt Kilimanjaro on the way in
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 10:12
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Wow! Some very impressive lists here.
My list, as SLF, is very short in comparison.

Airbus A320 (19/20/21)
Airbus A330 (-200/-300)
Airbus A350 (-900)
Airbus A380
Boeing 737 (-300/-400/-500/-800/-900)
Boeing 747 (-400)
Boeing 757 (-200)
Boeing 777 (-200/-300)
Boeing 787 (-8/-9)
Embraer E175 / E190 / E195
Fokker 70
Bombardier Q400
Avro RJ100
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Old 15th Aug 2018, 11:32
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Wow, what a willie waving event, good thing this is the Professional Pilotí Rumour Network, as we are clearly all Ďproperípilots, so.....


107 FW

6 RW

7 unpowered

9 micro/LSA

7 para static line

1 delayed opening

2 emergency para, both delayed opening due Prox

4 stabilisation para deployment,
Two worked, for other two, see above... phew......

AND, I fly on commercial (airliners) A LOT, LOTS AND LOTS..... many, but I just sit and drink fizzy wine chat with the hosties ( auto correct changed Hosties, to Hotties, ha ha ha,, haD to change it back, cos QANTAS quite a lot, lovely girls, but weeell, anyway) often with a flight crew that I trained, or soloed a long time ago. But!! That doe#nt really count an$ I made a decision in my teens that pax was BS, supernumerary counted (hence the entomology of the word), but paxing was for spotters.

paxed on MIL often enough also, but it is no5hing like actually driving the crate, which is on the PIC list, as applicable.

i have also SEEN, heaps and heaps of planes, and talked to the people, usually VERY rich people, that own them. Itís nice but unless I get to fly it, ho hum. And on occasions they gave me a few laps, out of pity clearly.

so ..... pax list pfsttt doesnít count cos you are a punter, driver time is good, trigger good, old heaven metal great but, jaysus, ya gotta work for it these days.....

Never been in or on a balloon, thank fcuk, oh yeah, also a Rogallo self launched hang glider, still got those scars also.

have friends and colleagues that are ĎAstroí qual, but Iíve only flown the sim, so no credits there.

PIC Flight time hands on, no AFCS, single Pilot in 5 figures, no first second, or even 3rd officers, or George time, all approaches hand flown, alone. I have personally hand flown about 30,000 approaches and landings, or more.
Am short by 4 landings to takeoffs, rode two in two were, plan B.

SLF is a wnak, get real, I been on lots of trains, in many countries, but I donít post on the Prof Train Drivers Network, if the have one, which they prolly do, and claim credit for sitting upstairs in an AMTRAK cafe car, sipping ratís p!ss Bud light, as train driver experience. Helloooooo.....

if if you gonna stand tall and straight in the bright light Of day in this forum, expect incoming, accurate incoming.

makes me think that all that other stuff that SLF post on here, with great authority, is also all just BS and dog whistling 😙

some laps in a 150, or a Grumman tiger, 20 years ago followed by 20 or 30 commercial trip down the back donít cut it.

Now or where is that Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, all gone you say, how is that possible?

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Old 15th Aug 2018, 12:17
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Originally Posted by RedDragonFlyer
Wow! Some very impressive lists here.
My list, as SLF, is very short in comparison.
Same here, but this is mine in approx. chronological order from 1946 (i.e. as geriatric memory retrieves the data!)
de Havilland Rapide
Vickers Viking
Bristol Freighter
Trident 1
Ilyushin 18
Comet 4B
DH Heron
Fokker F27
Fokker F28
Avro 748
BAe 146
DH/HS 125
Jetstream 100

* In several cases (e.g. Caravelle) there were many versions but I did not note them.

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As a slight thread drift on aircraft not flown on, shortly after (a couple of months) the present Mrs NC and I got together, Mrs NC who then was responsible for a lot of corporate travel bookings for her employer was asked by her travel agent (no on-line booking in the 1980's) to go on a jolly to London for a couple of days. Said jolly included a Concord experience flight from Heathrow. The present Mrs NC declined as she didn't want to leave me for a couple of days. Mrs NC now regrets that decision.
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Originally Posted by Helena Handbasket
How sad for the poor old Beverley. Only Jindabyne wants to boast of flying in it. I was very fond of the old girl.
Purely coincidentally we visited Fort Paull near Hull a couple of days ago to see Beverley XB259 which they have on display.

What an amazing survivor - flown into Paull Airfield on retirement,dismantled and moved to the Pongo Transport Museum at Beverley and then some years later - dismantled again (no easy task even just owing to component size) and transported to Fort Paull,Hull.
She looks to be in fairly reasonable shape for having been on outdoor display for the last 44 years and thus far seems to have led a charmed life,let us hope she survives long into the future.

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