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Post Warbird Graveyard

A friend and I have got some days off in a couple of weeks and were thinking of going off in search of some sort of warbird graveyard in the US on our concessions.

Anyone know of any decent sites? I'd heard of one in the desert somewhere but not sure if that was urban legend or what?

Any good ideas welcome. The wife cant get the time off so perfect oppo to do something sad and spotter-like...sort of like a busman's holiday....
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AMARC & the Pima Air & Space Museum are just outside Tucson, Arizona. BA have a daily flight to Phoenix, which is only a couple of hours drive to Tucson.

The Pima Air & Space Museum, which is well worth visiting, has a tour of the AMARC site several times each weekday. Phone ahead to make sure you can get a seat - it's popular!

The Titan Missile Museum is also very much worth visiting - I have a photograph of Pat turning The Key. Again, phone ahead to make sure you can get on a tour.

Click on these links for info :
Titan Missile Museum
Amarc Tours
Titan Missile Museum links

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Isn't there something in the Mojave desert?
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Capt Byrd de Styrke
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Davis Monthan AFB and Pima are the biz for military kit. Please note
you can only get into DM AFB on WEEKDAYS !!!

Between Phoenix and Tucson there is a commercial orientated graveyard called Pinal Air Park, but you won't get in there very easily !! -
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Not great for dial up networks, may take a little time to load, but quite a nice presentation on AMARC here:

. .<a href="http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/features/sleepingGiants/" target="_blank">http://www.kodak.com/US/en/corp/features/sleepingGiants/</a>

. .Have a nice day y'all <img src="wink.gif" border="0">
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Not sure if this is the sort of thing you are looking for but you might try this site.. .<a href="http://www.elite.net/castle-air/" target="_blank">http://www.elite.net/castle-air/</a>
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You can easily FLY into Pinal...Evergreen has an FBo there. Despite the fact that rumors place the Christians in Action (CIA) fleet there you can quite happily fly in and park. Just don't take pictures, as you will attract the attention of men in combat fatigues with big f***off submachine guns.... .Taxi around and look at the stored airplanes...quite impressive since september 11 made everyone park a percentage of there irons. Also the white 747-200s with tailnumbers 2 inches high that depart VFR heading south...
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Wel yes, Pinal Airpark is nice. The NASA 747 is usually parked there. And if you take pictures, there's a whole lot of security cars patrolling the tarmac, so take care when you do that. But it's not a site for warbirds.. .For that you better go to the boneyard in Tuscon. Buy a ticket at Pima Air & Space museum and enjoy, as the guys here already wrote here.

Have fun,


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Dunno where you're going in the states; warbird graveyards tend to be in the deserts of the west of the states, but here's something if you're in Washington DC.

'The Paul E Garber Preservation Facility'

-everyone's heard of the Air and Space Museum downtown? Well, this is their stock room where they keep stuff not on display, or they don't have space for; and where they resore aircraft. The nose section of the Enola Gay may be downtown, but if you want to see the rest of it; this is the place. They also have some rare Luftwaffe jets (Arado something)

It's not open to the public as such, but they do daily guided tours; some 2-3 hours long with minimal rest stops, and the place doesn't have a/c. So for your more 'interstested' plane spotter...!

Anyway, bloke who took us round was very knowledgeable, had flown from carriers during WW2 and in the USAF afterwards, but didn't say too much about that. Fascinating tour, with someone who had flown some of the things we were looking at, and was also involved with their restoration etc.

As we were getting ready to go, we saw him in the car park, and wandered over to thank him again for the tour, and asked if he had continued with flying post 1945, which he had alluded to. He didn't really say, but showed us a picture of him with Pres. JFK. Didn't mention the circumstances, but directed us to a gallery in the air and space. Turned out that he was one of the first who flew U-2's over Cuba and had photographed missiles there...

I can't imagine that happens to everyone, but it's worth a trip none the less. It's in the outskirts of DC, but fairly well publicised. Food for thought anyway

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Absoluetly TUCSON !!!!!!!! per the former posts. Then if you have a little more time , drive north to Phoenix to Mesa and visit the Fighter Museum in Mesa . at FALCON Field. Largest museum of fighters in the world. !! All Nations. This museum is going to be moved to Seattle , Washington soon so do it now.!! On your way North on Interstate 25 as you near Phoenix and look to your right you may see tails of large aircraft. Go there. Its called Chandler Memorial. Ok to drive thru but look and dont stop. It is not a tourist attraction. You are not in danger but they dont like people stealing stuff. You will see the largest group of 4 engine piston aircraft in the world. DC-4, DC-6, DC-7 and other stuff. Dont be surprised if you drive down a runway to get to the aircraft . Its Ok. Not a lot of activity. God I wish I could be you guide.!!!!!
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Yes, Chandler is a great place to see big old prop liners but make forward arrangements. It is a long walk in from the front gate - I have done it. Do some research on how to find the place and how to get in to the place. It is not well signposted. . .Another great place not already mentioned is Chino airport. Situated to the west of LA it has some three museums, plus usually a good number of warbirds on the tarmac, coming and going, just gathering dust etc. Enjoy lunch at Flo's Diner, a local icon on the airport. . .Since S11 be prepared to justify your existance at any US airport and carrying a camera. Take ID, trade on your British accent and tell the Yanks that you are just Warbird buffs etc. and that the Brits are up there with the Americans in the war against terrorism.
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