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air stairs

yes WHBM is correct PSA only had the left side smaller forward air stair that went into the lower deck lounge - which was a special order for the 5 a/c PSA ordered - they only took 2 and LTU bought the other 3 airframes.

here you are http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviatio.../4/1243480.jpg

LTU did use the stairs for boarding at some outstations

the Court line pair were the only ones to have the big extending rear cargo hold fitted contraptions but these were removed by the end of the first summer's ops due to weight saving and their unreliability
a great idea in theory with the baggage belt loading system made their a/c almost self sufficient at small airports especially if they had had the PSA type front air-stairs fitted too - sadly in 1973 the Arab-Israeli war started another fuel crisis just as Court started ops with L1011's

the court line film on YouTube shows both in operation
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Originally Posted by 12in95 View Post
Sorry to be so (too) late discovering this interesting thread. I was the co-pilot on the delivery flight of the RAE Beverley to Luton. After I had left Farnborough, my Boss and captain on the delivery, Pete Sedgwick (a proper test pilot) handled the final flight to Hull where it was destined to be the clubhouse for the aero club there. One earlier correspondent thought that while with Courtline it may have made one or more training flight, but I doubt it as getting pilots qualified before registration seems doubtful to me.
My memory is probably wrong, but I believe one good thing that came out of the collapse (at least for future package holiday pax) was either the invention or the strengthening of the ATOL passenger protection scheme.
I wasn't at Farnborough for the initial delivery but I was for the flight to Paull.
12in95, did you later do a stint as OC Flying? I was a controller there from '74 to 2008.
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Originally Posted by Gumpied View Post
[The airstairs] As an aside I believe they were designed by the same guy as designed the HP Victor undercarriage and if you've ever watched that sequence you'll understand the Airstairs.
Didn't know of this guy, but a number of the key team who worked on the Tristar design in the late 1960s came from the UK manufacturing industry, and their departure for Burbank was noted and commented on as one of the key aspects of the "brain drain" that was sometimes in the news at the time. Both Handley Page and De Havilland were scaling back their design teams at the time. The Autoland on the Tristar is said by those who flew it, and have flown other types since, to have never been beaten for ability and accuracy, not bad for a 40 year old pre-computing design, on a type now completely out of service. The principal designers were taken from the pioneering Trident Autoland development team at Hatfield, where they had taken years to perfect it, and there was little follow-on work for them.

I did read that the Tristar Autoland was certificated for something like 40 knots crosswind, but the test pilots had been up at nearer 60 during the trials, they then just couldn't find a crosswind of that strength when it came to the certificate demonstration.
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Not OC Flying

Hi Chevvron

No, I left for a ground tour on promotion having been a member of Western Sqn.

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another latecomer to this thread.

I knew Dave Boothman well and had met his wife Patsy too. Also remember Harry. I was working in Autair passenger services at the time having dropped out of university! The crash which killed Dave and Harry devastated all of us as we were such a small company in those days. I remember Dave's funeral. I can't quite recall whether Patsy had had the baby (Adam) by then or not.

I went on to have a very shortlived marriage to an Autair flight despatcher. We had a daughter and went to live in Australia and I came back after our marriage broke up. Went back to Luton to work as a trainee controller in ATC at Luton and subsequently married another controller (44 year anniversary coming up!). We went to Hong Kong for 12 years where he worked at Kai Tak and I worked for the Honkers and Shankers having by then obtained an MBA which sent me in a different direction entirely.

I remember many of the people named earlier in this thread from the Autair days - lovely crowd. We saw a few coming through HK from time to time. Many happy memories of our days in aviation over a lot of years - my husband retired 4 years ago after 47 years in Air Traffic!
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Old 13th May 2017, 15:11   #326 (permalink)
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Sorry I have taken so long to say hello, but not much gets posted here now, so I do not check very often.
I see you knew my father, Harold Dryhurst. All I know of my father is that he worked a lot, so I never got to see him very much, but in my later years my husband has done a lot of research on him, and found out more than I ever knew. We now have a very large folder on him, mostly from his exploits during the war.
I would be grateful if you could give me any information on him, little stories, how you knew him, what you thought of him etc.
It looks like you and your hubby have led a very enjoyable life, I hope that continues.
Best Wishes, Lynne.
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Old 12th Aug 2017, 12:03   #327 (permalink)
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any reunions upcoming ? the company folded 43 years ago last week - joined in 1972 and i left the outfit 10 days before hand ! (and doubled my salary overnight - not bad for an 18 yo)
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2nd September last I heard? Pm me for email address to ask for more details ?
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15 August (just 2 days from now)

on this day in 1974 Court Line Aviation, Clarksons and Horizon Holidays/4S Travel ceased to be

only LIAT Horizon Midlands and OSL holidays plus the coach company survived
Liat (1974) is still going
Horizon Midlands formed Orion Airways (bought by Britannia now TUI) and OSL was bought by Rank (BCAL charter then Calair)

Court Line was my second job since leaving school in aviation joining Court and Horizon/4S in 1972
I left 10 days before the collapse (and doubled my salary overnight with Bland Group working for Gib Air and Cadogan Holidays, not bad for an 18 yo!)

there was no word at that time that I knew of that we were in trouble at Court/Horizon

my first job was Air Spain/Vista Jet who also failed lol

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